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Devstream #78 Overview


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So, my opinions and feelings about Titania's current state are leaning me very much towards a more negative outlook on the frame's abilities as a whole.
"Lamp-Lighter" I have to say, disappoints me greatly. It is too left to chance and unpredictable/unreliable from how they've shown and described it. It will be very difficult to plan out how the body moves to make use of the effect and there could have been so many more better uses of the razor butterflies. They look very lackluster and there are surprisingly so few of them, especially when they announced the frame theme to be fairy and swarm powers.. You could have made it that you swarm an individual grineer with the lamp lighter and they get stuck in place trying to fight the butterflies, rather than bounce around in zero-g with no control on direction. Or make it even simpler and made it swarm around your frame and enemies around you take DoT, or that you direct a swarm at enemies and deal fast DoT to what is in range/AoE.
Also, "Shrink" looks as broken and overpowered as I feared and appears like it will be putting Hysteria to shame. Not only will you have enemies accuracy against you be at 50% of what it was, but you will also have strong, far-reaching, homing and auto-targeting from the Archwing mission mechanics (you know, the ones made to help hit smaller, fast moving enemies in a much more multi-directional space) with what appears to be a buff to your attack strength in the Archwing form.
With how little information we have on "Soul-Swipe" with what buffs it gives and how they apply/are chosen, it is difficult to say how useful/useless the ability will be. However it does not yet seem all that beneficial or feel impactful in any way.
"Dust" seems like a Duration/Efficiency build for Titania would leave the #1 power leaning into the very exploitable area.. The amount of ragdoll AoE will wreck any enemy group, HARD...

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