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The Silver Grove: U1.2 + U1.3


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The Silver Grove: U1.2

Conclave and Lunaro Changes & Fixes

  • Loki will no longer gain energy from orbs while his Invisibility is active in Conclave.
  • Lunaro gamemode will now show up in the Liset Conclave console rotation. 
  • Fixed the ‘Team Select’ screen disappearing after a Host Migration in Conclave.
  • Fixed losing End of Mission XP upon changing your loadout after a death in Conclave.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to join a friends Conclave game.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Alt+F4 out of a Conclave game.


  • Changed Smeeta's Charm ability, specifically the Resource related Charm, to give a single Resource pickup rather than a random stack of resources that may not be the appropriate size for the chosen Resource type. 
  • Changed the description of the TennoGen Excalibur Graxx helmet and skin to better clarify what items you receive. 
  • Valkyr now screams when casting Hysteria with the Hysterical Assault Augment Mod equipped.
  • Tweaked the Hyena’s ability FX.


  • Fixed some edge cases of Matchmaking issues where Clients would time out just as the Host tried to load a mission.
  • Fixed a Matchmaking issue related to the ‘Play Now’ button remaining visible and clickable when loading into a high latency mission.
  • Fixed a hole in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed Chargers and Zanuka remaining permanently frozen after Rhino’s Rhino Stomp ability.
  • Fixed missing Hyena variants in the Codex.
  • Fixed Kavats floating in mid-air when they are killed during their jump attack.
  • Fixed not receiving a badge once scanning all the Kurias. 
  • Fixed a rare case of extraction being disabled in the Earth tileset.
  • Fixed missing and various localization issues. 


The Silver Grove: U1.3

Lunaro Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred during a Lunaro match. 


  • Fixed missing audio in the Raptor intro cinematic. 
  • Fixed a lighting issue in the Corpus Ship tileset. 
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  basically, the Embolist syndicate mod (which make the embolist have 300 mag size at max rank) only works when you're the host/playing solo. when you join someone else, you have only 100 mag size, then you have to reload to get the rest of the mag size. and that's pretty much the whole clip 

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Thanks for the smeeta nerf.. i guess. It's one of the things i really liked about smeeta. For once a companion actually useful. But nope, can't have useful things in this game.

Also mind looking at that for a second DE? This really needs to get fixed. 


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