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The Silver Grove: Hotfix 5

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Dear DE,

I have been a player since alpha and have noticed that all the prime access armor but this one has a rad channel effect. volt had the lightning stuff and vaubs had the cool spark effect but this new armor has no channel effect it seems whatsoever. i dont know if this was a design coice as the armor is really pretty but i feel for the fifty dollar price tag it would have been nice to see some cool effects like the other Prime Access armor. not really annoyed just suprised as i have come to expect such great things from you guys. cant wait to see whats next and thanks for the nully update they werte really getting on my nerves... Now if we could only do something about bursa locks...

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17 minutes ago, Multicom-EN- said:

Sure, right when they spawn, which only happens when they spawn around a Fissure. What about Sorties and Void missions?

At least try it out first.  I did say chance.  I'm about to go in now and see exactly how it is now with the change.

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Okay, so I've been playing a lot more and testing some stuff, and I think I've found some bugs and other things that should be looked at.

First, the bug(s):

- When using Razorfly, Titania loses all buffs from tribute and can no longer pick up buffs, even though she can still cast the ability

- Arcwing melee (and Razorfly melee) occasionally shoots past the enemy it's locking on to, and also locks onto undeployed turrets in corpus maps

- The Dark Split sword doesn't show up in the codex or the market when you click on it (the screen just shows your warframe in their idle stance, no weapon). It also doesn't show up in the rewards screen next to your warframe and other weapons

- When equipping the Dark Split sword in the dual blades mode with the reverse greatsword holster, the smaller blade floats out horizontally in front of the warframe

- Inaros' Dessication doesn't seem to work on Grineer Helions, even when they're grounded (tested with Arid Helions)

Now, the recommended change(s):

- Titania's tribute tends to stack the same buff over and over again; I think that, once a buff is aquired, its chances of appearing on the next tributed target, and continue to decrease when the buff stacks. To compensate for this, a single tributed target should also give a 10% buff instead of 5%

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