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Controller issue Crouch, Slide and roll

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Hi guys.

This morning i had problem in archwing and i did the mistake to reset my controls.

I'm using big picture and i use toggle crouch on the right stick.

Sadly now the only option left is Crouch , Slide and Roll and it make me unable to slide or bullet jump because to crouch i must hold this button and press A at the same time to bullet jump.

Is there any way to restore this.

Can i juste reset the Steam Big picture controll so he take back those in the regular warframe ( yeah because when i start the game without big picture evrything is fine but i dont have the same shortcuts for chat , syndicate and extractor)


Thanks in advance.

PS: sadly i cannot use keyboard and mouse my gaming settup does not allow this i usualy game on a couch while holding a baby ^.^ 

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Allright guys i found a solution tu get the toggle crouch to work on big picture.

Seems like big picture initialise control based on your non-big picture control when he first start. After doing modification in big picture it will save and will not allow you to get toggle crouch afterward.

Yesterday i did the infamous Validate content and it downloaded 11 gb of data and kinda reinstall my warframe ( partialy lets say )

After that i went to my non-big picture Warframe and set up my control the way i want them to work.

After that i started big picture and my control were copied and i have toggle crouch.

If you look in the controller keybind in big picture they will show something thats its not what you currently have.


Its a one time as i see. If someone can find the file we need to delete to reset big picture control that would be cool. The file for the non-big picture is located in 

C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Warframe

But the one for big picture seems to not be stored there.

Good luck Tenno i hope this might help some other.

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A simpler workaround is to launch the game in Desktop mode, set your key bindings, and then close/relaunch Warframe in Big Picture Mode. 

Don't even touch your key binds while the game is in Big Picture Mode or you'll run into your current issue again lol

Always relaunch the game in Desktop mode to modify them


To be clear, you can set controller binds even in Desktop mode

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