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I would like to know the conversion rate as well. I just hope all is going to be same in grinding regards. Like getting 25-50 fusion cores on sorties, we woull get the equivalent ammount on endo and the same on the rotation rewards of 5 fusion cores.

I really dont want the grind to increase on this regard.

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Just guessing...

it'll will have roughly the same impact in mod upgrading.
But It will stealth increase the required grind on the long run. Just like, every other recent update.
Yet in the end, the everage Tenno won't realise that this still isn't a new content update, just another change in a system that already had a working gimmick.

I joined Warframe because it was a game about fast paced action with robots and techno organic ninjas, and a clusterfuck asset of guns.

Now it feels like it's a game about fantasy, magic, abstract shapes and hovering things, and the actual frames are a small part of it

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Thanks for keeping us updated. If possible in the future (before the update rolls out) an actual example with specific numbers would be useful. It would be nice to know if we should get rid of the stock we have saved up, or if it will be beneficial to save the items. 

Conversion rates of current fusion core --> Endo

Conversion rate of other mods --> Endo

Endo requirement for each rank up level.

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Respectfully, the issue is IMO

methods used in the Description of elements:

- What it is

- Why it exist and we use it

- How to use it

- Insert simple Diagrams

- Presented in a clear format


Confusion will remain as long as these do:

- Conversational descriptions with actual data mixed in between narrative and other text that can be skipped

- Big Blocks of paragraphs

- no descriptive images (screenshots showing in game function instead a promo still image)

- New terms exclusive to the game and specific sub-sections (this reduces the ability to use metaphor to understand abstract concepts)


This is an issue with missions as well, an actual "mission briefing" (skippable by option in settings menu) would reduce cluelessness greatly




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I like it, seems much more streamlined.

But, DO NOT forget to tweak and include this new Endo resource where applicable. So that when the update drops, doing say Sorties can still be a good way to farm this new Endo. It's happened a few times where something gets changed and aspects relying on that system don't get tweaked accordingly. (Such as some Solar Rails being impossible to complete due to a "Catch 22")

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6 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

1) The first phase (coming in August)  maintains the core loop we all know (find Fusion energy and use to rank up Mods), but it's much simpler at the Fusion level.
2) The second (coming later) will be written about in detail once we have assets to share, but essentially it is a more lore-amplifying and collection building version of Fusion.

Looking at this again I see some possibilities that COULD happen that Im not liking.

Phase 1

What if fusion power becomes a RARE resource? i.e no longer common rewards or the amount that drops from regular missions is minimal.

Phase 2

The ability to get more fusion energy but locked behind a grind wall?


If this is the plan in anyway, this won't be received well.





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Why obfuscate the system further by giving it a wacky name like "Endo"? You say the new player experience isn't good, and then instead of making systems simpler with simple, clear-cut nomenclature, you give everything abstract names that are confusing for new and only players alike.

Change for change's sake has got to be the single most irritating thing UI/UX guys can do.

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i would like to be able to specify how many duplicate mods i would want to not be converted like i wanna keep 10 duplicates of every mod minimum and turn everything else to endo or something like that

also endo sounds like a dumb name

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1 hour ago, Inarticulate said:
  1. ...
  2. Currently, fusing mods of the same polarity provides double the Fusion Energy and fusing duplicates provides quadruple. How will this be taken into account with Endo now that there would be no such ability to differentiate? ...

Would very much like to hear answers to this.

Overly simplifying things would lose a lot of options we have right now. Such as optimizing what to fuse and where, especially with duplicates giving that huge energy boost.

That would make it less interesting, at least for me.

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6 hours ago, PsychedelicSnake said:

I can't be the only one that keeps wanting to call Endo "Enzo". Warframe turning into Mainframe, when?


Being Italian that sounds sooooooo weird. 

It's like calling the relics "John" or whatever proper name. 

Anyway, this is a big change indeed and I can't wait for it; still remember mods 1.0, things have changed so much since then. 

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For those of you mentioning Legendary Cores, Legendary Cores are not equivalent to "infinite Endo".

A Legendary Core is currently exactly equivalent to the amount of Fusion Energy required to rank up a legendary 10-rank mod from unranked to rank 10. If you are using it for a rare or lower rarity mod, you are technically wasting the extra Fusion Energy.

The issue with directly converting a Legendary Core into Endo is that the amount of Endo required to rank up a legendary 10-rank mod would allow you to fully rank up 2 uncommon 10-rank mods or 4 common 10-rank mods, which is not currently possible with a single Legendary Core. I think it would be potentially unbalanced to directly convert Legendary Cores into Endo due to this fact, so it makes the most sense for them to stay as they currently are.

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4 hours ago, Buldozers said:

So what will happen with Legedary cores and them as a possible reward from sorties? Will they become Megaendo or something?

What about rank 4 Blind Rage or other half-maxed mods for specific builds? I hope we don't need to fuse them again.

They became a Master Ball/ Master Endo, capable of catching the rarest of the legendary grineermons

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