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Titania, powers, and object interactions

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4 hours ago, Vyra said:

you're lucky then, i 1200 armor on valkyr and WITHOUT quick thinking + rage , without hysteria OR Warcry i am always near death or dead...

without sonicor or tonkor i would just die then.. ( or warcry / hysteria ) but yeah e-drain on hysteria...





I've only ever died when I remained still and allowed the enemies to damage me for a quick Energy restore (Pro Tip: You don't need that much energy, if you're gonna get hit for Rage, stop at a 100 Energy and get your health back, don't be greedy like I am :satisfied:) I've got a maxed Quick Thinking that I've never even considered using with her... Still wondering if I should add another forma for her or wait for the Prime.

Armored agility is pretty nice btw

I use Mostly the Soma Prime...

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