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Vauban Feedback


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Vauban is very well versed in both CC and damage and the grenade style of his skills only make him more powerful.



All of Vauban's skills work as grenades and this alone gives them some innate advantages that shouldn't be underestimated, especially in the context of his 3rd and 4th skill: first they can be used from afar, so essentially Vauban never needs to get close to the danger in order to be effective; second, all his skills (including the ultimate) can be used at any moment even in the air or while wallrunning; third, against any logic, the use of his skills doesn't stop the reload of weapons. And the only disadvantage is the 'flight time' of the grenades which you can always avoid by throwing them right at your feet.



The skill is good to level up and an easy way to hit enemies behind cover, but the damage can't keep up once you start fighting mid-high level enemies especially if they aren't corpus.

I would place a limit of 10 or so contemporary Teslas.



It's a bit pointless as a mobility skill because of wallrunning and besides that it can only throw enemies up in the air, which is why I think 25 or 35 energy would be a better cost than 50.

It would be a nice if players had to jump while in the Bounce circle for it to activate, so that the skill didn't annoy or get wasted on players who walk into it by mistake.



It's too powerful, unlike other CC skills trapped enemies can do absolutely nothing, they simply stack at the edges ripe to be wiped out by an AoE or to get shot in their weak spots. Add to this all the advantages from being a grenade and the short-ish reach doesn't come even close to balance it all out.

Bastille undeniably needs some sort of nerf, but rather than shortening the duration or radius what this skill needs is flaws in it's CC effect. I would do four things: I'd give enemies a struggle animations so that it's not as easy to shoot their weak spots while they are hanging, I'd lift them a bit higher to be out of melee reach, it'd give each enemy a low chance to break free early and lastly I'd limit the simultaneous cast to 2.

There are also a couple bugs: rollers and ospreys aren't affected by bastille and enemies will sometimes perform some of their special attacks while trapped (like the ground punch of heavies and the stomp of shockwave moas).



This ultimate has a lot of advantages: the damage isn't bad at all and can be increased by both Focus and Continuity;

being a grenade you can cast as many as you want practically at the same time without any danger to yourself;

it's just as good at CC as Bastille; all the enemies are squashed in one place, so you can deal massive group damage with anything that pierces or has a small AoE; the skill even collects drops in one spot for you.

The only disadvantage that isn't a bug is the small reach. In my opinion the Vortex doesn't need a nerf, it needs a drastic redesign.

The bugs are definitely numerous and these are the worst ones I noticed: the game thinks all the enemies that were sucked in are dead and if any survive they don't move or attack; players are weirdly sucked in too and this results in temporary floating and very high jumps; sentinels shoot at empty spaces where previously there were vortexes; when a toxic dies in a Vortex his 'death poison' appears where he was standing before he got sucked in.


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