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I'm a competitive gamer new to Warframe!

I grew up appreciating other cultures and engaging with people of different cultures and worlds.


한 학기 동안 한국어 공부했습니다.

I got into gaming off of Diablo and PSO on dreamcast.

I'm currently playing GW2

I found out about Warframe from a friend and fell in love with every aspect of it, hince why I'm a founder. I have high hopes for this game!

Past Accomplishments:

Day Of Defeat - CAL O,I,P and TWL Season Wins with 7^ and IX.e

Call of Duty 4 - Accepted as Ringer for Pro Scrims #COD4PSC (Filler for many teams in S&D normal and hc)

World of Warcraft - S2,3 (1900+) S,5 Gladiator (DK) S,6 (2100+)

Global Agenda - T2 (CP) Lead Medic from Beta - 3 months Live, owning most if not all of US West AvA Maps

DAoC - 5+ years as one of the Top Bard players on Lancelot Server/Hibernia

Guild Wars 2 - X-Captain of Vexx Gaming Team "Get VexXeD" beating Arena Net Dev Team in BWE2

Guild Wars 2 (cont) - Played at top level of comeptitive play in Free's/Paids, now waiting on Custom Arena.

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