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Liebe Samurai, i'm your butterfly...

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Silver Grove hypu!!!




25 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Left Leg customizations applying to both legs for some Warframes.

B-but why ;___;


Keep up the good work, DE <3

Red Text:




Still no fix for players who had lost connection to the host on trials receiving different arcane reward after they reconnected and completed the mission.


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Still no fix for arcane rewards
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Slow in my old age it seems!

Anyhow, welcome again Tenno to another great patch, this time I'm going to draw attention to a few lost relics of Warframe, unseen and unheard of for a little while!

First off, Wyrm prime, I feel this should be looked at again since he is statistically physically weaker than the normal Wyrm counterpart. This is an odd choice for a rarer, harder to get, and arguably 'upgraded' version of Wyrm.
Speaking of companions, I feel that Carrier should be looked at. Not removed or reworked, but copied. Why you might ask? So that a mod may be acquired to increase the pickup range of items that may be placed on any and all companions. This will reintroduce variety back into companions, as someone who adores Smeeta Kavats, but cannot resist the convenience of Carrier this would be a healthily received change. 

Also, talking about Raids and archwing again: the Jordas Verdict is still plagued with issues - with the introduction of the new archwing system, the hitboxes inside Jordas' tunnels are, quite frankly, crazy. Much of the hitbox cannot be seen, or corners are too sharp to turn effectively, leave the player jammed into the wall and quickly losing shields. (Use the Amesha) I hear in the background, and I do, but for those who cannot access it, it leaves them very short changed in the Raid.


All of the buttons had the hitbox moved to a location a random amount in front of them - made it near impossible or impossible to activate them.

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Yes! Thanks for the update!


Time for Titania!

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