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Mission Idea Sandbox.

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I've been thinking about these players  who already unlocked map fully . All map is in our solar system. What about another solar system called Alpha and maybe one more Beta with each consist around 12 planets and new tilesets with full of new missions. Additionally new type of missions is "Alignment "  . "Alignment" mission is mix of spy , exterminate, assasination or capture and these mission repeat versions are timed ,like a race for example : times to beat  3 minutes for gold , 4:30 silver and  6:00 bronze .  Gold get reward any prime blueprint +  rare resources selected 2 types for 1 k amount from loot table , silver get  2 blueprints + amount 500 of 2 random rare resources , bronze get only resources 1k amount random common resource.  " Alignment" missions grants points once after that only prizes for timed places.


"Aligment " missions allows players to get alignment points for each succesfull mission (fully done all obejectives). "Alignment  " points will be used on aligment tree to unlock passive bonuses for skills.


"Aligment tree " is passive tree for your each individual warframe from all available in game . These passive improves warframes each ability or change effect (way it works) . All warframes will improve same way (prime version bonuses are higher). Players will able to choose warframe and it's tree from all your available warframes.


         "Align your power for great effect and become a god of new age"

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I don't know what a name for this kind of mission could be, but i think it would be cool if randomly you would get a special alert saying "a large amount of (Corpus/Grineer) ships are gathering" and on the star chart a cluster of those ships would appear for a limited time, like 30 min or something, and you would do a mission to disperse and/or destroy the fleet

example of how this could run through
-You receive an alert saying a large gathering of corpus ships are gathering in orbit around Neptune, and you go to the special node
-At the start of the mission you're dropped off near the fleet in your archwing, and you would need to navigate to the "heart ship" of the fleet
once you do you could ether choose to board the ship, or you could try to find a weak spot in the ship's hull
-if you find a weak spot in the hull you would continue the mission as if it was a standard archwing sabotage, and if you enter the ship on foot, you would have to do a mini-assassinate, to take out the commander of the fleet. 
-after extracting the fleet would disappear from the star chart and you could get possibly some kind of special reward, like a 1 hr affinity boost of something.

obviously it doesn't have to go exactly like this, right now the only missions somewhat like this are the formorian/razorback armada, but those are very uncommon, and a much larger scale, this would be scaled down and more common, and doing something like this would make the world feel much more alive, other than just having the occasional invasion.

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I found this in the archives:

But I have another idea:

Fortress Assault

Tileset: This can be played on the Kuva Fortress.

The Mission consists of multiple parts.

Part 1: Tenno have to hack and defend 2 consoles at the same time, so Ordis/the Liset can lock on the current location and bring a drill in. Mission fails if one or both consoles are destroyed.

Part 2: Tenno have to move the drill towards a huge gate using their shields, while protecting it. Mission fails when the drill is destroyed.

As soon the drill reaches the gate, part 3 starts.

Part 3: Tenno have to collect energy cells for 5-10-15 Minutes as in excavation, depending on the difficulty/strenght of the gate. The drill's energy runs out a bit faster then in excavation. Beware of the castle defenses. Mission fails, if the drill is destroyed or didn't break the gate in time.

Gate is broken, wat do?

Part 4: Storm the castle, find hidden treasures (if any) and while you are at it: Exterminate everything.

Part 5: Extract.


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On ‎8‎/‎25‎/‎2016 at 4:37 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:


We gather in the forums today with an open thread with a single purpose: collect ideas for Mission types.

If that's enough to get you thinking, the simple rules are to submit a single post with your idea:
This can not be a re-architecture of our system (i.e open world base building!).
This should be a goal oriented mission of the endless or non-endless variety.
This should be concise - the mission goals should be clear in a couple of paragraphs of writing.
This should be based off of your Warframe experience, and a reflection of what you think would fit.
This should be based off a 4 player mission.

If you want more information on the thought process - we haven't really added a new mission type in a while. We've added Trials, Quests, but when it comes to your standard Star Chart options there hasn't been a new member of the family lately. 

While we do have some ideas of our own in mind, we're looking to hear from you to assess themes and interesting ideas.

So, have at it!

We'll review in about a week's time. Please keep it civil.

We should have a clan war type of thing that is kinda like conclave but for two clans in a fight

Or we can build our own building, where we can spawn in bosses, structures, and other types of enemies similar to the simulacrum, but better.

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3 hours ago, --MagHonorPlays-- said:

We should have a clan war type of thing that is kinda like conclave but for two clans in a fight

Or we can build our own building, where we can spawn in bosses, structures, and other types of enemies similar to the simulacrum, but better.

A boss simulacrum would be a really good idea so that people can learn how to fight bosses and eidolons without having to invest specific resources or the feeling of 'losing' that comes from failing a mission and losing all rewards.

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Might have been suggested before (ain't gonna read through 25 pages) but this is mainly a revamp of alert missions that offer resources as a reward. The basic premise is that these missions is a combination of regular types and removing the resource as a reward but have said resource gained in the game directly. The mission type should also fit in with the resource you are hunting for.

For instance have excavator escort missions which digs for the more basic resources like Rubedo and Ferrite. Excavators have to be fueled of course. Limit can be either time cap, hard resource cap or fuel cap. There are many ways to go about here.

For the rare goodies like control modules and neural sensors and other manufactured stuff, a raid type mission would be had instead which would be a combination of survival and mobile defense or something like that. Limits here are hard resource cap, life support cap, time cap, defense point cap.

Neurodes on the other hand could perhaps have some infested-related combination. Again, with whatever cap you want...

I personally would like to see the cap limits to be random as well just for that extra variation. Maybe one raid mission has a really low number of resources while in another it is extremely abundant but capped by life support, opening up a bit of a gambling window.


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Companion ONLY Missions

These would be short optional missions that offer some variety to regular Warframe gameplay, some of them are slower paced than regular Warframe missions. They might offer some unique rewards, but would generally act as a way to learn about the abilities of pets and sentinels, explore various gameplay features and lore, or as a simple  'something to do' while waiting for an item to build or a timer to count down when you don't feel like getting a group together. I can't see these working as a group thing, so they would be solo missions.

Another part of it is since we are expecting Kohra in the future, it might be nice to be able to explore the nature of our companions and get a deeper appreciation of them.

Directly control your pet or sentinel to perform different tasks and activities.

  • Sentinel Activities:
    Fly your sentinel of choice around the inside and outside of the Liset and get a great view of space while dealing with various issues. Conceptually, instead of having a variety of sentinels sitting around doing nothing, imagine they are all active and performing tasks to assist you indirectly even when you are away on a mission. Chances are they are probably chatting with Ordis! This is an opportunity to see what they get up to while you're away, and aside from mastery, a reason to own all the different sentinels.
    • Use Taxon for welding and repairs on the outside of the Liset (this could use a system similar to PoE mining). In future updates, this could be a preparatory step which offers bonuses for flying the Liset into battle.
    • Use Helios to do scans of nearby space debris/anomalies or alien materials and collect them up for resources and codex info (this would be similar to using the codex scanner, large samples could be collected using a mechanic similar to the fishing spear, i.e literally dragging stuff back to the Liset).
    • Blast away tiny collections of infested material and other tiny critters with Deth Cube, and shoot down incoming projectiles and space-rock at long range with Diriga,
    • Clean up all of the pet hair and general mess around the liset with Carrier, the flying roomba!
    • Use Shade to spy on enemy activities when parked outside of a mission. This recon work might offer bonuses to that mission - e.g you gain a minor resistance to a damage type caused by that enemy, or you are guaranteed to find a rare mod or resource cache somewhere in the mission.
    • Use Wyrm to explore wrecked ships to find technology and artifacts. Piece together clues about what happened to the crew, or what they were trying to do.
    • Sit around and get high with Djinn, who will read your future with tarot cards (I couldn't think of an actual idea here!)
  • Pet Missions:
    Directly control your pet. They are shorter and smaller missions, but offer some unique ways to explore e.g the pets can fit into smaller spaces or can use their advanced senses of sight, smell, and hearing as tools to complete objectives, these stats would depend on the breed of pet and more cross breeding could be done to enhance their natural abilities. Doing pet missions might also reduce the rate at which your pet DNA destabilises for a time.
    • Pet Obstacle Courses - This might require movement mechanics for dogs and cats to be fleshed out a bit more, but so far we can see that cats are capable of wall jumps and stealth, and dogs are pretty good at dragging their butts along the ground, so there is some possibility there. 
    • Escape Missions - While you were away, your sentinels defended your Liset from an attack, but not without some losses. One of your pets was captured from stasis and now you can do a short mission with them where you have the opportunity to escape your captors, who plan to do horrible experiments on you! The goal is to escape without attracting too much attention. Alternatively, the next time you do any Rescue mission with your Warframe, one of the rescue targets will be your pet (if you have a pet or sentinel equipped already then the rescued pet is automatically extracted). You cannot use that pet until it is rescued, and if you have no pets in stasis you don't encounter these missions. An active pet who is not in stasis is perfectly capable of defending itself IMO.
    • Prowl Missions - As the animal assistant of a space-magic ninja, you are pretty fierce in a fight and know how to strike fear into the enemy. A prowl mission is a short affair where you are the predator and they are the prey.

      Choose 'Solo' at any mission while you have a pet active, then an option for 'prowl' appears. Choose this to send your pet on a prowl mission. The goal is to take out the enemy group as fast as possible. Every kill makes the enemy more afraid, and once you scare them sufficiently they will abandon their post and you are victorious. Stealth kills scare the enemy more than regular kills, same for killing eximus/high value targets. Going on a prowl before doing a regular mission could weaken the enemy (their numbers aren't reduced so you get the same amount of loot, but they do less damage).
  • PoE Specific:
    • Plains Roam/Hunt - Go out onto the Plains as your pet. Your enhanced senses are great for fishing and hunting wild animals (finally we could sneak right up on some birds without them flying away). Your pet is powerful and considered to be an alpha/leader, so while you are out you can encourage other Kavats or Kubrow to follow you by howling or making whatever terrible sound cats make in the night (They could be added to the Plains as part of the regular wildlife, or you simply summon them like specters). Attack the Grineer with your pack and put yourself at the top of the food chain. There might be an opportunity here for pet specific 'syndicates' - maybe your pet is worshiped by natives as a god-creature, or you command respect among local species who bring you offerings.
    • Cetus Roam -
      Pets - It's a pretty small place, but it could be fun to roam around Cetus as an animal and be appreciated by the locals.
      Sentinels - Help the locals with various tasks like construction, border defense/repair.



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I had been thinking about a kind of great battle mission or even quest

Like in the battle of helms keep you have a fortress or some kind and defend it in a not too big maybe linear area against masses of enemies

Some stand of the walls and shoot them down while a HERO jumps into the crowd and legendarily killes a load of them.. like Legolas did.


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Smash and Grab: tenno must go from point a to point b carrying 1-4 loot containers. Each container is counted as a rotation for (aabc).

The catch: carrying a container applies a nullification aura to the frame, the box takes two hands and therefore you cannot use weapons nor abilities, operators cannot lift the boxes either.

Dropping a crate will cause it to detonate in 6 seconds if it is not picked up again, losing 5 boxes this way forces extraction.

Players will have to balance risk vs reward of how many tenno will be guarding or carrying.

Carriers are immune to knockdowns, but can be pulled (not knockdowned and without dropping the box) by scorpions, ancients, bursas

Movement is limited while carrying, bullet jumping, wall latching, and double jumping arent allowed, but sprinting and jumping are.

Tiles are limited, each should be fairly large and should allow for the simplified movement set, infested corpus ship, corpus planets, and grineer shipyard are good choices.

Rewards: standard fair, but should be geared towards faction rewards, possibly detonite inj, mutagen mads, and fieldron cores as rare c rotation (10%)?

Predicted meta: 1 energy efficient cc frame such as rhino escorting 3 tanky frames (inaros, hydroid) who carry, corpus and infested likely lean to some dps support such as harrow being added to escort in addition to a less efficient cc. Limbo is a good possibility for keeping escortiees safe.

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How about we add 2 new ostron bounties that are always up, and can be made to be endless. 

"protect the fishers delivery" and "excavate for minerals"  

Delivery can start at a random point on a coast, where you need to gain  control of the area and hold it. You then escort an amphibious vehicle (hijack style) from the coast to a desired point, defend it and escort it to a new random point. Upon a successful "unload" you get some random fish and some ostron standing. 

"excavate for minerals" ez enough to implement and we get jewels and ores from it, as well as standing. Hell, we could be made to carry the excavator out to the point ourselves to make it different from normal excavations. 

This would add more bounty types like people have been asking for and would give an endless reason to stay on the maps, as well as give players a new way to obtain random fish and minerals. (specifying random so much so that players who want a specific resource would have an easier time going and getting it the normal way.) 

Lmk what you think. K bye

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Do you guys remember the big Orokin Tower in Cetus, across the lake? 

Have you ever tried to get there? No? Aren't you curious what's on the inside? Or at the top? 

How about a game there, where we progressively climb it up, no not on the outside. Inside the tower. 

We start at the bottom floor, the easiest. 

Inside we have to do incursion type missions, we get them on the way (they are preset anyway and randomized each play ) . Get a key, bring it to A. Door opens. Hack B. Kill C. Door opens. Solve a riddle. Play simon says. Like some dungeon crawler thing (if you played Zelda, you know the drill) Each floor has an ending room with a staircase / elevator up. After 5 floors, we can teleport down "extract" or "climb". If you choose to go further, you can earn more, enemies get harder though. Floor 5 acts like Cetus, weapons disabled as it is a safe room. Players can extract individually. 

If you choose to extract, you get a funny bonus: You earned a risk level. This means, you can retry the tower where you extracted before. If  you left at floor 5,you can join in floor 5 again, enemies scaled as it normally would. 

If you die trying , your risk level stays, you will lose everything you collected so far though. You can keep trying to climb floors, but be careful : Risk level gets reset at 0 UTC (next day), as "the tower reconfigures its defensive systems making you unable to teleport you back,  due to phase shifts inside as you accidentally activated some system when you opened the door" . Bla bla. 

To be able to enter you have to use a Tower key, crafted from all 4 Dragonkeys. You go there, place it and the gate opens. No debuffs, carrying it from Cetus Shore to the tower, nothing. 

All 20 floors, you get some insane scenery and then it goes horribly down. 

Maybe a foggy lake, some orokin things in the water. You walk on the water and suddenly you fall into it, screen fading white and you end up in that same room upside down (as if you are under the water surface unable to leave) in Archwing mode. Then you fight evil boss. After the battle, cutscene, fade to white, back in the same room. All was only in your head. Proceed. 

Operator rants about not remembering anything like that ever and next floor. Running out of creativity as I am tired, sorry. 

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On 3/16/2018 at 12:16 PM, --MagHonorPlays-- said:

We should have a clan war type of thing that is kinda like conclave but for two clans in a fight

Or we can build our own building, where we can spawn in bosses, structures, and other types of enemies similar to the simulacrum, but better.

It was called Dark Sectors. And it was very exploitable.

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Since we have an infested room you can infest the operator for period of time or in a mission and ,this mill make the operator move in the infested room . Then do a quest to get an antidot or something to heal the operator from the infestation . We can do the quest with the operator and only Nidus because he can handle the infestation  so in the quest we find an Infested AMP and use it , at the end we get an infested AMP and some decoration or something idk :D Sorry for my Eng :P Hope you like my idea :D (If you like the idea I can make it better maybe or give more details)

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6 hours ago, SpawnRapier said:

Since we have an infested room you can infest the operator for period of time or in a mission and ,this mill make the operator move in the infested room . Then do a quest to get an antidot or something to heal the operator from the infestation . We can do the quest with the operator and only Nidus because he can handle the infestation  so in the quest we find an Infested AMP and use it , at the end we get an infested AMP and some decoration or something idk :D Sorry for my Eng :P Hope you like my idea :D (If you like the idea I can make it better maybe or give more details)

We are immune to infestation, though our warframes are obviously fair game.

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On 27.03.2018 at 11:55 PM, Urlan said:

We are immune to infestation, though our warframes are obviously fair game.

Or go like a noob with the operator in the infested room and infest him :D Ez

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POE new mission type suggestion 

Spy (No it's not extracting data vaults) 


Identify/Find/Kill (any can work) the target in the plains who is in the objective circle; mission will fail if you have been spotted by any enemies to and during the objective circle.  This should make SR (sniper rifles more useful)


Universe/POE new mission type suggestion 

Demolition (with walkthrough ideas)


Objective: Destroy enemy ship

Tenno spawn: From personal ship in space and use archwing to go into enemy ship (via vents).  Enemy resistance is optional.

How: Tenno from the start must carry a "Tenno" bomb to the ship reactor but first they have to go to the bridge to open the reactor door.  

Extraction (Exfiltration) point: Tenno must run to the exfiltration (this word fits nicely in this situation) point while the ship is blowing up and going down.  (how this can be a failure is optional to DE)

New planet cuz theres not enough space for new missions - Planet X


for V1.0 xD





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Does this thread actually have active purpose or is it just a wasteland?
I mean it started back at 2016

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Emergency Shutdown

Main Objective: Shut down enemy magnetic field generators to weaken their defenses and ultimately set their base to self-destruct.
However: keeping one generator up for long time can benefit player with greater loot. Each 5 minutes played rewards player.

Enemy base contains two magnetic field generators that have different effect on warframes and enemies.
Player have access to both generator rooms at the beginning of the mission but once one of  the generators is shut down
emergency door closes and player must go long path to reach second generator.
While reaching second generator, players must keep enemies away from the first one.
(Upon reactivating first generator they cannot be stopped and, good luck with emergency extraction.)

Generator X: (Berserker, massacre mode)
*Magnetic field Shuts down all warframe abilities and lowers bullet speed and damage of all guns by 90%.
*Field manipulates enemy spawn rate. Each 5 minutes increases it by 300%. ( 20 minutes: 12x more enemies)
While generator is active, optimal weapon of choice is Melee.

Generator Y: (Strategic fighter mode)
Magnetic field decreases all ability damage by 90% and duration by 50% but increases range by 200%.
*Field lessens enemy spawn count but increases their strength. Every 5 minutes increases 200% health, damage by 100% and adds 1000 over-shields (any unit type).
While generator is active, player should play more strategically and use powers to disable enemies.

Emergency Extraction appears when first generator is reactivated by enemy. (This disables drops and activates both effects)
Extraction appears when second generator is shut down: game goes on but effects are gone and reward counter is paused.
(in case some of the players want to extract and others want to continue: Wild Emergency restart button appears on both generators
(keeping the difficulty level but resetting the effects when pressed.
individual Emergency Extraction is available and reward counters moves on.)

Drops should work like in survival. (just a lot better due fast phase of increasing difficulty)

What makes this mode stand out?

1. Players can choose their advanced difficulty mode to feel their custom builds in action.
2. Fastest  increasing difficulty curve compared to any other mission.
3. Team split is needed, this can make some frames and builds stand out more at different tasks. Adds even more difficulty!

What happens if i prepare for melee massacre and team starts with strategic mode?
1. Challenge is to prepare for both given options or team up with friends.
2.  There is group making channel in chat.
3. You can extract alone at 5 minutes or turn around the challenge.


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Main Objective:

A VIP is situated in a very secure base, which is on High Alert, Kill the VIP and safely extract without any enemies noticing.

In case of alarms, the VIP will take a very secure safe route which the player must kill the target before he escapes while simultaneously facing multiple deadly traps and obstacles and also a horde of enemies.

The Players will spawn in a Intersection with access to multiple paths. Without raising any alarms, the players must first find the correct path to the VIP, if the player goes into a wrong path, they should find a data vault that tells the player where the VIP room is.

Once the VIP room is found, the players must first deactivate a sequence of obstacles so they can safely pass stealthily, before finally stealthily executing the VIP, then they must go back out the same way to extract.

VIP can be a source of rare drops and missions drops should be the same as Spy but alot more worth it

Why add this to the game?
Stealth is really not the best thing in the world, but its the thing that is usually alot more easier, but in Warframe, the way that just makes things harder for Cyborg Ninjas which for me doesn't really make much sense.
This mode makes players actually do things stealthily while simultaneously getting very rare and good drops.


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Thanks to the introduction of endless kuva it has come to my that endless missions are in much need of some love

As their last changes were implemented back in Update 19.

So it would be nice if they received some love, and possibly a version of the the void fissure endless rewards modified in said way.


Reward Intervals

The reward intervals per mission type are as followed:

  • Defense: 5 waves
  • Interception: 1 round
  • Survival: 5 minutes
  • Excavation: 200 Cryotic

Bonuses per Interval

  • Every time you open a Relic, you get a predetermined booster. These boosters stack the longer you stay.
  1. The first interval: 1.25x Affinity.
  2. The second interval: 1.25x Credits Booster. (affects credit cashes)
  3. The third interval: 1.25x Resources Booster. (effects missions resources IE. Kuva and Cryotic as well as rewards)
  4. The fourth interval: 1.25x Resource Drop Rate.
  5. The fifth interval: This one will be the largest change replacing the random Exceptional Relic With a planets appropriate rare resource (Affected by Resources Boosters)
  6. The sixth interval: 1.5x Affinity (replaces first).
  7. The seventh interval: 1.5x Credits (replaces second).
  8. The eighth interval: 1.5x Resources (replaces third).
  9. The ninth interval: 1.5x Resource Drop Rate (replaces fourth).
  10. The tenth interval: a planets appropriate rare resource (same amount as original reward but increased by large amount of boosters to prevent runaway rewards) (Affected by Resources Boosters)
  • Boosters continue to increase every set of intervals and are capped at double (2x). After the nineteenthinterval, all boosters will have reached their cap.


I hope my idea will be well received as lets face it, the endless mods do need some love.

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Space Battle-(someone else come up with a title)

  • Combination of Arch-wing and Regular Combat, Focus on regular 
  • Basic idea is using arch-wing to transfer between ships with space combat in arch-wing mild combat (could be enhanced as arch-wing 2.0 is worked on) normal combat would be a mixture of current game modes with a twist like a constant damage over time or time limit before ship explodes or something.
  • Require smooth transitions between arch-wing and normal combat and most importantly rewards but what makes this mission type is the setting and context 
  • works best with invasions.

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Assault Defense (The name maybe should be changed)

(example: Corpus invading a Grineer fortress)

- Defense Objective couldnt be evacuated in time and is now in the middle of an invasion of the Corpus trying to destroy the Grineer Fortress (In order to gain control over the planet), your Objective is to be in the middle of a huge scale battle, in the middle of the frontlines Defending the objective alone (or better with your Team) and keeping it alive for as long as possible.

-Every 5 minutes, more invading reinforcements arrive on the battlefield to increase the pressure on the grineer fortress (and you), luckily for you they just mainly focus all their heavy siege weaponry mostly on the Grineer defenses, but from time to time some Bombardments of Mortars, Heavy Artillerie, air strikes are striking down randomly on the map. (In this example after 5 minutes a Corpus Cruiser (like in the Ambulas Assinate mission) approaches the battlezone and is opening fire on the fortress which in return uses its heavy weaponry on the cruiser now, the shots are flying above your head but sometimes striking down on your positions as well. They will sometimes focus Heavy Grineer units, or concentrations of many enemys)

-You got some experimental Grineer Force Field Generators that can be used to protect the objective, but they can only take so and so much fire and then need a cooldown to regenerate their energy. This can be boosted by collecting energy cells to reduce the cooldown needed to activate the protection again. The activation should be carefully used as activating it in the wrong moment will mean its not active in the moment of an air strike or Bombardment approaching and could lead to heavy damage on the objective (You get a warning before an air strike or bombardment ect)

-The map is getting more and more devastated (Maybe even craters also giving the opertunity of new cover), and cover that used to protect your objective is beeing destroyed and you need to rethink where to take cover and how to protect your objective. (Destroyed by Ships cannons, destroyed by a crashing down Dropship shot down by Grineer Anti-Air Defenses) Which means the Force field Generators could randomly be destroyed and their force field effecktiveness shrinks (duration reduced and recharge times/ cooldown times increased)

-Random BIG threats in the form of corpus siege units (Or maybe a modified heavy armed version of a Gunship) could approach and tear apart everything in their way, and have chosen to head through the direction of your objective (like maybe some huge Corpus weaponry approaching that MUST be dealt with otherwise the objective dies), which makes things worse is that Grineer also deployed a heavy siege unit to destroy it, but also destroying your objective which is in its way. You can capture the Grineer Siege Unit, take control of it and fire its weapon systems on the Corpus Siege units to prevent the Objectives destruction from both Grineer and Corpus Siege units at once.

-The captured Siege unit then needs to be placed above the objective to protect it, but mainly acts as a damage absorber because force field generators are nearly all destroyed, after a certein amount of damage taken the Defenders (Grineer) siege unit will be destroyed. Luckily they will from time to time send another one that you can (have to?) capture

Mission end:

The Battle stops you from extracting the objective, the heavy anti air defenses could shoot your Orbiter down in the moment you try to evacuate it as well as the Corpus Cruiser sure doing the same as long as its there. To end the battle you need to use one of the last Generators to protect the objective one last time (using a captured Siege unit will also help) while you rush inside the Grineers Fortress and Sabotage the reactor to overcharge, this will lead in the overcharging of the grineers defenses which increases their firepower to destroy the Corpus Cruiser and win the battle, but the reactor will be overheating and will shut down after the Corpus Cruiser is destroyed. This is the opportunity to finally extract and end the mission

Alternate versions:

Grineer invading Corpus:

Grineer galleon (Instead of corpus cruiser) and instead of a force field generator a high tec corpus defense system, able of killing any Grineer units coming in range as well as intercepting enemy Shells of mortars, artillerie and bombers before they even hit the ground for a short time

Infested invading Corpus/Grineer

Infested using some kind of biological siege weapon firing ultra heated plasma or corrosive huge rounds at the Defenders

(Maybe even a new huge biological siege unit, or an infested version of a Grineer or Corpus siege unit)

Corpus Siege unit idea: Maybe something like the upcoming huge Spider Walkers with a huge Energy bases Artilerie on top that needs to be deployed

Grineer Siege unit idea: Something like a tank with tracks but with 2 barrels (not in the middle more like on the sides of the turret), more mobile even if slow (maybe even able to drive over enemy troops in its way)

Infested Siege unit idea: Could be an infested Corpus Artillerie spider, infested Grineer Siege Breaker Tank (like mentioned above) or maybe even something new and heavily mutated and huge and .... ugly (fitting to the infested theme) or maybe even be truely random and one of the 3 could happen you dont know which one


I hope noone already posted something like this before if yes just delete this here. Was just a fast idea i had shortly

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(I hope its not rude to do a double post but i had another small idea for something else, its mainly just a small change maybe)

New type of Invasion (and many will maybe hate me for suggesting this):

Space Invasion missions:


-You have ensure a special payload fired from the side you choose (Either Grineer or Corpus) will reach the enemy ship without beeing intercepted, the payload is strong enouth to penetrate any shields and armor coming in its way and will directly strike down on vital system (such as the reactor) but moves relatively slow to its target (still fast but not fast enouth of not beeing intercepted by enemy units), so you need to intercept units and make sure the payload wont take to much damage and gets to its target. (Its still very durable)

-Mission can be played endless, Payload after Payload can be escorted, of course Enemys getting stronger and stronger. But after every successful hit you get the chance to extract.

(Still not sure if it would be more cool if you actually see the damage of the payload reaching the Target and blowing up the entire ship, or just see it beeing damaged but not destroyed yet still beeing knocked out)

Outpost Capture

-Strategic important outposts are under the enemy factions control, you need to reach these outposts, take control of them, and use the outposts weapon systems to destroy any remaining enemys in the sector before you can proceed to the next outpost. (Using new gun emplacements, but you wont have it to easy, if the emplacement is destroyed you die with it as well. You can however still take your ark wing and try to finish the enemy which will be harder then usual since more enemys and stronger ones then there are usually)

-You need to switch from ark wing space combat to warframe (normal ground) combat in this mission back and forth back and forth.

-Inside of some bases (like Grineer) you get the chance using a Dargyn instead of your Ark Wing (Maybe the GOX for Corpus?)

Mission end available / extraction available after "kill any remaining enemys" phase is successfully fullfilled


-Special Materials that are nessecary for the (chosen) faction to win the conflict are beeing shipped in via a transport on a hidden route, make sure the transport reaches its destination safely, intercept enemy units trying to destroy the Transport

-After the enemy figures out the allegedly secret route of the transport they will alarm the rest of their faction to send in as many intercepting units as they can to bring down the transport. The overwhelming numbers could be to much even for the few Tennos protecting this Transport via Arkwing. The Transport does have a small escort of his faction with it, but if you capture the nearby communication towers you can call in more reinforcements of the transports faction to protect it. (A lot of enemy units will be forced to attack the enemy escorts first before directly attacking the transport)

-There are weaponized satelites that on the route that havent been spotted by our reconaissance team that would shred the transport should it get in range, you need to take them out before they can cause any harm to the transport

-An enemy weaponized Satelite failed to recieve the activation signal of the enemy, use it to your advantage, hack it and override its target list to fire on its own units

Mission end available / extraction available after the first reinforcements have been called in and the "wave" has been cleared. ("The Grineer can call in the rest of their forces to protect the transport, but it would weaken them in the ongoing space battle to send units for the escort. Do you buy them more time or do you choose to extract?")


Of course also Space Invasions have the typical missions as well:

Arkwing: Sabotage, Exterminate, Mobile defense, Interception ect


The rewards could be something ark wing related that is new and special and gives people a good reason to get it.

(Maybe later on some Space Open World that is a mix of ark wing and going from station to station? Some Underwater Openworlds that can be explored with an Arkwing would also be nice)

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(or Unshroud whatever seems snappier as a single word)

Plot: Excavations/activity by X faction has uncovered artefacts long buried, you must secure these relics before our enemies realise what they have found.

Structure: The objective (the artefact) is placed in the map and the tile it is in is waypointed. Tenno must navigate to the tile, locate the artifact via ambient clues (sound effects, void trace particles left by the unfortunates that found it etc.) and collect it Ala mobile defence and move it to extraction. At the same time packs of faction appropriate (or cross faction) spawn to claim the artefact in a race with the Tenno. If they claim it first then the mission becomes a difficult Spy mission to reclaim it within a set time limit or the enemy uncovers the secrets of the artefact.

Summery: Nav to tile via waypoint, hunt objective from context clues, if successful go to extraction, if not go to hard spy mission into extraction.

Pretext: To encourage learning maps and tile sets. Also futhers the "Lotus is keeping secrets" plotline, love you space mom that sends us out as mercenaries and reaps massive profits from our endevours ;)

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