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Mission Idea Sandbox.

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On 9/29/2016 at 12:42 AM, Harowing said:

Does the stars and distant planets amaze you? How they dance as you watch within your chair, feeling almighty and blessed, a spoiled child like you has no place within the stars. Longing for the gentle caress of your mother's arms will turn into a memory, slowly disappearing from your mind. But hey! I know a place where the likes of you would fit, come join me and stay forever.

Ordis: "Operator, there's an incoming anomaly! Prepare yourself!"



The Labyrinth Mission are random and challenging missions that may occur when starting a normal mission (Doesn't occur with Raids, Endless, Syndicate, Fissures, Derelict, etc missions). The first hint that the player is dragged to a Labyrinth Mission is the inverted Orbiter Ships during the login screen as well as the unusual background (usually clouds or space) featuring a sickly gray colored fog alongside Ordis' Message.

Unique to this type of mission is that there is no Abort Mission Button in the player's menu (although you can Alt+F4, but why would you do that?) and the Mini-Map / Map is not present.



Labyrinth Missions are straightforward, find the Extraction Point.



Labyrinth Missions is nearly devoid of life, your usual Grineer, Corpus, Infested or Corrupted won't spawn. Each room will now require all players to be in it in order to progress further (unlocking the doors) and there are specific rooms which will spawn a Warframe Specter that the player or group must face. 



Warframe Specters spawned in Labyrinth have random setup, complete with Primary, Secondary and Melee, but the worst of all, they are also able to perform Focus Ability, releasing a ghastly specter of an Operator to cause harm and chaos to the players. They will utilize their abilities to the fullest in an attempt to destroy the player or group.

Fret not though, you'll have ample time to prepare before the specter spawns as each has their own unique cue upon entering their room. These are purely visual or audial and is designed to alert the players of the type of specter.

  • Ash - A gray fog starts creeping on the floor.
  • Atlas - The room will start to shake.
  • Banshee - The sound will become muffled, similar to the effects of Invisibility and Silence.
  • Chroma - An audible roar will be heard.
  • Ember - Pillars of fire will erupt from the floor.
  • Equinox - A ray of light will shine above with the entire room going dark.
  • Excalibur - A brilliant sword will pierce the ground from above.
  • Frost - Snowflakes will rush around the room, similar to the effects of being inside Snow Globe.
  • Hydroid - The floor will start to flood, similar to Hydroid's Undertow except filling the entire room.
  • Inaros - Sandstorm will occur in the entire room.
  • Ivara - Ziplines will suddenly shoot out all around the room. This can be used by both players and Ivara Specter.
  • Limbo - Players will enter the state of Banish briefly.
  • Loki - The players will see specters of themselves in the room before it disappears.
  • Mag - Players will be dragged towards a certain point of the room briefly.
  • Mesa - Mesa's Energy Lasso (Shooting Gallery) will be present in the room.
  • Mirage - Mirage's Prism will be present on the above the room.
  • Nekros - Shadows of the Dead of a random faction will be present in the room before it disappears. Nekros Specter will always summon the same faction shown in the cue when using Shadows of the Dead.
  • Nezha - An orbiting ring is present in the room, similar to Nezha's Warding Halo.
  • Nyx - Players will see their allies under the visual affects of Mind Control. If there's only one player, the figure of Nyx's Mind Control will be present.
  • Oberon - The floor is covered with Hallowed Ground before briefly disappearing.
  • Rhino - Fragments on the floor will briefly float in mid-air (Rhino Stomp's effects).
  • Saryn - Toxic clouds will fill the room before disappearing.
  • Titania - Razor Butterflies are present in the room.
  • Trinity - A downed specter is present in the room.
  • Valkyr - A loud audible warcry will be heard.
  • Vauban - The room is covered by a single large Bastille.
  • Volt - The Speed Coil (used as a pick-up in one version of Volt's Speed) is present in the room.
  • Wukong - A clump of cloud is present above the room.
  • Zephyr - A whirling tornado is present in the room.



I honestly have not thought of the rewards yet, but I'll leave it to you guys, perhaps it can be another Warframe? (the cause of the Labyrinth maybe?) A piece of lore tied to a specific Warframe? Items? Caches? Relics? I'm open for suggestions.


My first thought reading the specter bit: hear a scream or roar, know you're screwed.

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Infested Impedance:

The infestation is becoming more active, left unchecked it will start to take over the system.

This would be a new tileset, not a heavily infected ship of another faction like we already have - it is made ENTIELY of infestation and would be much more biological in appearance. The corridors pulsate, flex and vibrate in response to your actions. Some missions contain traces of other races such as dead bodies or consumed technology, perhaps mysterious races which we have not encountered yet in the lore.

Hazards are everywhere: tentacle growths knocking you down or stunning you, giant mouths with gnashing teeth burst out of the walls, clouds of toxic gas travel quickly through tunnels, bodily acids splash up at you, infested enemies literally grow out of every surface, electrical impulses shock you as you damage the nervous system, the runners and crawlers can move along the walls and ceiling to jump on you from any angle, walkways formed by connective tissue snap unexpectedly and drop you into waiting enemies. The level itself is essentially one giant enemy working against you.


How it could work:

A) Infested growths travel around the navigation map:
Growths come in from the outer edges of the starmap heading towards different targets or just travelling around. Growths host existing mission types.

The travelling growth that reaches a target location will linger around that spot for some time, and one of the infested resource types is replaced by a resource type from that planet. 


B) New mission types:
1) Cleansing - You defeat the growth with a combination of spy and sabotage mechanics to destroy its major organs e.g blocking major pathways, damaging connective tissue, 'disabling' the growth. This might be a chance to introduce a new hacking puzzle for infested where you have to redirect bodily fluids or neural pathways to make the growth behave how you want. On a small scale, this could just involve rotating/twisting the guts so that they direct the fluid to the correct sphincter before it overflows. It vomits the reflux onto you as punishment for failure (with a suitably gross noise!)


2) Horde -  This is inspired by 'closet gameplay' where people will do survival missions and hide in a small area to funnel enemies toward them.
Horde is an endless mission similar to plains defense where you must kill enemies to keep a percentage of control. The mission throws huge numbers of enemies at you. In my opinion the focus should be on very large numbers of weaker enemies, keeping in mind that in this tile set the smaller enemies can crawl on all surfaces, not just the floor. The goal is to maintain a particular rate of killing. Over time the arena itself becomes smaller, but the amount of enemies remains the same. Lotus will warn you 'If you do not fight harder, the growth will overwhelm you!' Similarly, the growth will taunt you by speaking to your mind. Unique text might exist for certain frames e.g Nidus.

If you are standing close to an ally, the mission will occasionally generate an elemental hazard to force you to disperse, or generate new walls which briefly separate team members.

The mission is based on timed waves, every five minutes you make a breakthrough and move in to a different part of the growth, or the arena readjusts itself as though it has evolved in response. The hordes should be so large that Tenno are gradually forced into a corner. Crowd control and aoe tactics will be the most useful here.

When you reach 0% control a timer will count down - you are given one chance per wave to turn things around before you fail.

Basic illustration of horde mode.



The growth is a place which primarily drops infested type resources, and is another source of Mutagen Mass from rare containers. As mentioned the rewards might differ slightly if the growth is near a particular planet.
It might offer some unique rare mods:

Persistent Firepower
[-reload speed, + ammo capacity, + magazine capacity (15%, 30%, 45%, 60%, 75% for each stat)] primary and secondary mod
Allows you to fire your gun for longer, but you have to find breathing room to reload.

Growing Pains
[Status chance increases the longer trigger is held (2%, 5%, 10% per second)] primary and secondary mod
Pairs well with Persistent Firepower and high status guns to dish out lots of procs over time.

[Charge attacks knock enemies back up to 10m, enemies who are hit by the flying body are knocked down]
Enemies become knockdown projectiles when hit with charge attacks, this lets you turn enemies into a form of melee crowd control.

Force of Will
[Incoming damage is reduced based on melee multiplier] - channeling mod, e.g if your multiplier is 1.5x you take 15% less damage, 2x you take 20% less, 4x is 40% less
Horde mode should result in the team slowly running out of ammo and having to rely on melee skills. This mod lets you take advantage of the melee multiplier to survive for longer.


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Mission: Squad Support


Description (ingame): Tenno. A squad of operatives is attemting to take control of a grineer/corpus ship and its cargo. You are to assist them in fighting their way to the bridge, then help them hold the position until the enemy is forced to evacuate.


Description (gameplay): A group of 5 operatives in lotus colors and using tenno weapons (a mix of Tiberions, Rubicos and Stradavars maybe?) fight their way into a grineer or corpus ship in a sort of "reverse defection". Along the way there will be medical crates that drop reskinned energy cells which can be picked up by players (with the usual downsides, only sidearm eg), at least once along the way the operatives will set up a first aid station in which you can insert the cells to fully heal the squad. Downed operatives have a short (5 seconds?) bleed out time and can be revived if the players are quick enough.

Once the bridge is reached one of the operatives will beginn to hack into the consoles, while the others take up defensive positions. Now it is basically the first part of the Glast Gambit. Enemies spawn in from several directions and attempt to kill the operatives. If the hacking operative gets downed another will take their place, a 10 extra seconds are added to the timer and the timer will stop until the new operative has taken their place. Once 150 seconds have passed (plus penalties for lost operatives) the doors to the bridge will close and the life support outside the bridge will shut off, forcing an enemy evacuation and ending the mission in success.

You lose if all operatives are dead.

There are several obstacles that can (but do not have to) spawn and that the player has to resolve, among them:

- hackable force fields (like the blue one spawning in some in invasions)

- a powerful and indestructible turret blocking the way, forcing the operatives to stay out of sight until the Tenno find a console to deactivate them

- some sort of barricade that one of the operatives tears down while the others (and the Tenno) have to provide cover (e.g. a locked door that one of the operatives blasts open with C4)

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I'm not sure if this has been said before, but I'd love to see missions that could be found while wandering the plains. If the whole point of a sandbox is to wander and explore having only missions that lead you by the nose like bounties kind of fight the design a bit. An example could be just running into a bunch of miners from Cetus and you have to protect them for a bit or help them retreat from a corpus attack like a defection. Maybe bumping into a quills npc that sends you on a scavenger hunt for relics. Any sort of interaction on the map itself beyond the Lotus telling you "hey you have 2 minutes to go here and do this, put down the fishing spear" could be really fun.

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Ausiliary Emergency Orbiter Command. (Ordis under attack!  <<|:ctc:|>>)


What if Ordis is under cyber attack and it canT compute the normal Orbiter vital functions? It will fight attack the cpu virus, but he will reboot all system if Operator canT help in supply the orbiter fuction enough. if supply fails, emergency eject will be active.

mission mechanic: "Archwing" reworked ,Spyonage and Sabotage, but in positive way, Operator has to restore fuction and control of Orbiter so Ordis will manage the system restore without shut down the Orbiter with a necessary Operator ejection.

game play:

  • First fase is to unlock manualy the computer system of Orbiter, like spionage , every console must me hacked to manual input interface.
  • Second fase is restore energy on damaged system, like Sabotage, restore energy,cooling,engine cells.
  • Third and most funny part is controller Orbiter like an archwing for avoid meteors,asteroids, spare parts, energy void fractures. Until Ordis recalibrate all systems.  (Shields are not reliable ,but Health will be restored ,slowly but always ,cause there is repair crew members inside:clem: )

Heavy damage during fly or fails hack/resupply cells will active emergency eject and carry Operator, alone, in a random mission near planet orbiting, fighting with just void power for survive until Ordis rescue it.


  • In case Ordis will be able to counter attack virus without ejection, it will hack the link of opponent, and steal some nice special Blueprint/Reward
  • If Operator survive to emergency landing without die (very very hard,depend on planet level mission) there will be moderate special Reward.
  • In case Operator DONT survive to landing, just mission failed and normal return to game. 

Special cameos:

During Spy, Ordis will talk to itself/Operator ,lunatic/aggressive as usual.

  • ("Operator, remeber the main sequence!"--"CaNt YoUuu DO iT fAsTeeRr"-"Thank you Operator")
  •  Randomly Cephalon Suda could try to link with Ordis/Operator
  • ( :suda:"Ordis, do you have some problem?" _____"Just a data reboot-"leTT mE AlooN3!""thank you Suda")

During sabotage is possible see Clem :clem:having hard time with cables in engine room,trying to do what he can :) , if present Kubrow will poke him.

During Orbiter control in case of critical damage, chassis surface will begin to burn ,a RAndom warframe of Player set will be seen deployed in archwing and using fire extinguer (Like reanimation teammate ) :conclave:



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I've been on a thinking gear these past couple days, and I've sort of just now realized that Bailiff defenses don't exist anymore. That got the gears turning, and...

What if, instead of boring stationary pods, Defense mission targets were Executioners and Auditors, depending on the enemy faction of the mission, chosen randomly from level-based tables, that would patrol the map, stopping in various defensible locations during waves.

Maybe there could be another mission type where they follow a set path through the map as well, with players escorting them through randomized checkpoints that impede progress in some way. Minibosses, spy rooms, and other sub-objectives could bar progress, and opening the route up for your murderous ally would add a nice variety from standing in one place and shooting stuff.

In general, Defense and Interception seem sort of counter-intuitive to the idea of more active playstyles, and could use some mechanical changes to liven them up. Survival, on the other hand, would benefit from a different spawn system. Maybe some kind of sub-objective that prioritizes players grouping together to make the current spawn system more effective, while still rewarding less sedentary play, even.

Survival's life support drops could be replaced with energy cells, used to power up backup generators that provide atmosphere for a while, then burn out and require you to move, sort of like a mashup of Infested Salvage and Mobile Defense, but with endless scaling.

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Hybrid archframe mission.

Short and simple as asked.

In the Plains 4 members go repair a downed transport space ship, the crash site is guarded by enemies that are inspecting the crash. We arrive and clear out the site then we repair the ship, while more enemies arrive because of a distress signal. When repaired, 2 random warframes are chosen to escort the still sort of damaged ship to a safe location by using archwing. The other 2 members are beamed/teleported by the ship, to the destination to secure the arrival of the ship. Mix enemies at will and you got a new type of mission we never did.

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With the pending remake of trials, I'd like to see the Cetus Tower be used as a new one, following a new template.

Maybe Grineer attack the tower, and we're called upon to defend the Unum, rushing across the broken bridge as a first phase, securing the entrance, climbing the tower, and ending with a confrontation against some kind of new boss enemy, and maybe a cutscene where players meet the Unum and he? she? they? offer us a gift, a choice from a randomized selection of arcanes.

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I see this is very old but I would still like to put this out here, I have constructed what i think would be a very fun high level type of mission 


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Hi. Don't know if that topic will be correct for that. If not show me right direction pls.

It about void traces rewards. Can it be rework/correct in that way that high level/rank players get it in much more amount in much more challenge missions? For example with 100-200+ lvl enemies and 100-200+ traces rewards for one that mission?  Or already exist endless mission with void traces, but with expanse void traces rewards in time/waves of that mission(the more you hold on the more you gets).

It be very nice improvement on my opinion, because for high lvl game play it very tiresome tedious and just very boring to play like 50 times extermination and somethings like that missions non stop each by 2-3 minutes just ruining from one end to the other with absolutely non challenge ... because it is the quickest way to get some void trace in less more exemptible amount ... and i dont have alternative for that.

I play warfarame with pauses in half year/year go in game for couple mounts collect something new, play new update mission ant other like that. But for now i rater just go in trade and do some platinum with buy/seals and buy all new rare prime parts that i need(and it be much faster and much more entertaining) than try to replay that insane amount of low level repetitive non challenge(if challenges is not my patience) missions that i need to play to get all relics and void traces to get that prime parts...

Instead that i wold like to play something much more changeling and more rewarded in hunting prime parts. Some to need very good gear and maybe even good team.

Thanks for you time and for grate game.

PS sorry for my poor English.



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So I was thinking about the Dark Sectors replacement, the loss of trials, the Kingpin thing that was discussed a while back, and things like Boss fights and whatnot, and while this idea isn't quite fleshed out, I...have words.

I want invasions where you take ground and hold it, and it's persistent to some extent. I want them to be regular events, one following on the heels of another, that involve taking and holding ground from an enemy faction over time. I want it to involve Clans, and I want it to be a cooperative, challenging event, where Clans can work together or separately to push the enemy back. 

So, for instance, let's say we have a new Jungle Zone on Earth (just for the sake of argument; I'd love one, but this is just an example). We know the Grineer dominate earth, but there are colonists and civilians and whatnot. The Jungle Zone will have strategic points in it (villages, fortresses, old wrecked Pre-War cities, whatever). The Grineer are pushing into those areas to wipe out or enslave the colonists and further their research, weapon development, and so forth. It's up to the Tenno, then, to hold them back or push them back into their jungle bases.

Each strategic location can have a number of missions associated with it, perhaps sequenced like Sorties, and with appropriate challenges, and handled like "war zone" missions. For example:

1. Interdiction Strike: basically an exterminate + sabotage. 

2. Spy / Capture: as normal (or maybe a stealth capture would be interesting)

3. Decapitation strike: mini- or mega-boss fight.

4. Defense: something like the "take the base and hold it" fights in the Plains of Eidolon, although perhaps in a fortification/village.

5. Search & Destroy: locate enemy supply convoys and kill them. 

6. Long Range Recon: stealth mission, find and scan enemy positions. Discovery will bring down a massive enemy response. 

7. Air Superiority: archwing stuff

8. Sabotage: poison food supplies, destroy ammo dumps, etc.

9. Over the top: lead a contingent of NPCs in a frontal assault on enemy fortifications.


The more of these you complete, the more you push back the grineer advance. Conversely, mission failure (or failure to achieve enough success in a certain time period) pushes you back to having to defend zones farther back. Each time you advance against the grineer, your next missions get a little bonus (Air strikes, or better affinity, resources, extra damage due to demoralized grineer). Every time they push you back, you take a penalty - fatigue, reduced ammo due to loss of supplies, etc. Finally, if you perform these missions with Clan Members, you gain a bonus (plus probably the typical "special weapon blueprint in the Dojo" thing), and if clans need help, they can call for reinforcements. 

At the end of the event, the positions of the Grineer and the Tenno are saved, and when the event rolls around again, those are the starting points.

Now, what would be required is that the areas in which these take place are not also the Open World areas; they'd probably have to be developed specifically for this -- call them Battle Fronts or something. I suspect an interesting thing would be the occasional scouting mission (e.g. Spy, Capture missiosn) that pop up as alerts in between the actual events, which might give your Clan a perk for the time when war breaks out again.

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Hello DE I had such an idea, in the game for a long time there are such mobs as bursa walker, bursa zeroifier, various moa and also nimes and warriors.
These mobs can be set up by companions to slightly change the amount of health and shields, and their parts could be knocked out from some boss of the hull or from rare hull containers or on the valleys on the Venus, and also make rank restrictions, for example, the renter is available from the first rank of skill, moa walker with treta, shock moa from the fifth, moa-regotron from the seventh, hybrid moa from the eighth, anti moas from the ninth, and Bursa-Nullifikator, Bursa-Isolator, Bursa-Drover from the eleventh rank.
And also to add to them the opportunity to collect items like the existing guards.

My name is Arthur
I'm from Russia
text translated into "Google translator"
the idea is completely mine.

If you can do this, then do it.
you are welcome.

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Endless Exterminate

No life support. No objectives to defend. No arena gimmicks with points. Just you and the horde. Rewards given every few hundreds of kills.

Please note, for this game mode, VERY high spawn rate (like insanely high) would be preferable. It would be incredibly boring if it were a normal spawn rate.

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Random events that are not lotus based. Hunt an animal or run across a grineer party with something on them.

Ambush them or get ambushed.

Allow for missions where a squad can hunt for something specific or go raid more fortified versions of the grineer camps (ransaking nearly all of them) for some goody.

Give people the option to increase difficulty for more reward by some action in the planes itself.

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Vault Mission type.

Think of a one target Spy. Once the Tenno have arrived at the Vault Base, they can choose to enter stealthily (through maintenance tunnels, pits through hazards, think like the Orokin Parkour rooms).If they get caught, or want to take the direct route, they can bring a 'breaching charge' (Datamass essentially), and hold a short timed defense in front of the Vault door. Once inside the Vault, they can ransack what's in there for some credits/loot, and they can use Faction specific Ciphers (Obtained as uncommon drops from Faction Units, and Expire Daily similarly to Argon Crystals) to crack the Inner Chamber. The Inner Chamber has better rewards and some additional Credits, but requires 4 Ciphers to be used within 10 seconds to unlock it without going into an Interception Round (A solo player can use 4 Ciphers). If the Interception Round is bypassed, the Mission turns into an Exterminate if any alarms have been raised. Otherwise it points to the exit.

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I like that!

Speaking of Spy missions, I would like the occasional one to genuinely require a stealthy approach (acknowledging that invisibility is the trump card here, but still): so it's a typical spy mission in the sense that there are 3 vaults. The vaults are much more complex, so that would require new vault tilesets. 

Additionally, there's a Lockdown difficulty: each time a Lockdown is triggered, one vault is purged. Purge all three, and it's over. If you want to make it even tougher, then each time an alarm is triggered, one vault goes into total lockdown/purge mode, and is no longer accessible.

Alternatively, each time an alarm is triggered, additional countermeasures activate in the vaults: new laser barriers switch on, patterns change, new cameras go live, vaults are flooded with toxin clouds, additional guards are assigned, and so forth. 

Finally, as a random thought: it would be neat to have an extended mission where the target waypoint isn't shown to you from the get-go, but you have to locate terminals and vaults in order to locate the final target. Say you had a mission where you have to capture a target. Instead of having the cap target marked right away, you have to find active data terminals, and hacking them provides you with a general indication of the location of the target. Hacking multiple ones refines it, but hacking too many triggers an alert, so you have to kinda play a betting game to see how refined you can get the target location before you go too far. 

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Death from Above! (PoE 5 part bounty)(or Venus)

We are the ants and there are all these fishing boots falling out of the sky!  "Watch their step, Tenno!"..... I mean, what else are they good for?

"A massive gunship has appeared in the plains, Tenno!"   "Take out this Grineer monstrosity before Cetus falls!"

1. Insert one massive, boardable, Grineer funship gunship into the plains.  Give it massive Tenno eating guns and complimentary air support drones.  (It doesn't have to overshadow the entire plains,  think plague zit size? It doesn't have to be intricately designed think mobile platform with a few internal walls and make it purdy.  Purdy, Grineer...  With matching story line and dialogue.)  It must be fearsome enough to keep the pressure on the player throughout the mission so the sense of urgency to make the constant bombardment come to an end is always there.  Allow 1 AFK point in the middlish of the mission as the Grineer stop to reload.  Like an eidolon teralyst that you don't necessarily have to be aiming at the entire time but its dangerous presence is always there, looming overhead, taking shots at the Tenno as they rush to complete the objective.

2. Install 1 or 2 /shrug shield generator(s) on board Grineer Prime that must be manually disabled with the assistance of 2 Tenno, or 1 /shrug

3. Collect the necessary ciphers, parts, blueprints, disabling mechanics before it reaches an ammunition depot for armament prior to its final Cetus assault. (Can't really make the end result the death of Cetus cuz I likes them folks,  even if they dress in the latest triage apparel. I'm looking at you Fisher Hai-Luk.)

4. Allow Grineer monstrosity to creep across the plains from a starting location, going waypoint to waypoint until it reaches its final destination.  (For nightmare mode make it timed!)

5. Give the thing a death worthy of the story books.  A tale to be told and accompanied by all the necessary orchestrated bits of song and praise.  Make et go BOOOM in spectacular fashion.  I need to hear the wails of the lamenting Grineer Queens as this thing falls out of the sky.  Vay Hek needs to shed a single tear, doesn't have to be large just needs to be there, maybe just mist a little like he ejected some windshield cleaner, idk, make it happen.  The sense of accomplishment needs to be visual and grand in scale.   Sorta like that ship blowing up at the end of the ambulus mission, that was pretty neat...

6. Make its hidden kuva caches spill out based on the magnitude of the explosion or disablement or ..... well it needs to blow up in grand style, just make it go boom I don't care what falls out of it.  /kougha

7.  Get space mom out there with a Boltor to John Rambo  Ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga that thing out of the sky for the final cutscene! She can even curl her lip and scream Baalaaaaas in a semi Brooklyn accent as shes firing  .... Too much?  I think not!


Ordis saves the day (Any tileset, Rush (from checkpoint to checkpoint)

Employ a myriad of airdrops to overcome obstacles along your way as you and your fellow Tenno rush from waypoint to waypoint before time expires

1 insert obstacles to be overcome (enemy employs large scale area dampening field to dampen _______)

2 insert means of overcoming obstacle with short term short range obstacle overcoming airdrop (enable primary/secondary weapons inside bubble) (enhance melee inside bubble ie bane dmg of sorts) (enable parkour inside of bubble)

3 rush it with a sense of urgency, timed, doesn't have to be super parkour heavy but some vertical elements would be neat. (rewards per stage)

5 insert witty Ordisisms

6 insert Ordis many thanks to the Operator for doing all the work cuz self esteem reasons.


Operator Only

I have a limitless supply of ideas for a game mode like this but I'm not exactly sure what limitations you guys have on the operator that might require some type of core redesign, but! all that being said.  I would love to see some of this in a smaller mission not so much killing eidolon kind of fashion.  Operators in general are pretty vulnerable characters, that element alone raises the excitement level a bit especially if the mission requires you to only be in operator mode to complete it.  Even if you're just wandering a lone derelict ship in the cold reaches of the farthest corners of space,  there is something so much more humbling and exciting by being a kid vs an indestructible warframe in that environment.

Even if they are just short solo operator only missions,  that would suffice as a start, it doesn't necessarily have to be a full blown pack of Zariman Ten Zero kids running around.  But since I'm on the subject lets talk intro!

You are being tasked to meet ( name ) at a specified secret ( place ) with other Tenno,  BYOT leave your ( object ) at the door.  The nature of this meeting is ( idea ) aboard the (pizza topping).   ( race ) have gotten wind of this gathering, cuz ( name ) slipped up or cuz reasons and the Tenno must overcome ( enemy ) on the way to the ( appliance ).  Tenno are to employ ( ability ) to overcome the ( obstacle ) and finally rendezvous with the ( type of chocolate )

You can see I left some plot holes in place to give you guys a little wiggle room to start with,  and if it all doesn't work out you can just play Madlibs.


Tenno saves Space Mom

Yea I said it, make it happen!

Momma always said "When push comes to shove, nudge a little"

nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge fudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge

...she never actually said that


Holiday Mode!

Happy Holidays, Tenno!  Enemies no longer attack and are immune to damage.  They race towards you and drop things at your feet.  Massive environmental damage prevails everywhere.  The Corpus drop energy?,  The infested drop sweets (health consumables?)  The Grinizzle drop... the mic?(Allwewant is clem clem clem nomatterwhat, TENNO!)  If you make it out alive within the time limit, Tenno, you may be rewarded with... things!





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Brief intro:  When POE first came out and I looked at that huge orokin tower I thought to myself. " Man that would be so dope if that was what I think it was".

Anyone who's ever played Nier automata or other games I can't think of off the top of my head know what I'm talking about. A game that has an infinitely scaling tower filled with the the most obsecure environments/group of enemies. The only way to proceed to the next level would be to complete hazard environment and or hazard enemy detachment.

I enjoy survival in warframe, I would also enjoy a challenge tower. Nothing operator or archwing related purely mechanics and warframes. This type of mission would also grant rewards and hold records based on individual warframe+weapon type. Also I know it doesn't coincide with lore, but it's as simple as DE Stating the tower regenerates itself through the void.


  1. Initial event:
    1. Konzu sets off an alert of strange phenomena occurring at the tower. He asks the tenno to help recruit resources for the people of cetus to help create a bridge or boat of some sort.
    2. Tenno are then asked to investigate the tower as a clan type of event.
  2. The tower:
    1. The tower itself would hold levels of difficulty that scale as the player progresses each floor.
    2. Each floor the player will encounter certain obstacles, environmental hazards, and special enemy types. (i.e magnetic speed chargers, sprinting ancient healers, black rooms, narrow ground, enhanced gravity, timed self crushing rooms, orokin death orb lasers etc.)
    3. Since the tower itself is a challenge tower meant for warframes. So dispensable items, the tenno, and archwing would not be usable. However after reaching 10 floors or after a certain amount of floors the player will be presented with a recovery room where either:
      1. A.) they can use the tenno for energy regen, dispensable items, specters, health orbs, ammo recovery, etc.
      2. B.) this new cephalon would have a blessing type of RNG where he would state something like ( Hey tenno look what I found: presents the player with a tower upgrade)
        1. possible upgrades:
          1. Protoshields
          2. Different armor types
          3. Void energy regan adapters
          4. shield gating upgrade
          5. Magnetism (reduces incoming bullet damage possibility by 75%)
          6. Effects would only remain while in tower mode and would only last 10 floors.
    4. As the player progress up the tower itself enemies will become much more difficult to kill, Not necessarily armor scaling but more along the lines of better AI.
  3. Rewards
    1. Once the event is complete, Leaderboards will be available with a new cephalon in charge of record keeping.
    2. After every 10 floors rewards will also scale upward, but the catch is time invested and also RNG.
    3. The rewards could hold possible items from the past like old vaulted components (i.e wyrm prime blueprint) But is only obtainable after reaching floor 120)
    4. Or another possible reward (nitain extract)(xiphose fusealage) other ship components or even new gear.
  4. Possible issues:
    1. Meta: Tenno using certain warframes that can use invisibility or invincibility
      1. Solution: The dynamic environments will change, and will fluctuate depending on the input itself.
        • for example: If a player uses 100% ability use as kills, that data wll be processed and the next floor will have much more scaled health and shield regen. Notice how I said not energy drain or eximus.
    2. It doesnt follow Lore Bro:
      1.  I haven't heard much about the tower other than the people of cetus consume it. It would be as easy as DE stating that the tower is self regenerating itself and is sentient or something.
  5. Benefits
    1. The upgrade attachments given to players to enhance survivability would help DE to test certain conditions and well damage in general. How will shield gating work with viral? How about corrosive on alloy armor?
    2. This Will challenge players to modify equipment, and also challenge players continuously.
    3. Will allow for new build types that are only obtainable useable in the tower itself.
    4. Can lay a foundation for future warframe mechanics.
    5. More huge bosses every 10 floors.
    6. Finally get to test rivens.
    7. Possibly help with relic saturation /& or primed vault saturation
    8. leaderboards?



  1. I had originally posted this on r/warframe, Hoping I can get a bit more traction on the idea here on the main forums.
  2. I do not own the videos I attached as reference material. I also do not want to present an entire game mechanic originating from Nier Automata.
  3. I also am aware that this might seem like a rehash of sorties or LOR, its not.




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-Hybrid Missions

So the spy missions changing to exterminate got me thinking; have a special alert or invasion that features multiple objectives.

A Mobile Defense mission with maybe 3 waves of enemies like a short Defense followed by a Sabotage objective once all three terminals are unlocked.

The Sabotage would act like a Spy mission to remove the power cores, hacking at least 2 terminals to allow access to the reactor with a final "surprise" field boss Assassination on your way to extraction after destroying the reactor.

Really any hybrid combination of the mission types can work but this was just where my thoughts started.

Maybe a hybrid mission could replace the standard missions in alerts that a rare b.p. drops from like Forma, Reactors, Catalysts or Exilus Adapters. The alerts for those items feel a little simple, not trying to say make it harder for anyone especially newer players as it could be more annoying then fun for them but as a more involved approach for the rewards.

-Archwing Options

On Grineer or Corpus ship missions add a option to do a parallel archwing objective that would have 2 players in the ship as normal with 2 players in archwings to support by sabotaging spots on the ship to benefit the players inside, both meeting near extraction.

Sabotaging alarms or security, enemy defenses or enemy spawns and creating environmental hazards or even changing the map layout.

Any ideas on all this?


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On 8/25/2016 at 10:52 PM, NoggDog117 said:

Hunted: A game type where you avoid stronger enemies that track you. Using your wits, you must take out 3 objects to weaken your enemies. Each object will provide a unique and strong buff to the enemies and must be destroyed in a unique way (i.e. Sharkwinging, spy mission-esque maze running (without timers), or the return of the minigame relics used originally). When one is destroyed, depending on how many players there are on the party, enemies could attempt to repair it in a Lotus-broadcasted event, meaning someone would have to stay behind and guard it to ensure the buff does not come back. When all three are destroyed, they are destroyed for good and a mini-boss will spawn for the players to kill. Upon killing, extraction will become available.

amazing idea

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I've always been annoyed farming for void traces and I thought what if you had a survival mission with high level enemies that awarded 100 void traces every ten minutes you fought off the enemies This would definitely reduce the time I have to spend on farming void traced

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Focus missions that function similarly to Void Fissures, but maybe with a bit of new operator gameplay. Tenno Spy maybe?

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