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Relic system feedback POST Nekros prime

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i farmed 1 relic and went and found a group with all radiant relics to play with.


the biggest problem we faced was knowing if all players had gotten their reactant. Everyone said they were full aka had all of their reactant, we get to extraction and guess what, only 3 rewards. none of which was rare, we got 2 commons and 1 uncommon drop (AXI N3)

Reactant pick up should be a group thing, not personal

I'm already annoyed.


With so many relics dropping for the same place it is really annoying to farm 1 SPECIFIC relic in a land of 10+ rewards where the relics are the lowest chance drop, and then to have the system set it up for fail afterwards, wasting farming the relic, the traces and the time spent for 3 players

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