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11 minutes ago, Agentawesome said:

Codex > Universe > Relics and Arcanes.

The game literally gives you the drop locations of everything.

Wiki > Codex > Universe > Relics and Arcanes.

Also, good luck farming Nekros Prime


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12 minutes ago, (XB1)Death To AR said:

Their is no relics and arcanes omg consoles suck

If you don't have that update, it's possible Consoles can't get Nekros P yet. Have patience Tenno, you're probably going to get all the updates in one go.

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The wiki relic list appears to be up to date, but unless I'm missing something, the missions for getting the new relics haven't been updated, i.e. what missions can reward a AXI G1? Maybe I'll just wait for the next console update and the codex enhancement...

EDIT: Some are shown if you look "By Mission" and click through the planets..."By Relic" isn't updated...all seems overly confusing...

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