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Warframe Raid School Bus


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Are you looking for a way to take part in the Trials? Do you want to start raiding, but groups won't take you due to lack of experience? Are you an experienced player who just wants to find a new raid group? Well then the Warframe Raids School Bus is perfect for you!




We are a Discord server with the goal of helping players learn how to complete the Trials (commonly referred to as raids) in Warframe. We pair up newcomers with experienced ones and give them hands-on learning experience to ensure they have the skills necessary to succeed. We detail all of the mechanics introduced by the raids, offer suggestions on how to tackle them, and give you the opportunity to take your time to get acquainted with them.

The Warframe Raid School Bus is a low pressure environment with a large cast of veteran volunteers who are willing to help new players learn to complete the raids. Currently our services are only available on the PC platform and we offer buses for all three available Trial missions. We want to provide an ideal learning opportunity for these new players — the veteran players are here to answer questions and ensure a smooth experience.

Originally the plan was to schedule a few “School Bus” runs over the span of one single day earlier in August, but the response of player interest was too much to handle in such a short time. With such a high turnout of veteran and new players, we decided to organize ourselves and expand on the idea of teaching new players how to complete the raids.

Official bus runs are not scheduled. You’re welcome to seek out a bus at any time - just join the rank (/rank join lfbus) and post your interest in the dedicated channel. Our community has grown and with thousands of active members it's easy to get a group together!



It’s simple: We like the Trials and we want to give more players the means to learn and complete them. Warframe is a community-driven game and we want to show that the community has an interest in this kind of content. We want to dispel the illusion of elitism and exclusion that some players might have run into while browsing recruiting chat. We want to give DE a reason to improve and add more Trials in the future. To show the return on the investment, so to speak.

Many of our veteran volunteers come from the fastest clearing groups in the world and compete for world record speed runs. We’re all working together to help players interested in the raids get the opportunity and means to complete them. You'll have the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced players Warframe has to offer.

This service is not just for new players! Veteran volunteers are always welcome, but if you’re just interested in finding a new group to run the raids with this is also a great resource available for you to use. We always appreciate new volunteers, but this service has the benefit of providing a great networking opportunity for experienced players to find a group to run with.



First and foremost: Go and watch ISEGaming's LoR raid guide on Youtube!  It's only a 10 minute video and does an excellent job as a primer to teach new players about the raid.


What’s next?

  • Download Discord, a free VOIP client we will be using to talk to each other. You don't need to have a microphone or even talk at any point. Voice Communications are much easier for veteran players to guide you with as opposed to typing. Communication is key!
  • Set your Discord name so that it matches your In-Game Name (IGN) to avoid confusion. You can edit your own nickname displayed on the server at any time. At the very least, please put your IGN in parentheses. Ex. “(TGDM) TwoGrakataDoubleMayhem”
  • In order to join our Discord voice channel, click on the big plus on the left, select Join, and paste the following link: https://discord.gg/t2HxRDe
  • Acquire a warframe from the list below, and the best build you can manage. It doesn't have to be perfect, you really just need the right frame. These are suggestions; we can accommodate those without.
  • Read the information posted in the #rules-and-regs channel after joining the Discord server.



If you're interested in joining the runs, join the server linked above! It's that simple. Here's the link again: https://discord.gg/t2HxRDe

If you want to know any more information or have questions for us, feel free to leave a comment in this thread.



Why yes we do! We've also started to stream on Twitch in an effort to spread awareness of the group and give people a chance to see how we teach groups. We don't have a set schedule quite yet as we're still experimenting with it, but be sure to take a peek and let us know what you think! We even have a super fancy live-tracking overlay that shows current progress/time/stats in a Trial!

Some of the best raiders in Warframe are now showing their PoV as they complete world record speed run Trials, too!



Nothing. The School Bus is a community service. We just want to expand the raiding community. If you really wanna pay us back, simply pass the knowledge on. All we ask is that when you host your own raids that you will try to be more lenient towards other first-timers or low MR players.




(Note: this is by no means the only viable composition for LoR. This is only what we'll be using for the bus as a mean to teach the core mechanics.)

  • Banshee: Built for Sonar and not much else, her only job is to stack Sonar on the final boss in order to bring him down quickly. Avoid using it on other stages, however, as it can kill off targets the EV Trinity is trying to use for energy. Banshee can also make a suitable bomb carrier for Stage 1.
  • Loki: Built for max range, he uses Radial Disarm to add even more CC. In the last stage he uses Decoy to distract the final boss from the party. Often used to carry the bomb in phase 1 as well.
  • Nova: Built with minimum of 145% strength, max duration and over 70% range if possible. Her core function is to crowd control using Molecular Prime, slowing all enemies down by 75%. Her secondary function is to deploy portals in order to let the group move much faster.
  • Rhino: Built for range and duration, he uses Stomp to crowd control a wide area.
  • Trinity:
    • Energy Vampire (EV): Built for max range, high strength, and low duration. The job is to keep everyone supplied with energy. This is one of the more demanding jobs in the raid.
    • Blessing (Bless): built with a minimum of 145% strength and max duration, other stats less important. She does her best to keep the group safe with her 75% damage reduction buff
  • Vauban: Built for max range and some duration, preferably using the Repelling Bastille augment. The job is to apply another layer of crowd control to protect players from enemies.
  • Volt: Built for max strength and as much range and duration as possible. His only role is to get the group to move as fast as possible.


Even more builds are listed on the Discord server (in the #info-builds-tutorials-etc channel). These are what we consider optimal builds and what you should strive for, but are not necessary for success. We just want you to get as close to them as possible with the mods at your disposal.



Brozime's YouTube Channel:

BouseFeenux’s YouTube Channel:

If you’re a content creator and would like to learn more about the Warframe Raid School Bus feel free to contact us on the Discord server or through private messages!






This group was created by Venn2. Veteran volunteers and fellow administrators for the group include TGDM, --Q--PyralisTT, nspacestd, and dozens of volunteer mods. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a message here or contact us on the Discord server!


Edit to update information for 2018.

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I'd just like to clarify a few things. 

1.) most of our raids are not buses. We do regular runs all the time, and newbies are welcome to join most of them, but they don't include structured teaching. 

2.) most of our buses are for JV currently, simply because so many people already know LoR that there is not enough interest for that. LoR is pretty easy to learn on your own though, so we encourage you to jump into a raid and wing it. 

3.) if someone is being an &#! towards a new player for making mistakes and such, this should be reported immediately, either to me or another moderator, preferably via PM, and if possible include any relevant screenshots. We can't be present in all the voice channels so we can't know when people are breaking the rules, unless you tell us!

That is all, have fun. 


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pepe rare



I've had this group linked to me from another server, since I was interested in raids. I joined.

Within the first hour I noticed many groups getting together, joined one and jumped straight into JV.

Gotta say, very friendly environment, very friendly people, had loads of fun while getting trough raids.

Made a couple of new friends who I raid with daily, and together help new people to learn and go trough the raids Warframe offer us.

Hek, even met this one sexy italian guy who I talked about Capricciosa pizzas and cappuccinos while stuffing Jordas with meatballs. 


Best place to start getting into raids and continue on enjoying them while having a laugh. 


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You're welcome, Shiva. <3
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1. There are a *lot* of moderators and veterans on almost all the time who are happy to help

2. A generally chill community- definitely made quite some new friends through it

3. An extremely fair and open mod team- definitely very contactable and fun to be around

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i will forever be grateful to this community because helped me get through JV(it gives some of the best arcanes in the game) and I will always link this forum post to anyone interested in doing raids as a way to show my gratitude to everything they do


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd like to thank you guys for setting this up.  I just installed my first arcane on a Syandana today, something that seemed impossible and alien for the 2 years I played this game.  DE, please join this community and help out by rewarding the Veterans that are going out of their way to help the uninitiated.  These guys are performing a huge service to the game's community that goes above and beyond what any Guide of the Lotus can perform and they deserve some acknowledgement - especially since they haven't asked for any.

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IGN: Riku0142
Frames available: Loki/Trinity

Times available: any time after ~7PM EST

Additional info/question: I have volt and nova prime but I just got them so I don't have a potato or forma in them, same for vauban but I'm close to getting his and trinity's prime so I don't want to put a potato in the non-primed version. Also I have done the raid once or twice, but I'm trying to get it done more consistently for the rewards.

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1 hour ago, Riku0142 said:

IGN: Riku0142
Frames available: Loki/Trinity

Times available: any time after ~7PM EST

Additional info/question: I have volt and nova prime but I just got them so I don't have a potato or forma in them, same for vauban but I'm close to getting his and trinity's prime so I don't want to put a potato in the non-primed version. Also I have done the raid once or twice, but I'm trying to get it done more consistently for the rewards.

dont worry man !! everyone is welcome :DD

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IGN for Warframe and Discord : Seacamul


Frames I can build : Banshee / Loki / Nova / Rhino / Trinity(EV) / Vauban


Time : generally after 5.30 PM EST, mostly on Fri/Sat


Additional info : Have mostly played endless missions (surv/def/excavation), but never played Trials before. Should be able to build the warframes listed, but don't know the locations of key objectives (like terminals / pressure pads)



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IGN for Warframe & Discord: Kiyomaru-EN-

Frames I can bring:
EV Trinity
Blessing Trinity

Time: Generally after 7pm GMT +1 and whole day at weekends.

Additional Info: Played most mission types, but never done Trials which I have absolutely no knowledge of. I should be able to bring any of the 4 Waframes I have listed, but they are coming a bit short of the requirements due to me still needing to max rank the necessary mods (Overextended, Blind Rage, etc.)

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Heya @seacamul and @Kiyomaru-EN- ! Be sure to check out ISEGaming's Law of Retribution video to give yourself a primer on what's going on if you can. The Warframe Wiki page is also a great source of information. Have 0 experience is absolutely fine and we still encourage you to join! If you have friends that would like to join along, be sure to get them on the Discord server as well.

As Venn2 said, you're free to join the Discord server (here's the link again) any time you want. We have a huge cast of veterans available to help you guys learn and start earning Arcane Enhancements!

edit: WELP. I have no idea how the name paging works I guess :V

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