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Thanks For Watching Prime Time #129!

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Thanks for tuning in and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [DE]DANIELLE!!!

Platinum Winners



Fan Art Recap

Rebecca's Fan Art Favourite


Rebecca: Kirena-Kaya's Trinity

Fan Concept of the Week
Saint_Tan's Companion Behaviors

Console Tenno: We are aiming to submit Specters of the Rail to Cert by Monday Aug 8th at the latest. Stay tuned!

See you tomorrow for Devstream #78! 

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I'm mostly annoyed that 'win platinum' and other 'Dev Guys Notice Me!' seems to be tied to livestreams and other time sensitive events that I can't attend. However I'm grateful you guys seem to take the time and trouble to get the community involved and keep in contact personally. 


For that I thank you.

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Happy birthday, Danielle!

RIP 00101. I did not know you, and now I never can. So sorry to all that were close to this member of our community for your loss.

Couldn't help myself and threw this thing together because I needed a laugh today and thezan87 provided it:


Disclaimer: Base image is not mine and I claim no ownership of it. Just a silly photomanip for funsies.

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Ah, I missed tonight's Prime Time, but I plan to watch it tomorrow right after the Devstream! If the [hopefully] podcast doesn't get posted soon after, whichever comes first.

And Happy Birthday @[DE]Danielle!<3<3<3
I hope you had a great one with yummy cake! o 3o
And enjoy the rest of the weekend! partying all night!


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