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PS4: Specters of the Rail Update Status [Deploying August 16th]


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2 hours ago, (PS4)tpesconi said:

No, it's not weird, the problem is that ps4 don't have discounts directly on platinum like pc.

Normally, the price on ps4 is 1/2 or even 1/3 compared to pc, so, just don't try to use warframe.market price as base.

regularly we buying cuts of pl for everyone. there is no reason to complain, it is better for one Tenno.



"régulièrement, nous avons des réductions d'achat de platinium pour tous le monde. il n'y a pas à s'en plaindre, c'est bien mieux que pour un seul Tenno."

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5 minutes ago, (PS4)Gbs7878 said:

Is this why some of us can't log in?

That's unrelated.

Today is update Tuesday, so the PS Store is being updated with stuff, as a result Sony servers are usually that their max on this day.

I myself am looking forward to the Underground DLC for The Division.


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33 minutes ago, (PS4)slayerserenity said:

Why nobody update this thread about Spector of rail? Console are left in the dark and PC get cool stuff and they got mad at consoles for Infested Weekend. 

Guess we will have to wait another month or two for the update.

nobodys updated because theres nothing to update in todays ps4 stream drew said they are still working on it so expect it either 1 or 2 weeks from now since cert could take a while plus waitings not bad just look at what pc suffered through i for one would rather wait so the console team can get it right and perfect.

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I'm not posting this to be negative but in hopes someone from DE reads this.  To not update console players at all on where we stand is immensely frustrating.  I understand that you have certain guidelines you must follow in order to get this next update live, but to have someone from your staff simply update this thread with anything would be the professional and polite thing to do.  Even a message that you are back from vacation and are working on this would be better than silence. This kind of treatment is why many of my friends have stopped playing your game.  If this is true you do not care about your console community I think that is a shame as many of us on console do care about your game.  Maybe being a small company you just lack etiquette guidelines most companies have and that is something you could look at improving.  There are numerous games that are free to play and otherwise that are on console that handle this kind of update in much better ways and I hope you can figure a way to improve this as it is becoming very disheartening to many of us to feel like second class Tenno. I started playing about a year ago and it seems your communication with console players is slowly getting worse. I have purchased every prime access since I started playing more to help support a small company than to get new content. As an independent publisher myself I know how hard being small can be.  I would urge any console Tenno to refuse to buy platinum or the next prime access until you address these issues perhaps a hit to your wallets will make someone at DE notice the 200,000 plus players who feel left in the wind.  Anyway it's doubtful anyone will read this from DE or even less that anyone will care as you already have our money  but maybe it will encourage players to hold out feeding the beast until you treat console players like a real part of your player base. 

I apologize in advance for my English and good day. 

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On July 27, 2016 at 8:49 AM, [DE]Drew said:

PS4 Tenno, 

We're getting very close to cutting a build for Specters of the Rail! Hotfix 13 is essentially what we're looking at (plus or minus a few things), so you'll be getting all the latest changes when Void 2.0 hits consoles. Specters of the Rail also includes the massive Solar Map rework, Archwing overhaul, Market overhaul, Kavats, and a lot more! 

I'll keep this thread updated with new information as we make progress. 

Anything new?

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Patience folks... it officially went into development on Wednesday of last week. Weekends aren't business days and Monday was a holiday for them. Going from dev to cert in 4 days (W, Th, F, Tu) would be rather rushed, especially since this is a fairly large update!

No doubt that a forum update of "Still in development" will generate its own replies of varying temperaments, but it's not new information as promised. Attacks on their character or judgments from lack of understanding do nothing beneficial. Is there room for improvement? Sure, always. During PS4@4 last week, a time-frame of mid-August was given. I'd recommend that this info be included in the forum posts (have a consistent message over all mediums and better set expectations). On PS4@4 today, it was implied (a few times) that they would be playing SotR on the stream in 2 weeks (we may not have a PS4@4 next week since Drew's on vacation then). 

Now for speculation: they'll be sneaking the new prime blueprints (Nekros, Tigris, & Galatine) into this build, so they can "flip the switch" when it gets released (for all platforms at the same time) and to avoid sending another update to cert. And with any luck, one of those "plus or minus a few things" includes the Helicor.

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9 hours ago, (PS4)willsp282012 said:

Hey drew any info on our update yet?

9 hours ago, (PS4)slayerserenity said:

So we have a date? Don't see any news from DE.

At this rate better to expect some No Mans Sky delays to save from disappointment.  SOTR in september and The War Within in december lol. 

Question, I've heard the same answer about the delay from PC to console, but why warframe? With most other games, DLC comes out on PC and console on the same day.  So why not here?

Also I was really hoping to try SOTR before DX Mankind Divided came out, but that may not be the case.  Oh well I'll just get Deus Ex first then. 

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