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Mission Idea Sandbox.

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There are so many ideas, that I can't even read all of them, but I've got some two simple ideas for endless missions.

1. High level enemy [kind of mission] - it could be survival, excavation, defence or even interception; the point is, it starts with enemies being 100 lvl and goes up by the time, so the long term player, who are really tough, don't need to wait so long for higher lvl enemies. There could be 1 such instance/place per planet/moon.

2. Endless exterminate - it would be similar to other endless missions like survival or excavation. The point is to kill a specific number of enemies and each round there's a price/loot like in other missions. For exampe: each round is 100 enemies, when player kills them, they get the price (mod, relic etc.), secon round is also 100 enemies, but they're higher level, and so on... If there's more players, the number of enemies to kill increases: solo - 100, 2 players - 200, 3 - 300 4 - 400. The numbers can be changed. Extraction could be every round like in defence (some players can leave and some keep going) or any time like in survival (all players need to leave). It could also be as 1. high level endless extermination.

The idea is very simple, but I saw/heard a lot of people complaining about waiting so long to fight some higher lvl enemies, while doing endless missions. Even Sortie is not enough for them and now there aren't any raids. I think it's easy to make (just higher the lvl :P )

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Mission Type : Orokin Race

Faction : Tenno/Grineer/Corpus/Infested

New items introduction

You will need to forge your rolling rotating h sphere with rotation like gyroscope called "Race Sphere"  . Race sphere will function like a car. Race sphere is craftable item, but it will requires a large amounts of resources to craft and build time 5 days . 500k ferrite  , 100 telliurium , 2m alloy plate , 25 nitain extracts , 3 m credits  to craft. Race sphere has gun to shoot down your opponent's .Race Sphere initial stats are 100 hp , 100 shield, no armor, 100 speed . Unranked engine will upgraded every time you collect enough Oronkin points . Each kick off of opponent grants 2 orokin points. Each time you win race 1st place you gain 10 orokin points / 2nd place 5 orokin points  rest of places 3rd and 4th earn just 1 orokin point.

Unranked engine each rank increase speed , hp and dmg of gun . Sphere damage output 6 k /100 (to enemy/opponent). 

Rank 0 to 30  every rank adds speed by 25% , + 150 hp , + 1k/150 . 10/20/30 rank double amounts of everything add up . Later i will update with table of that.

How it goes ?

Race go from point A/start line to B then from point B to C/finish line. B and C checkpoints (these checkpoints need to be reached). During race game will spawn enemies from grineer/corpus/infested races , races will be various depending on overall all players participating avarage rank .  Rank 1 Lvl 1-5 and every rank will increase by 5 lvl of enemies.


1st place grant prize like :

- Forma

- 1000 endo

- Random rare mod

- Random max rank uncommmon mod

- 5000 kuva

2nd place prize like -

- 20 000 credits

- 250 endo

- 1000 kuva





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>VIP Escort:
>Protecting a VIP through an entire mission as an escort, but not like a typical escort that's slow and daunting similar to just a roaming defense target. Something that would compliment Warframes speed. 
 Gonna have to second this, something like Bursa capture where a Bursa is hacked (much faster than False Profit, please) after which it moves through the level towards the exit with varying degrees of capability (maybe let players get higher rewards for disabling more systems, like guns/shields/half movement speed). Bursas can already navigate Corpus levels (right?) so the only new thing to make would be a check on if the target is actually at the end point.

 An obvious thing to include is Infested Sabotage in the form of the JV stage 2 tile. Infested Salvage was repurposed from JV stage 1, stage 3 is partially the normal fight, why not put stage 2's elevator into the normal game as well?

 A more complex third suggestion is a cross between the old Raid mission type (not Trials, the other one) and Survival. This would play functionally like a cross between Raid and Survival but racing a counting down clock as opposed to a counting up clock.
A timer would count down (say 5/10/15/20 minutes for 4 levels of difficulty).
Two items would be implemented, artefacts and artefact fragments. Artefacts would spawn in a manner analogous to life support towers, the main mission goal would be to grab as many as possible. Difficulty may be provided by defenders, having to hack the artefact holding devices, artefacts being a stacking, carried object like the Spy 1.0 datamass or something. These artefacts would not be visible on the minimap (or at least not till a tile away or so). Artefact fragments would spawn in the same manner as small life support pods, from lockers/containers/enemies. A sufficient quantity of fragments would become one artefact (rewarding exploring all those nice out of the way loot rooms your map guys have made). Completion/rewards would be based on the number of artefacts carried to extraction (the normal AABC rotation could be used).
I envision this as backwards survival (possibly explainable in game as what is going on while normal survival missions are happening), but it could be made endless by having turned in artefacts reward time in a manner analogous to index points.

Ideally it would be a frantic scramble with a tradeoff between safety in numbers and map coverage alone; spawn way more artefacts than most players could collect to make it rewarding to both casual players who won't have to search too hard to find the minimum number for the mission and the wonderful part of the community who loves going fast having a mission where it translates to rewards beyond time saved.

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The Solar Crown

A gladiator style arena for multiple tenno to team up and fight hoards of enemies. Dodging environmental hazards and traps along with enemy fire using teamwork to last as long as possible.

Kind of like a changed up survival that you place wagers on with an increased difficulty.

Betting on a set amount of waves survived determines the reward payout. Maybe some gladiator styled weapon variants or mods.

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On ‎4‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 1:27 PM, (XB1)huhsaywhat said:

The Solar Crown

A gladiator style arena for multiple tenno to team up and fight hoards of enemies. Dodging environmental hazards and traps along with enemy fire using teamwork to last as long as possible.

Kind of like a changed up survival that you place wagers on with an increased difficulty.

Betting on a set amount of waves survived determines the reward payout. Maybe some gladiator styled weapon variants or mods.

I kind of like this idea, but I would say take it a step further to increase difficulty. Make it "round" based, similar to Interception where each round has different modifiers similar to the Sorties where you need to be prepared to multiple possible modifiers, like adding an element to enemy weapons, reduced shields, your guns doing 99% less damage but melee weapons doing X% more damage (numbers obviously subject to change and balancing), or increased gravity etc.

You could even have increased number of modifiers and even some modifiers that may be beneficial, like after 20 min you get 2 negatives and 1 positive modifier.

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Some Tenno are bored by Warframe's difficulty at late game (let's not call it endgame). They look for challenge in this game despite having all: multi-forma Warframes and weapons, maxed prime mods, god roll riven mods, full focus wheel etc. It must be hard for you guys to create something that challenges them without cheesing your way with enemy resistances, mission conditions etc.

The solution is pretty simple: Don't! Instead of tweaking around the enemies and mission parameters to make things harder, go directly to where it hurts: loadouts.

Weekly/Monthly Challenge Missions with predetermined loadouts: 
The main characteric of these missions: you, DE, predetermine the complete loadout: Warframe including mods, weapon setup, focus and operator skills. The individual tenno's rank and arsenal will not matter, same chance for everybody.


  • true challenge of skills (aiming, reaction, dexterity, spatial awareness, tactics, adaption rate etc.)
  • current level structures can be used
  • equal preconditions for all
  • mastery rank irrelevant
  • personal arsenal irrelevant
  • showcase items to new players, let them have fun with stuff they technically can't use yet
  • the missions will feel special, as in not completely random


  • Tennos can't bring their own Warframes
  • Mission design has to be more sophisticated
  • you need to find balance in mission parameters and loadouts
  • same map layout for all to make it a fair challenge
  • longer test phase for balance and tiered rewards needed

Mission Types: ANY

You can create challenges around all mission types currently available. Be it classic missions like exterminate, defense etc. It could be Archwing missions or Operator-only missions. You can create parcours missions without enemies or a mixture of elements. The challenge could be just as flexible: shortest mission time, most kills in a given time, longest time before wipeout, most resources excavated, best time in a parcours etc.

Rewards should be tiered in three result ranges for extremely hard, very hard and hard to beat goals. Challenge-exlusive rewards should be cosmetic only (skins, decos, glyphs) for the highest tier. Non-exclusive rewards could be anything: Kuva, Orokin Reactors/Catalysts, credits, wraith weapons etc. for the lower tiers. Beating a tier challenge should give you the rewards from lower tiers aswell.





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Smash and grab: 
"Endless Hijack"

-After every hijack escort another is revealed (or after minute or so.)
-Team needs to hack door and escort the payload to extraction site to acquire reward. 
-Each delivery has longer range, less life, gives better reward. The usual stuff. 

*This can be done other way around too: Carry canisters to targets, which keeps moving. (Feed ammo to guns. )

Race against time: 
"Archwing rush but on foot"

- Team must utilize their parkour skills to reach area and deal X damage to target in order to complete mission successuflly. 
- Specificly designed levels, where one needs to utilize more rare skills. Having Dojo design challenge could yield pretty cool room designs.
- Reward based on how many of the team reach the goal on time.
- At end of round, wait/teleport all players to end and set another goal if players want to continue. 
-- Add length, reduce time allowed.
- Disable WF skills ? (Because Limbo, Titania can really mess this up)

Leave none alive
"Reverce intercept" 

- Team must kill the enemies before they escape. 
- Enemies spawn at set locations and head for exits.
- Win/lose condition # of escapees 

Rally the troops
"Deflection, but rewards are based on troops kept alive."

- Team must find and rescue civilians 
- Enemies priorize the civilians / they take periodical damage.
- Each civilian alive adds to points accumulation rate. 
- Once enough points have been accumulated mission is successful. If team can not keep them alive, failure happens. 

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Operation Take off

Basically destroy/sabotage a Hostile Ship in a Dry-dock (or destroy/sabotage the dry-dock it self), can be completed in different ways (Fill it with toxic goop/have the weapon systems target it's self/blow it up.)

Though it will be a nice touch if you leave the ship in a state that it looks space worthy, but it is not. example; like leaving the program that will target the ship in question on a timer.

Then when we are in the orbiter, we may be able to get a surprise of a massive ship (you know that one usually out the front window) exploding/imploding/targeting it self with missiles from the sabotage.  

you may take/mess with the ideas above

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Operation Party Crasher 

Interrupt some kind of Corpus/Grineer Propaganda event (I do believe that in Entry 20 of Ask A Cephalon blog, Cephalon Cordylon said some thing about a Grineer Liberation Festival?')

we may get more in sight on the inner working of the factions, random funny 'entertainment' units.

Feel free to take/mess with the ideas above 

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Smash and Grab: tenno must go from point a to point b carrying 1-4 loot containers. Each container is counted as a rotation for (aabc).

The catch: carrying a container applies a nullification aura to the frame, the box takes two hands and therefore you cannot use weapons nor abilities, operators cannot lift the boxes either.

Dropping a crate will cause it to detonate in 6 seconds if it is not picked up again, losing 5 boxes this way forces extraction.

Players will have to balance risk vs reward of how many tenno will be guarding or carrying.

Carriers are immune to knockdowns, but can be pulled (not knockdowned and without dropping the box) by scorpions, ancients, bursas

Movement is limited while carrying, bullet jumping, wall latching, and double jumping arent allowed, but sprinting and jumping are.

Tiles are limited, each should be fairly large and should allow for the simplified movement set, infested corpus ship, corpus planets, and grineer shipyard are good choices.

Rewards: standard fair, but should be geared towards faction rewards, possibly detonite inj, mutagen mads, and fieldron cores as rare c rotation (10%)?

Predicted meta: 1 energy efficient cc frame such as rhino escorting 3 tanky frames (inaros, hydroid) who carry, corpus and infested likely lean to some dps support such as harrow being added to escort in addition to a less efficient cc. Limbo is a good possibility for keeping escortiees safe.

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Weekly Mission:
Elite Onslaught: Legion
With the advent of Onslaught, players have that bite-sized bit of high-octane gameplay that we've been craving for a long time. The new changes have really brought in a long-term aspiration for higher and higher level enemies. We've increased the ceiling of what is considered normal content to 280. We've increased the fight in players and finally up-the-ante on their level of play.

What I think comes next is the ultimate stretch of this, which is a weekly mission for players really looking to fight the end of the game, which is level cap. After a player reaches zone 25, we can unlock the chance to do Legion Mode, which is a week long endless scaling, endless onslaught. It's an onslaught mode that starts at the 6x efficiency cap and stays the same all the way to level cap. You get the option to leave, but leaving doesn't end the mission entirely, what is does is leave a checkpoint where you left off. This means that when you come back into the mission, you come back where you left off.

This keeps scaling up until you reach level cap, which for regular enemies is 9999, but for eximus is 10099. If you can reach this point by the end of the week, you win the legendary rewards of having beaten the game completely and having taken down legions of enemies. Because of your performance, you can receive 2 death marks from the Stalker, while removing 1 Zanuka Death Mark and 1 Grustrag 3 Death Mark.

Rewards for this mission are as follows:

Pass First Zone: 100.000 Credits or 4000 Endo

Pass Any Zone: Axi Relic

Reach Level Cap Zone: Legendary Fusion Core

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Map has a bunch of colonists (civilians).
Enemies spawn in groups (with a prior warning similar to life-support in survival) and start attacking civilians.
Colonists can also be damaged by players (but not companions/specters), so it's important to avoid hitting them.
When one group of enemies lands, the timer for the next begins. The player should try to clear one group before the next appears.
Every fifth wave has a stronger enemy (like a midboss), and prompts an option to extract or continue.
Mission failure occurs if too many colonists die.

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Cross post from another thread:

A separate Sanctuary Onslaught mode that is more focused on fighting difficult enemies, rather than blowing through cannon fodder. When the "new dark sectors" were first announced, this is what I hoped they would be:

20 minute time limit

Fixed amount of enemies spawn in each tile, and they are all very challenging, weighted towards heavies rather than trash mobs (including Index and Rathuum enemies, field bosses, etc.)

Once you kill all of the enemies, you can advance

Rewards are based on how far you get in the time allotted

The idea is to focus less on mowing down trash mobs, and more on killing individually difficult enemies efficiently. This would break, rather than reinforce, the current "meta" of spin-to-win melee and nuke abilities. There are a lot of cool tools that we can use to kill difficult enemies, but we never need to use them because slide attacks exist.

My model for this is the Index after about 45 minutes. I think level ~200 Index enemies are pretty well balanced for the powerful but non-cheesy methods we can use to kill them.

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Onslaught mode: Racing THROUGH an increasingly thick wall of infested until even the most crazy optimized melee build gets beaten to the ground.

Rewards: We would get to tear through infested like bubble wrap!  That's the dream for some of us.

Also: peculiar mods.  I like those.  Don't add anything useful, I want this mode balanced for joy.

Alternate modes could be team events, combat maneuver only races, Nox-only endurance races, and maybe the occasional EvP mission where it's just waves of (player controlled?) Assassins.

Make us the target, we make good bosses!

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Operation: Mass Mayhem

 multiple mission objectives in one node

Example: you have to Keep the air supply up (survival) AND destroy the ships reactor AND raid 3 spy vaults AND do a Mobile Defense and so on (and all at the same time)

How many other 'mission' are in one Mass Mayhem can different, might be 2, 5 or 10 I don't know.

Feel Free to take/mess with the ideas above.

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Operation Space-web:

1. Get in to the corpus base

2. Get in to corpus mainframe

3. hack or put virus in mainframe

4. Defend

5. Virus hack the massive horde of robots to attack the corpus 

6. Sweet Profit.

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Not a mission but a Tile Set idea

Mercury's Surface

Rivers of lava, Burning suns, Massive Volcanos.

you know, hell on earth or this case Mercury


Or this can be the next open world after Venus town.

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This is probbaly going to run long, but please bear with me.

Relay Defense

Basically an endless mode incorporating both elements of on-foot and archwing play where you defend one of the Tenno relays.  The objective is to prevent the enemy from breaching a large gate to get inside the installation while the relay prepares its main weapons array to counterattack and repel the enemy fleet.  The gate is equipped with a defense platform with armed NPC allies and turrets, archwing rail launcher systems for long-range interceptions, and (most importantly) an energy shield that bars access to gate entry.  The enemy will attempt to breach the shield and then send a mass number of units to enter the gate.  If too many enemies make it into the relay, the mission fails.

The battlefield consists of two sections, similar to the Corpus/Grineer invasion tilesets.  The first is the relay defense platform and the space around it, with the other being alongside the enemy flagship.  Players will have to use archwing to go back and forth between them depending on enemy tactics in taking down the gate shielding.  In addition to traditional units attacking the shield directly, the enemy may try tactics such as sending a landing party onto the defense platform to hack the shield, or preparing a heavy artillery bombardment to overwhelm it all at once.  The player squad would then need to take action to defeat the landing party, or engage the archwing rail launcher to go to the enemy ship and then sabotage the artillery canons before returning.  Any number of other tactics may be used by the enemy like this.

Upon thwarting such a tactic (or failing to) and eliminating all enemies around the gate, the wave is over and the relay's main weapons array fires at the invading flagship.  Once five waves pass, the enemy ship is repelled, players are rewarded, and the option is given to either extract or stay and repel another attack.  Naturally, this mission is intended for Corpus, Grineer, and possibly Infested attacks on Tenno relays, but this type of mission could also apply to defending civilian colonies or Grineer/Corpus invasions as alternate tilesets.

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Unseen Survival

"You must distract the enemy while a fellow Tenno operative raids the ship for much needed supplies."


Today, you are that operative. A combination of Spy and Survival, where instead of activating lifepods, you must solve increasingly difficult puzzle rooms to briefly re-enable the ship's life support systems as well as steal crucial intel. Being spotted will cause the enemy to begin a purging sequence. If spotted between rooms, air supply will drain faster. If spotted while in a puzzle room, the regular timer will occur, but it's not just a binary win/lose scenario for beating the clock. Instead, the amount of air and intel gained will be reduced (scoring points would be similar to Excavation, in that you need to get 100 to earn a reward, with 100 being the base for an unalerted infiltration). As you steal intel, the enemy will also begin to implement more aggressive scanning systems; once a puzzle room has reached its max difficulty, it will instead have a  passive scanner that will automatically detect intruders after a certain length of time. Alternatively, Zanukas or cybernetically enhanced Drahks are released shortly after entering the room, which will begin tracking the player as they try to avoid the conventional traps.


Rewards would simply be current spy mission rewards scaling up based on the difficulty of the puzzle, but you would also receive Intel as a resource, which could be traded in for specific rewards (such as Ivara blueprints) or Standing with suitable Syndicates (direct exchange, or the Intel would unlock special missions that would grant significantly more standing than normal, or replace the usual Sacrifice to move up to the next tier, preferably all three).


This would help bridge the Survival mode and also provide the wonderfully unique, but woefully limited, Spy mode with a more dynamic and rewarding experience, while also addressing the complaints of bad luck when farming for Ivara parts and particularly rare mods.

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A possible workaround to extend or make "Some Missions" reward for longer gameplay without overcomplicating the existing may be to combine the Invasion (3 Missions) into 1 longer or a variant of this reducing the repetitious and delay in gameplay in orbiter if you are doing all 3 at once.This may could then allow for better mission structures / mini quests for invasions and keeps them interesting, whilst other missions play as normal.


Just a thought from this DevStr 110

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A game type, where you are pitted against stationary, eximi-like enemies, who are so strong and / or so resistant to your damage (of any type) that it is unwise and unworthy of your time to even think of engaging them.

  • enemies number are severely dwindled
  • enemies are mostly STATIONARY, meaning they don't wander around and are not extremely mobile - having rather small area of interest whereas it's their path of walk or the detection spectrum
  • enemies are so strong (and it's scaled: depending on the squad members number) that it is unwise / not advisable to engage them

Finally and to the point:

  1. this type of mission would force the player(s) to use their stealth warframes / abilities
  2. this mission mode would encourage player(s) to think how to route through tileset and stay undetected instead of going all out and try to bring enemies down
  3. this mission type's aim would only entail the successful infiltration and receiving item / hacking computer systems or possibly whole network of them as in SABOTAGE missions where you are forced to go back and forth to disable several enemy systems in succession.

Two proposed mission type modes:

  • alerted: in-mission alert is on and is cannot be muted (no valid console to do so)
  • unalerted - players would land in mission area silently and as always alerts could / not be sounded depending on their performance

first type: alerted - this mission mode would obviously make the eximi guardians stay on alert and on lookout for the player(s); while the guardians would be alerted, the players could still be able to circumvent the vision areas and / or detection ranges of the guardians. I would suggest also that in this mode the guardians were made stronger and more powerful damage-wise but smaller in numbers - so as to force the player(s) to think three times (instead of twice) before engaging them

second type: unalerted: eximi guardians still being the formidable opponent whose overall defense/damage output makes it unwise to tackle them, but slightly easier to defeat (as in: okay, they can be brought down, but why would we bother?)


Proposed mission rewards:

  • something like high-end mods, that allow players complete the challenges of SPY / SABOTAGE type missions more easily (like: Ivara's Infiltrate and the like...)
  • something like "primed intruder" mod, allowing for longer hack attemts
  • something like "EMP overload" item blueprint - small in numbers of crafted items, alike with specter blueprints; EMP overload charge would instantly bring down all active alerts / lockdowns active in a mission
  • other items essentially connected to easing SPY / SABOTAGE missions and silent / stealth gameplay.


So there it is, a mission type all about staying silent and invisible to the enemies, just like the intended Ninjas, who still play free... :-)

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I have 3, one is just a section of the galaxy with some uniqueness. Could we get a mission to play out the "past lives" of the frames. You would have to use the frames to play out the story and as you progress, it would scale. Like survival or exterminate does. Only twist being that there might be obstacles that get in the way specialized for that frame, possibly taking your operator to get passed. So it would be locked till after the war within. Void lore as well maybe? Other thing is that you will see other things in the missions you normally wouldn't, say you do valkyr, you get the full lore of what happened, but you bring things like the repression turret from valkyr prime's trailer into your everyday missions. If you have a person with you, and you haven't done the "quest" but they have. You both will see it.

Rewards: Just affinity boosters and other perks, like the sortie has, only with buffs and boosters. For example the corrupted buff for warframe powers only stronger and lasts longer, including more buffs like range, ect. And lore on your favorable frame(you can do it again, but only two per day will give you the benefits) :D

Second is two things first one being to bring 8 man missions back, basically 2 missions rolled into on. Mostly partaking to ship levels, to expand them possibly too. Unique missions taking 2 squads to do there own thing, when one finishes they use their archwing or ship to help and travel. Including traveling and fighting between the two places. Now expanding on that is, you take the observatory in dojos, where the people can sit those would be the squads plus 1. In other words using that room have people in the clan be in squads of 2 each one having their own objective. They are divided and selected by the warlords, while they are doing their objective, possibly scaling with their clan level. The warlord would have their own objective that is harder than the others(A spot in the middle of the room, hopefully placable), the twist with these are that we all have to succeed if one doesn't it all goes down from there. Either ramping the levels and changing the mission quite a bit, or just failing the whole thing. (depending on the mission or objective)

These objectives are completely random, except the warlord's(To choose what mission you could do). These missions would be in the observatory using the navigation and pressing a button to switch between mission nodes available(those for normal missions, and a map completely clean of normal missions only having the clan missions on the planets)

Rewards: Things for your clan, skins for rooms maybe or getting decorations available, tunes, colors, ect. 


An idea for a new hacking puzzle: Basically build a holographic version of each faction's ship, only can be seen in 35 and up missions.

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This idea was living deep inside me after I got to watching the "Warframe-styled" M/V. Especially the scene where there is a Corpus shipwreck burning up in space with a camera fly by in it. Also, it was inspired to some extent by AhziDahaka's  last post.

Okay, enough rambling:

1. The idea is to get to Corpus / Grineer huge battle ship... landing secretly by the use of arch-wing. I mean, really, really huge ship, with a firepower alike with the Fomorian class. Why perform a secret landing? Well, because of the sheer firepower of the anti-missile (aircraft) defence. When they see you, you are sure to go down in flames - end of the mission.

2. When you get into a hangar, through the gates (yeah, somewhat Star Wars' X-Wing combat-landing ☺️), you switch to on-foot mode. Basically, next part is spy / sabotage mission (preferably sabotage, because of what's next...).

3. The idea of the on-foot part is to do as extensive damage to the ship infrastructure and systems.

  • Remember: it's a BATTLESHIP, heavily armored, with a many backup systems to fallback on, hence bringing it down would require some huge amount of work on the Tenno side.
  • I would propose increasing the number of systems needed to be sabotaged from just 3 to something like 7 - to require each Tenno's work.
  • Just don't make the level map that is generated to be too large. It's not about doing a marathon ☺️

4. Extraction:

  • forget the "blast door console" - the said ship got badly damaged, it's basically ruined and burning in space - it's not going to be miraculously repaired anyway...
  • ...hence the trick part: the crew does know that they will not make it out. That's why they have nothing to lose anymore - they come from everywhere and in large numbers, like in second D rotation of survival mission and just want to bring you down. They want only to make you stay buried with them on the ship that's going down / exploding.
  • Tenno have to make it out, so it's a hack and slash through waves of enemies - to must make it back to the hangar to your landing craft / arch-wing with a death mark on your back and a timer on. When the time runs up, the huge hangar door closes permanently, jamming on itself... and you stay in your coffin.

POSSIBLE Nightmare mode scenario: as above, but instead of breaching a ship, mission conducted in a base (would be GREAT to see arch-winged Tenno landing inside of a actual ground base instead of a ship. Ending with extraction by the landing craft.

  • weak point: demands additional animation between mission modes (during arch-wing combat landing). The take off could agreeably use the Hijack mission ending animation.



  • Well, I wouldn't propose this mission to get you resources - somewhat picking up stuff and packing it into your backpack doesn't go along with "get in stealthily, be as mobile and fast as possible and get to extraction in time" :-D
  • I would suggest rewards being special mods and others (RNG roll / lottery, just like from Sortie missions, but lower level / more scarce).
  • Others... maybe something like "Cashe drops" - just without the need to find a cashe? Reward given by the opposing faction (say you're raiding Corpus ship - you get reward from Grineer and vice versa)


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