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Random Events during missions.

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One of the main reasons of why people think every mission is the same is because in a planet, you fight always against the same enemies in the same tileset. The idea about procedural missions that exists can be further expanded using random events. But these events needs to be easily created by DE so they can increase the number of events rapidly.

In the starchart you will find which event is happening in these missions if is really happening any event. Every mission except endless missions will have a chance to trigger 1 of each 3 types of random events:


LEVEL EVENTS is like we have now, fire or ice hazard, further expanded to more types of events, even using existing ones like:

Fire Hazard: Fire will be contained in isolated rooms of the map. The doors leading to this areas are locked and entering these areas will cause DoT to every person in the room. Fire will not appear in every place of the map, only on these isolated areas, sometimes leading to the extraction or objective.

Quarentine: The base/ship is locked down because of Tecnocyte detection. The mission will have the owner faction fighting against infested that will be on increased numbers in the mission, like an Crossfire mission.

Ice Hazard: Ice can be found in some isolated rooms, reducing the speed of enemies and the player in the room. Like the fire hazzard, ice will not appear in every place of the map anymore.

"Natural" Event: Fog on Earth, Sandstorms on Mars and Ice Storms on Europa will reduce enemy awareness and player field of vision,  Acid Rain on Ceres will have a chance to do a corrosive proc every 10 seconds with no damage to every enemy and the player in open areas.


ENEMY EVENTS will change the enemies in the mission like nightmare missions: missions in the starchart will recieve a modifier based on the faction that owns the node.

Increased Security: The Grineer/Corpus recieved intel that an iminent attack is possible against the base/ship and asked help of an elite troop to guard the area. Mixed of common and Nightwatch Corps enemies will appear in Grineer missions, same with Corpus missions, but I really don't know any Corpus "elite troop".

Prototype Enemies: Corpus/Grineer are testing new types of field troops/proxies in battle and this ship/base is testing new enemies. In a Grineer mission, 20% chance of an Manic Bombard spawns instead of an normal heavy unit. On Corpus missions, 10% chance to spawn an Hyena instead of an Comba, Nullifier or Corpus Tech.

Void Storm: High amounts of Void Fissures happened in the area, making all enemies in the map corrupted. More loot and XP in the mission but the enemies are a little stronger.

OBJECTIVE EVENTS are pretty much secondary objectives that will always happen when you finish the main objective. These are optional, meaning that when you finish the main objective you can leave the mission or complete the secondary objective to recieve another reward. These will use already existing tiles from other missions that will spawn in the map.

Defense: After you finish your main objective, an ship will dock/land, sending a lot of elite troop enemies to attack you. Kill the waves of enemies to finish the secondary objective.

Exterminate: In missions inside a ship, a ship will receive a distress call and dock, the mission is to attack the docked ship and kill everyone. Invasion tiles that link two ships can be used.

Capture/Rescue: In Exterminate, Capture and Mobile Defense, after the main objective, the player needs to capture an VIP hidden in an Panic Room. During Sabotage missions, after the Sabotage, you need to check the ship/base prison for any prisioners before you escape the area.

Hunted: Garanteed spawn of the Gustrag Three/Zanuka Hunter (Harvester) after the main objective.


Good things about this system:

It doesn't require many work from DE, because this can use many assets and tiles that already exists in the game

If DE adds tons of events, missions will always be different and the Origin System will feel alive.

These events will make missions harder, but the enemies added in the events will have unique drops that can make more room to more loot.

More lore can be attached to these events and any Operations or Tactical Alerts that bring new enemies can increase the number of events.

Even early missions and planets will have something that veteran players wants. Maybe they wants something that an Nightwatch Napalm drops or something from an Manic Bombarder.

Bad things about this system:

To people that like rushing every mission, majority of the events will increase the mission's lenght.

New players will have some trouble if some of this events spawns on Earth, Venus or Mercury.

I don't think these events works with endless missions. Many people will not like an icestorm during an survival.


Maybe any of you have a idea to make an event, with all the events and tactical alerts that DE made, many events are nearly done and only needs to be put together under a single system.




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5 minutes ago, Darken217 said:

I really like it.
Especially the enemy modifiers like "Prototype Enemies".

Also, the Quarantine event already exists, even though it seems to be limited to Eris.

Yeah, many events already exists but is limited to some planets or tactical alerts. Like the lightining on Ceres or freezing temperatures on Europa. These could work on other missions like lightining and rain on Earth during an storm or freezing temperatures on Pluto and Venus.

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I like your ideas, but you could also simply add the choice to do objective events or completely ignore them (doing them extra reward, not doing them won't penalize you but you wont get the extra credits / special mods / etc). Also people still have the choice to initiate the countdown for leaving if there are 2 at the escape or one (if you are with just another player).

<Some Ideas to add to your list>

New Objective Events:

Loot Room: Huge tile (or existing tile) room for Greener & Corpus, your job is to take as much as you can from said room. If you take 90% of it u get extra special reward, if you take 50% medium reward, 20% will count as if you never entered. This room is full of breakable boxes, lockers and maybe a terminal hiding more boxes. You can also ignore this mission and carry on with what you where doing from the start. I forgot to mention you have to deal with annoying enemies making it a risk / reward. Also once you leave the room you can't enter it again.


Unexpected Boss: This objective event has a very, very low chance to happen, you might find a lesser boss in the mission you are doing. Killing it will reward you well since you didn't expected him to be there. Lesser Bosses includes: Lynx, Ven'kra Tel, Sprag, the Sergeant (with another name), the old kela the thaym (with another name, I liked her).


Simaris Drone: If you remember the mission to find simaris sentinel, it can be done again as an event, you can have the choice to find his sentinel and maybe even escort him to get the scan it needs before leaving (to not make it complicated, just a box or a console it needs to scan. Cause enemies will chew on him like paper).


Stop the infection / void corruption: Its like a capture mission, but this guy it's contaminated and will make every enemy around him turn into an infested / void corrupted. Your job is to simply capture him, get extra reward and leave once you finish your main objective.


Sentient Spy: There is the chance you will find a lone sentient spy (oculist), this will turn into just one of the two: battalyst or conculyst. Unlike lua, you don't have to fight 2 or 3 at the same time :V (but the reward is good if you can defeat him).


Find something for Darvo: At the start of the game you might get the transmition of Darvo to find him a missing piece of information that can be hidden somewhere in the map, if you can find it you can get a really good reward, since it will be hard to find and like other missions this can be ignored if you don't want to do it.


Spy mission: Simply have to do one quick spy mission with just one of the many spy rooms. If you get the information, you get extra reward.


[Mission I wish it existed.. but I never think it will, still a man can dream right?]

Have a small chance to get a call from the stalker at the start of your mission, your job it's to kill another tenno (just a specter) for a small reward.

Stalker can be replaced with Vay Hek or Alad V to give you the mission to kill a specter that is causing them problems.

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17 minutes ago, NecromancerX69 said:


The "Unexpected Boss" event is really good, many old placeholder bosses could work with it. The "Find Something for Darvo" could work like Clem's mission. Really liked all of them

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The Corpus elite troops coild be named "Debt Collectors" or something like that. They could replace Prodmen for heavily armored Serro Crewmen.

Another possible modifier:

All-out war: Corpus, Grineer, Infested, Sentient and Corrupted fighting all at the same time, with you in the middle. Assassins having very high chance of spawning, event at the same time (limited to one of each per mission)

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