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[English] Affinity Booster from Rare Container


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I'm not sure if it's a localization issue or not. I've seen this happening a lot of times, with different kind of boosters, but it's the first time I took a screenshot.

Basically, when you get a Booster from a rare container, the name it displays is.. wrong. 


As you can see, it says "30 30 Booster minutes!". I think it should say "30 Minutes Affinity Booster!", to be in sync with the boosters that you buy from the Market.

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They fixed this...now to try and get them to make boosters a consumable that you can hold in your inventory rather than an instant use kind of thing. So many times you open your daily gift (which happens at 1am my time) and get a 2 hours booster...that immediately is consumed and ticks down even when you're offline.

I know, I probably should just Alt+F4 and go to bed when it gets around 1am to avoid any possible booster I might get but still.

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