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The Silver Grove: Hotfix 1


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The Silver Grove: Hotfix 1

Heads up: Sortie Season 9 starts tomorrow at noon ET! 


  • Changed the Koppra Tassets to the correct pricing of 25 Platinum. *Please note that a script has run to refund those that purchased the 75 Platinum Tasset.
  • Removed an unintended Kogake from the Arsenal. *A script is in progress to refund those that purchased the weapon and to remove it from inventories. Script is complete!
  • Raptor’s Swarm Drones have been lowered to 5.


  • Fixed Excavation rewarding incorrect amounts of Endo. We’ll be continually monitoring this to ensure the correct amount is being awarded and difficulties are tuned.
  • Fixed the Uranus Sabotage mission being uncompletable due to high water levels killing the panel.
  • Fixed incorrect Lotus end of mission transmission in The Silver Grove quest.
  • Fixed certain objects not showing up for Clients in The Silver Grove quest.
  • Fixed unreleased TennoGen items being visible.
  • Fixed the ‘The Silver Grove Bundle’ diorama displaying Banshee’s Soprana helmet details.
  • Fixed a case where Titania's Dust and Entangle aura hud buffs (from Tribute) wouldn't be removed when nullified.
  • Fixed a script error for Clients on mission failed End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed the Nova Asuri Bundle not including her helmet. *A script is in progress to reward the Nova Asuri Helmet to those who purchased the Bundle. Script is complete!
  • Fixed the receiving a prompt to uninstall mod when previewing leveling. The prompt will appear  once you click on apply fusion. 
  • Fixed Undying Will having its description value reversed.
  • Fixed the Operator Suit Collection diorama missing body parts.
  • Fixed Simaris offering Fusion Cores as a daily reward.
  • Fixed putting an emblem on Titania without any shoulder attachments will result in the emblem floating off of her shoulder.
  • Fixed some of Titania's buff icons not appearing. 
  • Fixed the Nova Visage metal tint appearing black.
  • Fixed missing and incorrect localization. 
  • Fixed a number of crashes and freezes.
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scripts are complete
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Still no fix for the following:

- Approach cinematics bug: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/674253-approach-cinematics-still-bugged

- Baro Ki'teer doesn't open his lips when he speaks, even though his jaw moves. This is much more clear in the video message he sends for the Inaros quest, but it is there as well in the message he sends when he in the Relays.

- Kavat getting stuck in the environment after revive

- Dendra Shoulder Guard moves the Badge from its usual location on the shoulder to somewhere on the wrist, clipping through the arm


- Sugatras on Lacera attach not on the hilt (like on Mios and other swords) but somewhere on the blade, as you can see in the picture below. And even if it was meant to attach there (makes no sense, it would prevent the sword from cutting things) there is an empty space between Sugatra and the blade itself.


- Cephalon Simaris and Suda transparency bug: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/676541-loss-transparency-in-cephalons-simaris-and-suda

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There is currently a bug where if you use Nyx's absorb augment and start absorb using a primary or secondary, then switch to melee, you'll be able to slide and jump while still in absorb. This might only happen while being host though, not sure.

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Corrected info on bug
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The Archwing camera is still the oppressively close-up, flight-sim style one that in no way fits what Archwing is. And yet TItania apparently gets the classic Archwing camera for her ultimate! I realize a lot of work went into the new camera, but that still is no excuse for what it takes away from the experience. PLEASE roll it back to the old camera.

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I'm gonna be posting here because no support has been helping a bunch of us. Me and a couple of players get a log in failed check info text box right after the update. Our passwords were all correct, changed it a couple of times too. I want to know why this is happening and how to resolve it. (i saw threads dating 2 years ago and it hasnt been resolved)

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The Silver Grove: Hotfix 1

Heads up: Sortie Season 9 starts tomorrow at noon ET!

I still need the Latron Wraith BP!!! Why do I feel that this sortie season ends so soon?!! Is this just me feeling this way?

Other than that, thanks DE for the fixed and the updates. You guys are awesome!

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