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Improving Movement of Characters


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I played Warframe for the first time today, and I was a teeny bit disappointed in the execution of movement of the characters. I kind of wanted this game to be a little more fast-paced with more manoeuvring techniques.

If you want this game to have a really high skill cap (more fun, therefore longer stay), then I suggest the characters should feel more "controllable". What I mean by that is there should be less amount of time of rest between each tumble, slash, jump, etc., so that your fingers have to move quicker to execute moves more quickly and efficiently. In moderate amount, the characters should be able to tumble quicker continuously, slash just a little bit faster continuously, and should be able to have a "dash move" (double tap direction keys, WASD) if you want that extra speed boost for just an instant, possibly to dodge enemies' attacks or to simply run away from them. If changes like these DON'T happen, then truthfully, I can't really see the future in this game; there won't be much room for any improvement if your movement is very limited and practically identical to other players (which becomes another ordinary TPS gameplay but only with better graphics). Also, I think it would even be more fun if a lot more combination moves were made so that it would be better off than just holding left-click button to shoot or spamming the 'E' button with a few jumps and tumbles here and there. 'Space key' + 'E' on Excalibur is a prime example of a good combination move (good work, staff).

I got these ideas from a game called Gunz, another third-person shooting game that I fell in love with 8 years ago and am still playing it (on-and-off) because of the mass amount of manoeuvres and animation locks that produce a really fast-paced game with an extremely high skill cap. I'd like the staff of Warframe to check out "Gunz: The Duel" for some inspiration in their movements. Thanks for hearing me out.

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