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On 27/7/2017 at 4:40 PM, Fox7000 said:

I just want to know if this thing will have metallic tints. If yes then it will be insta buy from me.

yes i havent decided which part will have metallics, i have to see how they look but yes there will be metals, the only issue is that i wont use prime colors in the preview cant do that, but how each tenno color their frames as they want

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welp better later than never :blush:

sorry guys im been kinda busy i feel like have been trying to break a wall with a spoon. well i will adding some textures in some places i forgot; by sunday will be at steam so you guys can vote i guess. and i will try other color scheme, no gold i cant do that is reserve for primes but  IF DE and design council decides that is good quality and adds in game you can color the way you feel like.:crylaugh:

also why i use screenshot, i feel like the tennogen app is honest i mean if i get into blender i might try lighting that doesnt exist in the game but is just rambling.

and ty all.






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Hmhm... The skin looks good but the color scheme and tint distribution though, I would personally change. Especially on the helmet, because I feel that the way the face and clothes are connected is not a really good idea.

Also you could keep metallics but not submit them as gold, and then let people color them as that. A good suggestion would probably be the maroon/orange tone of the Gazal Armor set.

Blue and white would be imperative on my opinion, seeing it's colored after Horus, but the main part being that black though and the red energy color... I'd go for something more akin to the sky theme he represents.

EDIT: Taking the usual Tint channel colors, I'd probably go for something like this distribution/tint channel linking:



Which would actually, a grosso modo (lacking the proper details, lighting and stuff), be like...




But that's just my humble opinion :P

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