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PS4: Specters of the Rail Update Status [Deploying August 16th]


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2 hours ago, (PS4)geomancer1980 said:

Hey @[DE]Drew,

Did yall slip in the Nekros changes, or is that going to be in the next update?  I saw it just got released on PC and didn't know if it was done in time to slip into our current build.  I know our cutoff was SotR13 but I know how our builds are always + or - some stuff depending on time/bugs/etc.

It wont be included, pc only got updated today

Probably would be hotfixed in when nekros prime is released

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2 minutes ago, (PS4)Qwan76 said:

I know I might sound stupid but is cert supposed to be one word or is it supposed to mean something

cert is short for certification.  It refers to the testing required to be done by Sony before an update can be released.

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8 hours ago, (PS4)THE_HUNTER96929 said:

It wont be included, pc only got updated today

Probably would be hotfixed in when nekros prime is released

To that point, I have a feeling some part of the delay of this update going to cert was getting Nekros Prime stuff finished and into our build.

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On 10/08/2016 at 0:29 AM, (PS4)Majestic-Man said:

from last PS4@4 Stream we're getting up to SotR hotfix 13, meaning broken things are as follow:

-The Archwing camera can cause nausea and vomit.

-Some pet behavior logic related to cloaking and targeting. some targeting issues for Kubrows and Kavats where they would become targetable when leaving their stealth state but were still visually cloaked by a player ability.

-End of Mission screen persisting when transitioning between Trial missions and causing a prog stopper as per: this comment

-The Orthos icon in the Market

-A progression stopping bug when attempting to scan Cephalon Fragments as per: this thread

-Key-based missions (i.e. Derelict, Law of Retribution,etc) always appearing as "incomplete" (glowy-blue icon).

-Receiving an error when purchasing combo packs that are on your wish-list (ie: Color Packs)

-Lower-rank Syndicate titles appearing in descriptions of high-rank Syndicate missions (e.g. "Rescue Mission (Crusader)" would be displayed instead of "Rescue Mission (Maxim)")

-When fighting an Arctic Eximus, the enemy inside the bubble wouldn't take damage from any gun or melee until the bubble outside was popped.

-Incorrect camera positioning when attempting to pet your Kavat companion.

-Failing a Void Fissure Sabotage mission when reaching extraction and choosing your reward with less than 15 seconds left.

-A title issue in the Void Relic selection screen.

-Not being able to invite people to your squad after initiating a Junction node and cancelling it.

-Joining a Void Fissure mission in progress and seeing previously dropped Reactant with objective markers on them.

-Enemies appearing to run in place like they are slipping on ice after your Kavat has used Pounced.

-The Codex locking up when viewing a certain enemy.

-A crash that could occur in the Arsenal when using an "at max energy" Mod (e.g.Searing Leap) with other Mods that increase your max energy.

-Not being able to adjust numerous alternate holster styles.

-Script error when fusing multiple Mods in a row.

-End of Void Fissure Mission reward being different than the one you selected.

This should actually fail cert. Unless Sonyy dropped their standards even more.

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3 minutes ago, (PS4)slayerserenity said:

Why DE like to hold things up? 

I bet the certification had pass and DE don't want to release the update which is sad cause I think DE like to make consoles wait!!!

sony are excruciatingly slow at certifying content, they're most likely the hold-up. why would DE hold something back on purpose that they're going to make a lot of money from and keep their players happy at the same time? have patience dude,we'll get it :-)


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