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Specters of the Rail: Update 2

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After several CLAIMS of be fixed (but no fix), syndicate rewards for missions are still cut in half. Can't you at least mention if this is now working as intended and explain the decision to cut them in half OR let us know that the previously announced fixes didn't work and you are still working on it? It doesn't take much to add a line to this hotfix note letting us know that the something that was claimed to be fixed in the last one is still being worked on (or not).

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Jesus christ, all the Prime weapons are PBR'd now! Damn that was an unexpected move, thanks a lot guys!

Also, the Nova skin! HYPE! :D Though @[DE]Megan I guess you meant Orthos Prime instead of Dakra? ;P

EDIT: Looks like Orthos isn't PBR'd yet. Guess that just sneaked in.

By the way, on default the Paris Prime suffers a bug where the Quiver is not using the intended colors. It's been like this for many, many months! Hope you can fix it soon!

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13 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Lex Prime, Paris Prime, Dakra Prime, Sicarus Prime, and Ankyros Prime have received the PBR treatment!


Now when can we get the 15-pack Fusion Cores in the Market?

EDIT: Wait, wasn't the Dakra Prime already PBRed at the release of Mag Prime Vault?


10 minutes ago, Fusen said:

and here it comes, the most insulting skin for all nova lovers ...

Stop trying to speak for other people. It is arrogant and presumptuous to believe that you know how others think.

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Still no fix for Kavat being functionally (well, literally) useless in Corpus missions?

What about the ridiculous Nullifier spawn rates?

Fissures tracking your movement and spawning right on top of you on maps?

Motion sickness in Archwing?

With all due respect, DE, and as much as I appreciate your efforts...I think its time to slow the focus on new and shiny...and FIX some stuff.

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Still no fix:

- Issue causing the Power Menu to not close if rebound to LB on X360 Controller!

Gameplay bugged from Update 18.0.6! Yes I know is a free to play, but: please fix it soon...!!

- Arcane Energize is not in the codex!!


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