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Mission Idea Sandbox.

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You know what I'd like to see? Alert distress calls. 

Instead of being on a planet. You'd just see a ship icon on the star map. Anyone could access it who has access to the system.

A merchant ship is attacked by faction of your choice and sends out a distress call. There would be 2 goals to successfully save the ship. 

  1. Remove invading force from the merchant ship saving as many civilians as possible (fail state if all civilians are killed). 
  2. Once the invaders are purged from the civilian ship, infiltrate the attacking ship, cripple it and decouple it from the civilian ship. This part doesn't have to be the same as sabotage, it could be as simple as going the weapons  and finding some creative ways for them to self destruct. 

Maybe this isn't the most original idea out there,  but it will definitely add a lot of theme/flavor to the game.

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Wave survival/assasinate(Input original name here)

This would gear towards a non-endless mission type with a high risk - high reward. Something that would add depth to the game.


Mission discription

Fight hords of Unique enemies through several well layed out waves, Enemies have to be elemitated to move on to next wave, Waves get harder and spawn several higher level enemies including (Jugernauts) Other Unique Creatures, the higher the wave the taugher they get. On last wave will be a assasinate type phase that could last several waves or just single wave, this can differ based on Boss type. Same rules apply as any other missions, dying 4 times will fail the mission at ANY WAVE. The difficulty would be based on the strength of the boss at the end and the number of waves to get to the boss(could be indicated along with number of enemies per wave). Since its a high-risk high- reward based mission the rewards would have to be in large quantities(mutagen samples) or new rewards alltogher. Cool dialouge could be added to give tenno indication of boss fight and add depth to the missions.

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So many great ideas to pick from but man I have to scream DO THIS PLEASE@!!!!!

to the ideas shared by Agentawesome

5.  Fissures Assassination Target

This target or  'Orokin boss' will spawn in endless Fissure type missions and will grant players additional Void traces upon defeating them, the higher the level, the more the traces or relics. The frequency of their spawns is every 2 drop rotations.


6. Flood.

Similar to the old escalate or die games, this game mode requires the Tenno to climb up a set of obstacles, requiring them to shoot specific targets to open hatches or hack consoles to proceed upwards, all while trying to beat the ever rising level of toxic waste/magma below them!


Can we compile these list and vote on them as a community. I really want to believe that if we are vocal enough some of these will be added.


Like others have stated (and I have said in other posts) I really want hybrid missions. Where a Defense requires a spy objective to be completed. A interception requires a capture the target etc.

But really making alternatives to the Life-support based Survival would be easy and a breath of fresh air (pun intended).

So +1 to the Horde mode idea of


So +1 to the Endurance idea of


Please add both of these modes.

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On 9/5/2016 at 11:26 AM, AlphaPHENIX said:

Hunting the hunters - An exlcusive to the third sortie mission and before everyone riots here is why. Lets be honest, everybody knows that the assassins (Stalker, Grustag 3 and Zanuka Hunter) ain't very good at their job unleass they get lucky and catch us when we are playing solo without our power creep weapons. With this mission they would at least have a chance sence they will be level 100 and have a lot of ads around to help them.

Reason why I want this...Despair...that's it I just want a Despair bluprint and the more chances I get to fight against the Stalker the more chances of me getting it. As for the not so selfish reason, it will help with collecting Clan Pigments for Zanuka (Anti-Violet) and Stalker (Leaf Red)...and we definitely need the help with collecting pigments from Zanuka.

Here is how it will work (or at least my idea of it).

  • Every third mission in a Sortie has *25% chance* to spawn eiether the Crustag 3 or Zanuka Hunter depending on the Faction of the Sortie and *100% chance* to spawn the Stalker if the Sortie mission type is an Assassination, as an >>>OPTIONAL<<< side mission/objective (There, you can put the torches and forks down now, don't kill me.)
  • *Side Note: For all intents and purposes, only the normal Stalker can spawn, just so that we don't spoil it for people that haven't done the Seccond Dream yet.*
  • Side Note: If it's an Assassination, there will still be a chance for Grustag 3 or Zanuka (depending on the Faction) to spawn as well. making it so that you have to fight them and the Stalker at once. *On top of that, another assassin can also spawn from a death mark*... You know, because it's not like we need a challenge or anything.
  • Once in the mission, players get a notification from the Lotus that there might be a big threat in the area (assassin) and have the choice of either continuing normally or finding the threat...or you know, split up and do both because I am sure someone is gona have that bright idea.
  • If players choose Option B, they will have to find a hidden dead end tile somewhere on the map by eiether using a scanner and following a trail, similar to how they would hunt synthesis targets for Simaris, or trust their Kuria-finding senses and find it themselves. (I can see you pointing that Sydon at me! Put it down, please)
  • Side Note to the point above: The trail should look diffrent then the one for synthesis targets, just incase one is detected in the mission.
  • Once the hidden tile has been found, Lotus will say something along the lines of ''It's a trap!'' and we (the players) will go straigth in because we want the loot :)
  • After a Tenno walks foolishly into the trap, they will not be able to exit until at least one of the assassins is defeated (in a case which multiple spawn) or they are all braught down to at least 50% health.
  • In the scenario that players defeat the assassin/assassins, they will be rewarded in the same way as if they have defeated said assassin through a death mark and may continue with their mission
  • In the scenario that the players were unable to win, but some how escapped, they won't receive any reward and will be allowed to eiether continue their mission now with assassins on their tail or abort the mission.
  • If the players fail to kill the assassins and die, it will be considered as a mission failed.

Now before the communtiy has my head for this, let me remind you that it's an idea for an !!!>>>OPTIONAL<<<!!! side mission and just incase you happen to wonder near the hidden dead end tile where the assassins spawn, you will still be given a warning before going in.

PS: Stuff in between * are placeholders.

+1 Yes this is a great idea. 

Why I like this idea is that it is clearly challenging. 
While I do not like LoR, I do love Sorties and I think WF could use more intense challenges that do not require first doing 30minutes of survival to see level 90 enemies. 

But I would add a sigil as a reward that signifies yeah I conquered this crazy insane mission. 

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How about an actual sandbox mission creator?  You set the restrictions, mission type, goals, enemy types and levels and even potential reward categories.  The higher the overall difficulty the greater potential reward.  Sandbox missions are set up in the dojo and played with clanmates and friends that are invited by clan members.  A great way to encourage more interaction with clan mates.

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I think combination cache missions would be cool. So like a mission where you go to an area to defend a cache. Once u do, a count down is put into motion...and for x amount of time u have to defend this cache from a bevy of different enemies...like corpus and infested or grinneer and corpus...or sentinents and infested etc.


Once the time ends...the cache opens and the team keeps the spoils, which are only revealed at the end of the completed mission. Then, u have to survive for a period of time...say 10 mins until the lotus can send an extraction team to pick u up. Longer times for higher missions.


If u fail the survival part...you fail the whole thing. This survival doesnt have life support. You just have a gob of strong enemies that u have to kill for x amount of time. U will be given a target challenge after the defense, and before the survival...like killin x amount of enemies, or using only melee attks...or only powers...or not killin a single enemy(sentinels dont count)...or so on. If u complete the challenge, it increases the chance of a rare drop being ur prize for completion and ups the rarity of the item.



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I would love to see a "Cat and Mouse" Mission type. This can be summed up in game modes like "Indiana Jones" from Halo the series where a Kill Ball would pursue the players scrambling down a race course to get to the end before being flattened. Or like Left4Dead when the survivors stumble upon a Tank that just explodes out into hallway and everyone screams OH SHIIIII!!!. Then you have current horror games like "Alien Isolation" to draw from with the terror of an unstoppable foe lurking and hunting for you somewhere in the map. Some of these Grineer tilesets would be perfect for a boss unit like that. We sorta have that with the Juggernaut, but not on the scale of game like EVOLVE. I know bad choice, but the premise of something pursuing the Players through the maps like the Balrog from "Lord Of the Rings" dogging them at every turn is the heart of the excitement in what used to be the 45 minute mark on Appollodorus with the mob harrying the players to extraction. Only now it can be summed up into one frightful and unstoppable foe trying to find you while you perform certain tasks to escape the encounter.

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Don't know if someone is actually still reading this, but here goes:

The TENNO TRIALS - Tenshin migh have something to do with this...

Endless missions done in Arena's where the player/s have to survive a set amount of enemies (not waves). It would be diferent from Defense - no capsule - and diferent from extermination - stay in single tile map. (Eg. Think Neo versus increasing amount of agents in the Matrix Reloaded)

Conclave Arena + extermination counter + survival. Diferent enemy faction (begining) at diferent leves depending on planet + a boss is introduced each rotation C. Some could also have restrictions: melee only, no shields, etc...

Winnings: same as other Endless missions (+Forma +Nitain extract)

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When you first mentioned the "Assault" gamemode on the Kuva Fortress and how we were going to save colonists I was super excited.
Finally a mission where we are more than just hit-tenno, but going to save the innocents from dark forces.
Unfortunately it wasn't quite what I had hoped for.


My idea for an Assault gamemode involved an amalgamation of Rush (but normal, not AW), spy, rescue and maybe even defence...ok just a MASSIVE rescue.

It would be a rare alert so as to maintain its novelty. When it occurs (not often), it lasts a day.
It starts off with the Lotus telling you something along the lines of "The Grineer have captured a settlement of Colonists. The Grineer plan on putting them to work in their mines. Infiltrate the captured settlement and liberate the Colonists." Could also be Corpus, or perhaps even Infested (intend to infest the colonists...or something infested ritual...hivemind...I dunno).
Maybe "Infiltrate" is a better name?

You have 2 primary options:

  1. Take the stealthy approach through quite a large collection of tiles complete with various security drones, lasers, and just enemies in general. You are allowed to kill, but if you are detected you have no choice but:
  2. Rush as fast as you can. The [Grineer/Corpus/Infested] are aware of your presence, they are preparing the colonists for transport or just outright killing them. You are running out of time. The time afforded you will scale based on where you alerted the enemies (as they are always preparing, but now they are rushing). Even as you run out of time it will opperate like Rush in AW, slowly the Colonists are killed off (once the timer expires, maybe 5-10s between each colonists death).

Once you get there you must then defend the Colonists from wave/s of enemies. They are really desperate for them.
Once successful you are rewarded based on the colonists saved.


The complexity lies in having alternate routes in all tiles used, and the hacking and timing required to stealth (the spy aspect). Even a Rush run will encounter closed doors. But frett not! They can be blasted open! Damage required would be bullet based, scaling off the mag size of your weapon and the weapon type (thereby your mods do not determine your effectiveness), or perhaps shoot some control panel?

Oh yeah, once you get to the colonists you need to free them...maybe a single hack at a mainframe, destroy something. Have a "beat down door" animation. :D


Kuva Fortress is probably already built for a gamemode like this with its twisting corridors and guns and stuff. Just need to build a prison cell and you're set.

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Ground Zero: up to 8 players.  Enemies are spawning in a normal map, but you are taking artillery from off map, or from orbit.  The goal is to find a lock box before the next shelling (or beam, blast, whatever).  It fires once every two to three minutes.  In between shots you have a guaranteed two minute timer of safety, the shot will come in at an unexpected time after that, not to exceed the three minute mark.  When a shot comes in, it will hit a tile, usually the one with the lock box and any tenno in the tile are ejected from the mission with their earnings.  The tile that is hit, is permanently destroyed, the doors to it lock (or cave collapses/massive gaping radioactive hole) and another lock box spawns.  During the mission the environment continues to degrade as well, ship systems fail as parts are shot off of it, jungles catch fire, ice melts and creates deep freezing water hazards.  Eventually all tenno will get ejected from the mission, where all valuables from the mission will be revealed.

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Colony Defense

This mission type would play off some of the ideas introduced in the Glast Gambit quest to provide a new take on Defense missions. Tenno have a map with a number of friendly or neutral units they must defend from waves of enemies, possibly while completing another objective to stop the enemies from coming in (closing an airlock, etc.). This is very similar to the Glast Gambit's first mission. This is also similar to Sortie Defense missions in which the defended objective is a character, but there will be several weaker characters as opposed to only one who has a very large health bar. In this way, we can allow for stakes by allowing some of our defended allies to die (and have repercussions on the mission's rewards) without resulting in immediate mission failure.


Covert [Mission]

Complete some kind of objective within the tileset (hack a console, destroy a target, eliminate one particular enemy) without being detected. This objective can be the same as any non-endless mission's objective, but detection would incur a penalty. The map would allow for easier covert traversal than the average tileset (many open vents, etc.). Detection by enemies would trigger a countdown, after which the objective cannot be completed (Capture target runs away, Spy console data is wiped, etc.). Optional: to balance experience in a mission where pacifism is rewarded, the Tenno could be given affinity for every enemy remaining in the mission who was not alerted to the Tenno presence.

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This mission is mostly intended for stealth play and also encourages the use of seldom-employed Remote Observer. At the beginning of the mission players are given the location of a friendly member of enemy faction and tasked with their extraction. However, the person of interest is being tracked by several Eximuses, under the suspicion of working with the enemy. Persons of interest can follow waypoints set by players, but an alarm will be raised if the stalking Eximuses loose track of them, or if they go too far away from the original position. Also, any raised alarm starts the countdown, and the PoI will be forced to go back into hiding, failing the mission, if alarms are not reset within given time. The implied winning strategy is to get as close to PoI as possible without raising any alarms, instructng the PoI to lure Eximuses into close quarters and silently taking them down, after wich it is relatively safe to get to extraction. Obviously, this mission is only for Grineer- or Corpus-controlled nodes.

Kuva Raid

An exclusive variation of Hijack mission for the Kuva Fortress tileset. Players arrive to the section of the fortress where the collected Kuva is being processed. At the beginning of the mission Lotus informs them that several Kuva Siphons were recently filled with Kuva and are now being transported back to the fortress; at this point an indicator of percentage of Kuva left in the siphons is shown. Shortly after the beginning of the mission the Kuva will start to drain away slowly, and players have to reach the siphons and hack into them before the process is complete. The second stage of the mission consists of extracting the siphons througn the Kuva processing plant and into space, where players will have to use their Archwings to finish the job and bring the siphons to the extraction point. It is up to the players to choose how many siphons they will extract (probably 1 to 4, to match the size of the squad), as the siphons will, like any other hijacked object, drain their shields to move; siphons may also take damage from Tenno and enemy fire. The enemy will attempt to take back the siphons and move them back into the processing plant; if they are close to success (and mission failure for the players), Tenno may consider destroying the siphons as the last resort. In the end of the mission players will be rewarded with amounts of Kuva based on the number of siphons extracted and also on the percentage of Kuva that was left in the siphons. If all the siphons are destroyed, however, the mission will not fail, Lotus will simply state that the less Kuva the Queens are getting the better, and in that case there will be no Kuva reward in the end of the mission.

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Ok my idea i had was inspired off the glast gambit alittle. What if we had settlement on planets that would get sttaced by a faction or need defending and require the team to keep as many settelers alive and safe for the duration of the mission.

I think this could help put a breath of life and culture into the game allowing us to feelblike this mission actually mayters rather than defending a singular pod all the time.

Could allow for crafting system of deployables to help defend multiple people at once. Like being able to make the sentry drop that we have from the supply drop from ships.

Settlements could varry in size allowing mor some maos to have more that the standard party of 4.

But i think something like this is needed to make the universe feel alive rater than full of armies of enemies waiting to kill the tenno. And allow the sign of actual life in the solar system that needs the help of the tenno rather than the seeking of thier demise.

I just feel we need a mission or mission that could be sandboxy and allow the atmosphere feel less empty and lifeless of people only seeking to kill the tenno

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assassinate mission split up into several stages, lets say 1 - 10. Each stage would have Pre-set number of special enemies that would spawn at varying strength depending on stage #. Enemies would drop special currency that can be exchanged for a special buff for the following stage, this buff can be consumed or saved.

Consumable Buff (1 time)(on-self only)

(restores health) 

(Restores power)

(restore armor)

(restore ammo)


If tenno save the consumable items they may exchange 3 of any consumables to create a special bonus aura for the last stage.

auras would benefit allied tenno as well just like aura mods.

aura types. Last 1 wave (may be saved for last wave)

+ 50% bonus health(health regen/sec) 3xhealth restore

+ 50% bonus power(energy regen/sec) 3x energy restore

+ 50% bonus armor (armor restore/sec)

+ 50% bonus ammo (ammo restore/sec)


basically assassinate mission broken down into waves.


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Sortie Remake
Every day a Tenno will be granted resurrection key through the login rewards, Resurrection Key is only active for a day and has 2 uses:

1. Upon running out of revives, a resurrection key will be used to bring a Tenno(self) back to life with unlimited revives with increasing

spawn duration.

     - OR -

 2) - Bring to life a BOSS on last stage of sorties

STAGES (one mission/same squad for the entire sortie)
Tier I) (1 - 5) 50 + with variety of new "stage bosses" enemies.
Tier II)( 5 - 9) 75+ ^
Tier III) 10  - BOSS FIGHT (must have Resurrection Key)
4x Tenno have to eliminate all priority enemies (stage bosses) to advance to the next wave.
regular enemies will continue to spawn till the last stage boss is dead.
 On death if Resurrection Key is consumed, Tenno will be able to remain in mission with the squad until
last Tenno has fallen and used their Resurrection Key
Rewards will be based on tier completed and Tenno could also acquire participation points for
a chance to increase tier chest rewards. example, you died on wave 4, by staying with the squad
you can earn participation points to receive next tiers "chest rewards"
(4k endo vs 2k endo) This would encourage people to not just leave the mission.
(The main reward would be things of higher value like riven mods, participating doesn't increase tier
of main rewards, only chest rewards)
----- all numbers are imaginary ----------
more interesting version of 30 minute + survival with a boss at the end. Resurrection Key is required to receive tier III (main reward chance %) tier III chest can by obtained by
getting "participation points"

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I don't know how much this will help. But i wanted to share this anyway.

Mass Effect 3 multilayer i had a good 1200 or so hours in this. Playing the exact same maps over and over for hours on end.

This addiction of it i could never really figure out. It was mainly added as a side thing almost like an after thought. But us fans got insanely addicted to it so they just kept making more and more classes etc to it.

So i thought maybe some videos may help to give some ideas and maybe the devs see why it was so dang addictive.😊

If you guys could figure out how to somehow bring a Warframe version of this in then you will hook us badly.😂

[Fortress defense] cross [survival] style with [bonus goals] throughout. Limited enemies per wave but strong buggers.


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Fleet Raid: You(And squad) use your Tenno ship(s) to disable and raid a fleet of ships in the void for credits, weapons, and resources. For every ship you destroy, you get closer to an ultimate prize (large shipments of oxium ;] going towards a corpus factory). The ships can only have one ability tied from your warframe (Ash's invisibility, Oberon's Healing, Rhino's charge, Mirage clones) through a mid level quest with permanent modifications to your ship. The enemy ships would of course fire back with lasers, proxy mines, etc. different factions have different items they ship from planet to planet.

Instead of separate mods, you could try a single weapon type for all ships with changeable stats from recycling unwanted mods. The ship weapon attachments can be mounted in front, on the sides, and behind (as an automated defense against missiles). the attachment types are: Laser-Beam (Sniper Rifle), Shotgun, and Automatic Rifle. Each type has limited but adjustable stats. For Example: The shotgun has good damage and recharge but 'meh'range and accuracy. You can increase the range at the cost of power like riven mods.  

You could reuse the work on archwing because many archwing missions are HUGE but not very fun. I know it would be an absolute nightmare to de-intergrate archwing missions, mods, and market out of the game, so don't bother. I just really hate the really good alert and then it's an archwing mission. I feel baited when that happens and instead of making a 'warframe is dead' "rant" on youtube, I offer to what seems to be a very flexible solution. 

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Base Defense

in this mission mode, you need to defend a base from grineer, corpus, or infestation.

there are defences that you can activate them to assist.

Artillery can used to against groups of enemies, to fire it, you need to grab a laser targeter, then use it to fire artillery, when carrying laser targeter, you can't use primary, secondary, nor melee.

Turrets has two type, high HE, and piercing turret.

High HE Turret is good against high health enemies, but weak against highly armored enemies.

Piercing turret is good against highly armored enemies, and plus, reduce their armor, but has less damage than High HE Turret.

Each Defences requires 40 seconds cooldown to be used again, except for artillery, which it requires 2 minutes cooldown, but you can power them up with power cells, which will reduce cooldown time by 20 seconds, but you can only put one untill cooldown is finished, after that, it will drop a empty power cell, that you can recharge it with recharger, and you only have 3 power cells.

after reaching wave 5, you win after your base is destroyed, otherwise, you will lose, if you reach wave 10, you can extract now, or keep fighting, every 5 waves after reaching wave 10, will give you chance to extract, but you will still lose if the base is destroyed, even you already reached wave 5.

every 5 waves has boss.

for corpus, they can have a highly armored tank armed with modifed opticor that deals extremely massive damage to defences and has powerful shield (only if mission is level 30+, and the whole squad reached wave 20), a assault moa that can fire cluster grenades, can call airstrikes, and can fire multiple of homing missiles, with two bursa defending it, or a high rank Scrambus with bunch Scrambus behind him.

for grineer, they can have a high rank commando, with bunch of elite lancers behind him, a extremely armored tank with siege cannon that deal massive to defences, and has four machine guns, or they can have bunch of kuva guardians, instead a boss (only if everyone in squad has finished war within, the mission is level 30+, and reached wave 15)

for infestation, they can have large juggernaut with ability to fire multiple gas grenades, and can fire acids that cause viral or corrosive, and can charge like normal juggernaut, and can spawn more infected than normal juggernaut, or they can have four large juggernauts that they can fire multiple gas grenades but lack abillty to spawn any infected, cannot fire acids, and is weaker, instead a boss.


Avaliable on planet that has level 15+ missions.

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this is more so for the beginning intro missions to the game:

the into mission is good but i feel like you can more to improve upon it because it's some key things that are being missed that could be explained via screen text or speaking.

-first it's the use of powers which is done well, then picking the meele weapon to the secondary and so on. which is explained well but what about the explanation for the reactors, catalysts, forma, the starting  50 plat. now i get it it's all in game in front of you and common since should take over but.. not all since is common and there are some people that needs to be spoon fed information.  

ex: you are a tenno master of the ancient are or the gun and blade, install a catalyst to your warframe to further increase mod pool for more customization or install a reactor to your weapon an ancient art which we thought lost over time but since have been revived from your awakening. (i don't know i'm not really good at things like that)

-explain the mod system better, people are using and upgrading the damaged mods that you get in the first few missions. i get that you'd get a few broken mods in the intro portion of the game cause you're fighting for your life trying to escape so that's understandable but when you're on the spy mission collecting supplies  you shouldn't get broken mods. people are using them, upgrading them , and quitting the game cause there frames aren't as strong as what they see on youtube and ect. and it all comes back to spoon feeding info.

ex: operator looks like you've collected some mods but they seem to be damaged. get out and search for ones in better condition or something that's more ordis style.

-one more thing. can we get a better parkour tutorial in the begining mission.

wall dash is cool and all but i miss wall run, with the unlimited  stamina bar think of how sweet it would look seeing space ninjas run up and across walls instead of dashing that's just me being personal nbd but ya know think about the intro that's what draws most people in when i first started the starting frame was loki and it's cool that we get to choose now. the mk-1 weapons are useless in my opinion because you can still choose the regular version of two of the weapons if they're not all mk-1 styled then none of them should think about it mk-1 kuni vs lato.. what? just to finish unlock the market and find out there are regular kuni. smack in the face 


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Simulacrum 2.0:

Instead of being inside the Simulacram's current arena, players can set up their Simulacram so that it mimics any tileset. Players can then populate the tileset with enemies that they desire (more enemies than the current version, enough to fully populate a tileset. Around 100, perhaps.) in a level and quantity that they desire. These enemies would then spawn in random areas of the tileset in an unalerted status. The tileset would have any of its regular functions, including traps, turrets, and alarms. Each time a tenno "creates" one of these replicated areas, it is created randomly (the same as any other mission). Players can check off certain functions, such as:

-Constantly spawning enemies of certain types.

-Effects present in nightmare missions or sorties.

-Objectives on the tileset, such as a defense objective or a sabatoge objective.


This will allow a few things to take place.

1) For the players that desire, it will give them a "sandbox" mode. Somewhere they will be free to play with their favorite enemies and enviroments to their heart's content.

2) It will allow players to practise for certain enviroments. For example, players could check off "spawn x, y, and z eximus units, have them constantly spawn, and give an interception objective" in order to replicate the scenario of an eximus stronghold interception sortie.

3) It will allow players to replicate enviroments that they enjoyed playing in, but currently aren't availible (enviroments from sorties, for example).



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More assault variant. I was playing the mode when i saw all it's potential. it's like a mini raid, but with more liberty and simpler. so i thought it could be awesome if more tileset could have his own, each one being different, ex: corpus ship, you would have to intercept a convoy and take control of the ship (like a super hijack), it could start in archwing, where we would destroy the its escort and then infiltrate the ship (just an idea). then, trow in a couple of random event, like field boss( ex: hyena), a surprise nightwatch assault, etc...  The goal of each assault type would simply be to give a dungeon raid-like situation, where player would go to get a challenge (with or without friend) and use the equipment they have leveled and modded. also, there could be two dificulty level for each assault, one being normal level for the planet, and another where the ennemies would be something lake sortie 2 level (with a relatively well equiped squad, level 30-40 aren't much of a challenge).

also, sorry for the broken english, it is not my main language

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A mare covert game mode that encourages stealth, because everybody just spam bulletjumps now, and spy missions can be rushed, so a large enemy group and you have to abuse mobility and the y axis

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