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Merch Store: Valkyr Collector's Statue is here!


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This is the first collectable statue that has an alt helmet instead of the original one, DE was this a conscious design decision and why did you feel this statue needed to be made with an alt helmet?

Kudos as always for more merch.

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My 2nd frame in game!

I would love to have this statue but buying and shipping this one to Europe costs about 2 prime access packs. I prefer to grant the next 2 prime access packs even knowing that Valkyr might not be the next prime... Banshee is next according to release dates... right? If it's Banshee, we will see Valkyr around May 2017.

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So I bought this.  

Thought the paint job was sloppy but the mold is nice.  I'll have to get around fixing the paint job before I actually put it out anywhere for display.

(but at least nothing was broken)

They should do a Saryn or Nidus figure as the whole infested look thing means the paint job doesn't have to be that precise.

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