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Mission Idea Sandbox.

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Infested Containment:


Infestation previously held by the enemy for research purposes have managed to break free and are creating hives on the planet's surface. A dense, toxic miasma is being produced by the infested which nullifies air surveillance. To contain the spread a ground team must deploy and locate the hive coordinates to call in an airstrike, however the miasma minimizes visibility and is lethal when inhaled. Oxygen tanks have been deployed alongside tenno as a counter measure, but will eventually deplete, forcing tenno to fight surviving corpus/grineer held positions which are equipped with shields to block the miasma. Positions will be marked by a beacon that can be seen through the miasma, here tenno can recharge their oxygen tanks and press forward to locate the hives. With minimal visibility to locate the hives, the threat of oxygen depletion, a continuous onslaught of infested, and the necessity of sieging fortified corpus/grineer held positions, the tenno cell must utilize teamwork to survive and complete the objective in this chaotic game mode. Phobos, Neptune, and Earth tile sets seem like they would accommodate this game mode well, the mission should not be linear. There should be four hives to locate scatterd across the map.

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Moon/Asteroid/Europa Sabotage

The Corpus/Grineer are close to making an important discovery. In order to prevent this, bury their Mining Machines and tunnels in a cave-in.

How do you cause this cave in? Tritium Batteries at strategic weakpoints. This will introduce an element of raids in normal play, as the Devs have stated they want to do.

After the cave in, kill everyone inside and extract, destroying your exit behind you with one last tritium battery.

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Endless Raid

Replace the current Dark Sector missions (or just make it a new mission, whatever) with a mission that mashes everything Warframe has to offer together. The reasoning behind this is that Dark Sectors are literally nodes designed to be the most efficient farming spots and because Warframe is all about that farm, you want to make sure people are having "fun" while farming.


It would start like a normal mission, you land and Lotus gives you some random mission type. Let's say she drops in a Data-mass and you have to defend a few consoles. Once you finish that, Lotus tells you to just go kill everything in a few of the tiles, then maybe you have to go capture some dude, then maybe a boss drops in, then maybe you have to survive a massive spawn rate of enemies for a certain time, then maybe you have to go hack some vaults, then maybe you need to intercept some data. I think you are getting the idea, it is just an endless onslaught of modes and enemies. All of this occurring on a massive jumbled set of procedurally generated tiles (no loading screens, just a big map, around the size of an excavation map).

On the surface, this is pretty much a Raid. Sure, it does not have the story elements or carefully crafted transitions, just endless... Warframe.


But of course, let's not forget rewards. After you complete every part, you'll get a reward. Unlike other endless rewards, these rewards will be limited to bunches of resources (that depend on the location of the Dark Sector). And why not more? Maybe after every 5 parts a rare crate will spawn. Oh, and let's not forget affinity. Much like objective missions you'll get a nice bundle of affinity after each part, but the real kicker should be a stupidly high spawn rate for enemies in every mission type.

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Archwing Decoy


  • Archwing Survival with a twist.
  • Players defend a re-purposed Greneer/Corpus ship "The Decoy" from waves of enemies trying to scan it contents.
  • Mission begins with a player approaching the decoy, which then sends out a fake distress signal saying that it's under attack by Tenno (for laughs, distress signal is a painfully obvious edited clip of one of the Greneer or Corpus bosses)
  • Enemy capital ship jumps in and begins scanning the decoy ship for their leader. Players goal is to kill the smaller ships/drones and use the air canister fill-in to power the scrambler preventing the capital ship from discovering they've been had.
  • Once fully scanned, Enemy discovers the ruse, and the capital/fomorian ship destroys the decoy and begins bombarding the area until the mission ends.

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4 hours ago, Inarticulate said:

I'm going to start simple before I actually try to get more creative, but here's something I've been wanting.

Mission type: Exploration

Mission is endless. Objective is to reach the extraction. The map has about twice the number of tiles as the average Survival map. Enemies increase in level about half as quickly as in Survival. Affinity gain is decreased, perhaps to about a quarter of normal. Enemies spawn unalerted if alarms are not active.

Each mission has a chance of spawning one or more of spy vaults (exactly three at a time), mobile defense objectives (the few that don't require a datamass, such as Grineer Forest and the third objective of Grineer Asteroid), sabotage objectives, and sabotage caches (exactly three at a time). You could even bring back the old Spy 1.0 terminals. Completing optional objectives grant additional rewards at the end.

The point of the mission is essentially resource gathering or hunting for specific tiles (such as Kuria hunts or Silver Grove specters) or just kicking back and doing something a bit more leisurely (normally I use Exterminate for that, but it's a bit disappointing when I run out of enemies or have to backtrack for an enemy that somehow got missed).

This would be awesome. Nice idea!

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  1. Boss Rush mode : starting from Vanilla Vor to Lephantis. (+ bosses from quests already completed) The harder the boss,the better the drops!After each room : the whole team get access to a limited amount of resources to use wisely. You keep the reward from the previous defeated boss.
  2. Boss Rush mode, Nightmare edition
  3. Ghost missions : you're put in a true space ninja setting : any alarm raised and a timer appears...I you don't reset the alarm in time (you have 15/20 seconds) it's done. Available for Spy,Exterminate, Capture*,Rescue,Deception mission.Once the main objective is completed,you're free to sound any alarm on your way out. We're ninja, for Lotus sake! We need to feel like this with/out a perma-invisible Loki... And Stealth needs to be rewarding.
  4. Archwing racing for Conclave.
  5. Parkour mission type : a very agile enemy got valuable informations the map is hard to naviguate (lots of walls to scale, huge pits). Also with a Conclave version, up to 4 players,a difficult obstacle course.
  6. Archwing Spy : a lot of spotlights,maneuvering in the darkness of space to get into a ship. After that you retrieve the data you need/destroy the ship's core if you're detected.
  7. Void/Derelict Spy (now that corrupted can be unaware)
  8. "FedEx" mission : some civilian in the relay offers a nice amount of a rare resource if you go to (...) node & do (...) thing. That'll help make them feel more alive & useful! And this will also be a way to make veterans go back to low-level planets.

*This would require the capture target not to be a telepath who automatically knows you're here as soon as you enter the room,but he/she would still be able to see through invisibility like the cat ladies (this way you can't just press 2 3 & rush the mission = cautious infiltration is the key)

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2 hours ago, Roboplus said:

Counter Espionage


As a weaker third-party participating in a faction-based war, it's important to make sure no one opponent becomes too powerful. You've caught wind of an attack from one of your enemies toward another, with the aim of destroying a facility/ship. In order to stop one enemy from gaining a sweeping upper-hand, this needs to be stopped, for now.

Participating Factions

Corpus attack against Grineer facility
Grineer attack against Corpus facility
Infested attack against Grineer facility
Infested attack against Corpus facility


Both sides are against you. No one asked for your help and you're not supposed to be there. The mission will spawn lower level, but regular defending units (Corpus for a Corpus facility, Grineer for a Grineer facility) but higher level, elite attacking units (Hyenas/Manics/mini-Phorids?).

Even if an alarm goes off (as it likely will), no one will be actively looking for you. Both sides are busy attacking each other. Enemies will attack you if they see you, but only if a secondary alarm is raised will you be targeted. This can allow you to sneak around even in a volatile environment.

Your objective is to find and disarm explosives (or destroy spore pods in or around ventilation units if Infested are involved). Once completed, enemies will no longer spawn and you'll receive a signal from the head of the attacking unit. At that point the elite units will now be hunting for you. In order to exit you'll have to defeat a mini-boss on the way to extraction (Zanuka Hunter/Manic Bombard/Juggernaut).

Rarely, with odds increasing as you complete more Counter Espionage missions while marked, you'll enter the facility and find everyone on both sides are already dead. Shortly after you'll receive a signal from Stalker indicating it was a trap, and will be attacked by a few Acolytes on your way to extraction. Stalker will be waiting at the end, but defeating him is not mandatory.

That is amazing

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I've had some ideas on new objectives in the past, so I will probably come back to edit this when I recall what they were and think through them a little. In the meantime, here's a couple ideas around dynamic structuring that I think would really add to the versatility of the existing missions:

1. The tech exists, we see it in the Uranus missions with Sharkwing, so integrate archwing into other mission types. I am liking the new archwing as I'm getting used to it, but for those that don't, much like Uranus, these could stil be tied to specific nodes or alerts and thus avoided: 

  • Sabotage/exterminate missions where either you have to first fight to the ship and take down its shields so you can board, or as a dynamic complication, the ship begins to break apart when you destroy the reactor and you have to fight your way out of an exploding ship in archwing.
  • Crossfire missions where you actually hop into your archwing and fight to the enemy ship. I actually envision this as almost a mini-sortie, with like a small exterminate on the first ship (repel boarders) into an archwing defense/exterminate (prevent more boarders) or intercept (enemy ship is hidden in the debris/asteroids, triangulate signal to discern the precise location) and then a short sabotage/exterminate. In scale, these collective missions shouldn't be much more than, or take much more time than, the typical 150+\- enemy crossfire exterminates we get now, just broken up into smaller bites with added variety.
  • Actually getting sucked out the shattered windows of a corpus ship if you don't hack the terminal in time, so you then have to fight long and look for another entry point to get back to your original mission.

2. A new mega-endless mode! Imagine an endless 'dungeon' of scaling enemies and objectives that change every time you play it. Whenever you complete an objective, you get a new one, and the enemies get tougher, just like current endless missions, but in this case it can be a different objective, maybe even against a different enemy faction. I think the best way to elaborate is with an example of how one of these endless dungeons might work:

Two fleets, Corpus and Grineer naturally, are engaged in a massive battle and threatening a nearby colony/settlement, so you gotta shut them all down. This could start with with a spy mission to determine what they are doing here, or your first objective might be archwing sabotage, strategically taking out a picket to weaken the flank of one fleet in order to attempt to draw the fighting away from the colony. Once you complete that objective, you get a new one, on the next enemy ship. It could be a simple exterminate, or that exterminate could turn into a limited survival part way through. That completed, Lotus instructs you to swipe a boarding torpedo/jump through the corpus portal to get to your next objective, which could be any one of the ship based mission types...and so on and so on.

At each extraction you get the option to finish the mission or continue, much like defense or interception missions do at present, just at the extraction point.

Something like this could be done on planets as well, rushing from one objective to the next. Archwings in the canals of Mars! Excations being a possilble part of it...imagine getting a spy mission in a Corpus cloud city that gives you detals of where they've been excavating, so you hop off, into your archwing, fly down there, dig up some treasures, find something scary (infested?) and have to blow up the base with a sabotage mission...I just think that'd be so much fun.

It may sound daunting, but really it's taking existing content (though there's no reason new mission types couldn't be integrated) and just stringing things together to that a 2 hour 'endless' run wouldn't be 2 hours of just surivival or excavation. Building a framework for it could even be fairly minimal, or DE could go all out and try to dynamically add context to what is going on and steering the transition from one mission to the next.

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Data Capture:

A number of enemy data Caches detected, Tenno. Retrieve as many as possible.

No scaling.

Caches are hidden across a huge map. Will show on Loot radar.

Caches must be scanned, like the fragments now.

Total of 3-5 Caches per map.

Enemies spawn unalerted unless alarms are triggered.

Affinity and credit bonus if you were undetected.

Scanning all Caches triggers optional exterminate, unless alarms were trigger, then it's mandatory.

Mini bosses can appear on these missions, revealed as optional targets by Caches when scanned.

Can be a Syndicate mission type.

Each cache scanned offers some bonus reward. Getting 3 or more guarantees a relic.

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Base Control:

Interception on a grand scale.

Four towers spread across huge maps. Four additional mini towers. One near each tower.

All towers take minutes to capture.

Controlling a tower grants bonuses for enemies or Tenno: bonus shields, health, ammo Regen, etc. Enemies get these too.

Controlling all towers offers bonus affinity but increases spawn rates.

Control of mini towers slows spawn rates slightly.

Scaling is very slow.

Immense distances between towers. Unlimited affinity sharing range.

Bonus objective or two spawns every few minutes somewhere on map, to encourage movement.

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Colonial Protection

The Grineer/Corpus/Infested/Roving Orokin security proxy have upped their aggressiveness and are directly assaulting a civilian transport/colony.

Your goal is to secure the safety of as many civilians as possible and repel the threat.

Mission Flow

  1. There are several safe spots across the map that colonists are hiding in, while the assaulting force is attempting to breach these positions and secure the captives themselves.
  2. These positions have timers before they are breached, and the assaulting forces comprised of a miniboss and a handful of mook units must be dispatched to secure the bunker (essentially compartmentalized exterminate objectives with a time limit).
  3. There are also some scattered colonists running across the ship that can be rescued, but the majority are within these positions.
  4. The initial objective is to find various colonists and lead them to an extraction point (using the same hold position/follow commands used by syndicate helpers) before they are incapacitated by the assaulting force.
  5. Not all civilians are required to survive, but if the enemy captures/kills/incapacitates too many, the mission will fail (rewards will increase depending on percentage of colonists rescued).
  6. Once the minimum amount of colonists have been rescued, the enemy will activate a bomb/emp/infection to retaliate.
  7. These objectives must be destroyed before their timer expires, or the mission is a failure, but be warned as they have harsh protective measures of their own.
  8.  Alternatively (or additionally), these objectives must be hacked/re-directed at the enemy to finalize the retreat and secure the objective.

So a truncated description of the mission -

Miniature exterminates with miniboss>Large scale rescue>Sabotage>(alternative and/or)Hacking puzzle

This mission type does several things that I've seen some desire for in the past.

  • Grows the world by showing us how colonies live and the brutality of their opressors
  • Utilizes multiple sub objectives within a single mission type
  • Uses somewhat non-linear map exploration ala Spy missions and allows for delegation of tasks to enhance team experience.

All of which I think could be positives.

New asset generation while beneficial, would not be required, as colonies could simply be standard tilesets that have been repurposed by colonists, bunkers can be repurposed end-tile rooms, drills/lasers/whatever to open bunkers could be reused mining map elements, minbosses can simply be high level eximus variants or rare enemies (datalysts, bailiffs, etc.), and the final bombs/whatevers can be enlarged assets used elsewhere like pherliac pods, zeppelins, corpus power cores, etc.

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A couple people have suggested a scavenger hunt mission. Now that the hidden caches is Sabotage missions are on the way out, there should be something new that scratches the same itch. 

If there's an unlimited amount of time to find them, it could become a boring slog. What if the loot caches had self-destruct timers? The more caches you find, the better the loot, just like sabotage. To make it more interesting, you could have different caches on different timers.

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Corpus have scavenged every nook and cranny, even the credits in the wishing well!  Toxin spores of the infestation now fill the halls of commerce.  Simply put, the Grineer have made a mess of the place.  What are Tenno to do when one of the relays falls under enemy occupation?


The Tenno must eradicate the occupation forces and return the relay to its rightful inhabitants.  This could play out a bit like Fomorian sabotage where the ultimate objective requires the participation of several Tenno over time completing objectives in the relay.  When the relay is occupied, there are consequences that ripple throughout the Origin System.



  • When the Grineer are the occupiers mods and endo will not drop from regular enemies throughout the origin system with exception to missions ran in the Relay Reclamation effort
  • When the Infested are the occupiers health and energy orb drops are substituted with toxin sacs throughout the origin system with exception to missions ran in the Relay Reclamation effort
  • When the Corpus are the occupiers crafting resources and credits will not drop from regular enemies throughout the origin system with exception to missions ran in the Relay Reclamation effort


To reclaim the relay there are two primary game modes that will be played out, one inside the relay and another in the immediate space around the relay. 


Inside the Relay - Each mission is timed, 10:00 minutes in length: 9:00 minutes to save as many relay inhabitants as possible and/or kill as many enemy as possible, 1:00 minute warning to get to extraction.  Saving the inhabitants can be done by more than one means such as freeing them from the clutches of an enemy unit, unlocking a door they are hiding or trapped behind, or providing first aid on a wounded inhabitant.  Inhabitants that have been saved will run to the evacuation shuttles thus freeing you and your squad mates to continue your mission.  Rooms that have been cleared of enemies or relay Inhabitants will remain clear similar to the way Exterminate plays out.  Everyone in the squad must be at extraction when the timer is up or the mission fails.  The number of inhabitants saved and enemies killed are accounted for and roll up to the "scoreboard".

Outside the Relay - The Tenno's mission is to keep enemy reinforcements from reaching the relay and aid the departure of the evacuation shuttles.  This would play out in ten alternating waves of offense and defense.  On defense, the Tenno must escort the evacuation shuttle a safe distance from the relay (or maybe to some fast travel jump thingy) while waves of enemy units will attempt to destroy the shuttle.  On offense, the Tenno must intercept and destroy ships bearing reinforcements.  The ships are heavily guarded and well armored.  When all ten waves are complete the mission ends.  The number of evacuation shuttles successfully escorted and reinforcement ships destroyed are accounted for and roll up to the "scoreboard".

Just to keep it simple, let's say this is a timed event with a duration of 8 hours.  To achieve victory, we brave Tenno must balance our actions between preserving the well being of the relay's inhabitants versus diminishing the occupying forces' capabilities.  If we save all the inhabitants but don't kill enough of the enemy, the siege will persist for another 2 hours.  If we kill all the enemy but we don't save enough inhabitants the consequences described above will remain in effect for some period of time after the relay has been reclaimed.  The "scoreboard" would provide us continual insight into how we are progressing - this could be a simple chart with two bars side-by-side designated the relative score between the lives saved and the enemy killed.

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What about a horde mode? 

Basically, kinda like exterminate, but wave based, so you have to kill x amount of enemies to finish the wave, like defense, but the map is large, like a survival map. The enemies, instead of spawning in spawn rooms, could be deployed in large amounts, which the lotus could announce. As you progress through the waves, more doors are unlocked and the enemy levels scale up. This adds some variation mid-mission, which could make the game mode seem less repetitive for endurance players. More modifiers could even be added, or special mini-bosses each 5 waves, or random spontaneous objectives that reward the players. This mission would not have Life Support, seeing as eliminating waves is the objective, there isn't a reward in sitting in a room camping.

Just an Idea, a form of endless that isn't super basic, and would be enjoyable for squads.

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Another thing I have been desiring for quite awhile now is something similar to Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission. 

I have no idea if you could do something like that, but I would love to go on a one-way trip to an enemy stronghold (bonus points if you put it close to a black hole) somewhere in space where the ultimate objective is to get in there and destroy the entire base after either looting it or fighting some boss.

You could even require each person to have an actual role like in ME2 with splitting up and everything. 

So basically yet another raid of sorts, and it could possibly work as a Sentient raid some time down the road. I guess this isn't very original, but taking on impossible odds with companions is always enjoyable. 

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My first thought was a good old heist. Stealth based and either going after a single, heavily guarded target, or go more endless and have to work your way around a tile set with each target either going up in security or put a time limit on it. Kind of an idea of intercepting credit transfers from Corpus or disabling orbit to planet munitions in Grineer ships. Maybe even make it high risk high reward on endless, taking some time off of a bug-out phase when the team finally gets caught, or raising how perceptive enemies are as the mission goes on. Could put in new stealth problems like pressure plates and sound alarms that are set off by say... bullet jumping to prevent the current "gotta do stealth so just bring a Loki / Ivara / Ash and stay invisible forever"

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I've personally wanted ONE thing that Destiny had. A version of Destiny's "Patrol" mission type.
Idea: "Exploration" Mission type.
Exploration missions are simultaneously simple, and complex. First the map is generated using one of each important tile of other modes. A boss arena, A capture target fleeing post, three spy vaults, etc along side normal tiles to "fluff" the stage a little. The mission is an "endless" mission, akin to Defense and Survival, however enemies scale much slower, to promote long missions in this type. Effectively this mission is meant to have one per planet, and per tile (minus Archwing-only tiles like the Asteroid belts) and spend time to collect loot, or get scans, without  "Jeopardizing" the mission. Periodically you will receive optional goals; survive five minutes of survival (explained differently), capture a target, etc.
I mainly thought this up because one of my clan mates/friends takes a very long time to load into mission, and often times lags out, and I wanted a mission I can hop in for as much time as I'd like.

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Resource extract:

Idea: The mission will be for the lotus when she needs a certain resource from the starchart.

Type: 4Players endless mission.

The Mission: 

1- It will be an alert mission not in the starchart because it fits alert section more i think. 

2- It will not have any reward at the end but a drop table which has stuff most people want, like (nitain, Oxium, rare relics etc.).

3- Players will not have any resources extracted when they get to extraction the only rewards they get are the lotus ones you got during the mission.

How mission progress works:

once the players enter the game they will know which resource they have to collect together same as the normal system. when players collect enough resources they will deposit the resources into lotus's cargo ship and fly away then lotus reward the players with the item then the next objective begins with another resource or same as the last one and so on but amount increases.


1- A timer can be added to the cargo ship which tells when it is leaving so players have to collect resources fast and that increases the teamwork.

2- A "bag" can also exist which tenno put his resources in it and it has a limit so he must keep putting "full bags" into cargo and take a new one to continue collecting.


This idea in my mind for a long time because of the resources in this game just going to inventory and used to build stuff so why we don't get a game mode for it instead of just collecting and sending it to inventory and reach huge amounts especially for veteran players.

the idea doesn't have that much creativity but I think it fits the universe of warframe.

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Supply Raid

So, everytime we run a Survival mission, we always hear about another Tenno operative raiding the location for supplies but just exactly who is this other Tenno operative? What are they doing this whole time while we risk our lives? Time to find out.

  • Endless mission type
  • Tenno operatives search for caches similar to how Spy missions play out but these caches and the defenses guarding them aren't marked on the map
  • As the caches are collected, new ones open up past previously closed doors, leading to more procedurally generated tiles for endless raiding
  • Enemies still roam about that need to be bypassed or otherwise dealt with like a normal Spy mission
  • Every enemy killed AND every cache looted slowly adds to a threat meter that decays over time if no enemies are killed or caches looted within X time
  • The threat meter escalates the amount of enemies, their level scaling, and the amount of special units like Eximus and faction specific like Bursas

Supply Raid, (potentially shortened to Raid... or Supply to be less confusing), would be a endless-style mission where we, as Tenno ourselves, play out the other side to these Survival missions and do the raiding ourselves this time. The whole idea behind the Survival mission was to draw attention from the unnamed Tenno operative and give them a shot to raid supplies. In Supply Raid, the player and up to 3 other operators would be the ones to raid the location, searching for supplies to further the Tenno cause. The mission would play out similar to a Spy mission where you would need to beat the map's defenses and find special caches / terminals to uncover loot with the small difference of that these defended caches and whatnot aren't marked on your map like they would be in an actual Spy mission. The Tenno operators on the supply raid would have to search for these defended locations themselves. As caches are found and looted, new caches locations open up behind previously closed off doors, creating more generated map tiles and thus providing theoretically endless Spy-like puzzles to solve. 

All fine and dandy but if the enemy forces are drawn off by the Tenno operatives on the Survival side of things, what's stopping the operatives on the Raid side of things? In other words, where's the challenge in a Supply Raid mission? Threat meter. Not every guard of the enemy forces get pulled off to stop the other Tenno and thus our Tenno raiders will need to deal with some enemies from time to time. However, it's not as though the Tenno can just kill off the defenders and not escape the notice of the forces at large forever. Not to mention, at some point, a passing patrol or two would begin to notice that something, or rather several somethings, have gone missing. For every enemy the raiders kill and every cache of loot they raid adds more percentage to a threat meter specific to the Supply Raid mission. At certain percentages, we'll say every 25% for now, the overall threat level of the map increases and more enemies emerge, becoming more wary for Tenno threats. The higher the percentage, the tougher the enemies become, increasing the level scaling, amount of enemies, and amount of stronger enemy types like Eximus units and faction specific units like Bursas and Prosecutors.

To sum up, Supply Raid pans out to be an endless style mission that ends up being a blend of Spy, Survival, and Sabotage cache searching that I feel would solve one small issue I have with the other endless mission types: fatigue. Playing a defense for more than 20 waves or pulling a long 2k run on Hieracon really tends to drag on and begin to feel really grindy. The idea of searching for caches and solving mini-puzzles as the map becomes tougher and tougher and it's basically an endless style mission that's NOT all about killing groups of enemies repeatedly until you cash out on loot just sounds a lot more entertaining to me.

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Here's one; Memento

The Lotus uses her 'psychic imprint' reading ability to send a Tenno to experience a mission from the past, that is important in one way or another ("We need to know what happened then, Tenno").

In essense, the Tenno relives a mission from the 'Great War' or a period after it. To do this, the Tenno is equipped with a random (or close to random) Warframe and weapons assortment.

The weapons can be completely randomized or they might belong to Lore Groups that are relevant to the frame itself; Ash and Loki would use bows, Rhino would go Rambo-level Soma etc. To make it more fair (as as players we won't be able to use the mods we want); these weapons will be greatly enhanced as far as statistics go. Similarly for the Warframes themselves.

Are you ready to relive your glory days, Tenno?

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Derelict Vault Defense

1. Everyone must bring a Dragon Key to gain access to the vault & upon each wave you finish, you get a derelict vault reward or maybe even have a special derelict cosmetic skin as a reward.

2. Enemy level range 30-60 & it only get tougher having the dragon key debuffs & So the tenno have to form a plan.

3. Enemies to deal with would be Juggernaut 20% chance, Hyekka Masters & their firebombs

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Warframe Golf

This probably doesn't need a whole lot of explanation, so I'll try and keep it brief... mostly because in typical fashion I'm aware that I'm about to write something ridiculous and pointless and of very little value to anybody, but there's nobody here to restrain me so I'm doing it, god damn it... uhm. Right, so, Warframe Golf.

I doubt anybody in the entire world is as old as I am, so you may not remember the classic Level-5 RPG Dark Chronicle? Anyone who has no idea what that is... it's okay, you're young... it isn't your fault, but it IS nevertheless a terrible and shameful thing to admit and I need you to know that. It's a wonderful game. And within that game there is a mini-game that would actually work in Warframe. Whether or not anyone else would want it is very much up for debate, but... the fact is that the procedurally generated rooms and corridors in the various locales within Dark Chronicle are a lot like Warframe's tilesets, not in any visual or stylistic sense, but functionally. And at the end of certain levels you get the chance to smack a golf ball through the level, without any enemies around, to get some additional bonus goodies. It's... well, it's impossible and infuriating because of its unforgiving nature... but the IDEA is really cool. So maybe have Mynki design a cool golf bag to stuff with Jat Kittag 9 irons and... idk, fragor extreme putters... or whatever... in-game melee weapon golf clubs... and have us smack a thresh cone around in the various beautiful locations? I feel like it would be the perfect (not even close) companion to Lunaro for those of us that lack that atavistic desire to murder everything we see with guns and swords.

Well. That's my pitch anyway. Swing and a miss, amirite? I'll... I'll leave quietly...





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Just a few ideas here.

1) Archwing/Warframe combo missions

These could be anything from Exterminate/Spy to Mobile Defense/Survival where the Archwing features a certain goal and the Warframe portion features a second goal.  Either that, or have more freedom to switch between Archwing and Warframe during certain missions.


2) Endless Exterminate missions

These missions would involve infiltrating (usually through hacking or flat-out destruction) an enemy facility (Corpus Robotics Factory, Infested Hive, Grineer Cloning/Training Facility, etc.) and eliminating as many enemies as possible.  A Survival-style clock would appear to show you the time between rewards, but you wouldn't be worrying about excavators, life support, or an objective you have to protect.  Just run in and gun down as many as you like.  The higher you go, the tougher the enemies get, to the point of Manics, Juggernauts, Bursas, Eximus, etc.  This way, Warframes like Ash and Oberon can be farmed a little more easily.

3) Colony Defense (Steel Meridian/Syndicate?)

You and your squad are tasked with defending a colony from an invasion of Grineer.  However, not all of the colonists are defenseless.  Some already have "battle training" and will help you defend, while others (such as the children and elderly) would have to be escorted to a transport.  This would force you to split your attention between killing the enemies and protecting the slow-moving colonists.  Perhaps as the mission goes on, some additional Syndicate Operatives join up to help you survive more waves.  If a more fleshed-out AI command system were in place, you could even task certain armed colonists with strategic positions.

4) Lastly, as a request from some of my friends (who I don't really agree with on this), could you possibly adjust the Archwing missions to have varying degrees of control i.e. the gliding forward after releasing W, etc. They miss that feeling of imperfect control in the true space missions, but still see where the added control is useful in, say, Corpus Rush missions.  I personally love the added control in all of the Archwing missions, but I figured I'd throw it out there.


Thanks again for this amazing opportunity!

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Phoenix keys

Similar to the Dragon Keys, increasing the difficulty of the mission deliberately, while also adding bonus rewards. Unlike the Dragon Keys, the effect of the Phoenix Keys applies to the whole team or map conditions, and the bonus is automatically rewarded as well.

Each key consists of a team wide reward booster, and a team/map wide difficulty modifier. Multiple keys of the same type may stack.


  • +20% EXP, Enemy level +5
  • +20% Credits, -30% weapon and power damage
  • +20% Resources, 30% more Eximus units
  • 15% chance for double rewards (per rotation), 20% for enemy CC-immunity
  • +10% player movement speed, +15% enemy movement speed
  • +15% Loot, +30% enemy damage

Keys are only single-use, and are consumed on entering the mission, regardless of successful extraction or not.

The negative effects are deliberately chosen such that they increase the difficulty the most in such missions where you would benefit the most from the bonus effect. For all keys, the boost to difficulty is higher than the rewards.

Oh, and yes. I am aware that this allows players to troll by deliberately increasing the difficulty on missions where the other players didn't want the debuff. Bad luck. But as it stands, most of the missions don't scale with properly modded frames/weapons anyway, so the difficulty on most missions <lvl40 is just a joke.

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