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[Tool] Fissure Tool for fissure mission

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This is one of the tool that I have been using to determine what prime item to pick during fissure missions.
I have been using it because previously, I wanted to select an optimal reward for my fissure missions, but there are not a whole lot of information presented during the reward selection screen.

After realising that DE added rarity color border for the reward selection screen, I stopped developing it for a while. But after noticing that the rarity color border still doesn't present sufficient information for me to make a well informed decision, I decided to finish developing it.

How to use


Setting up(Optional customisation):

  1. Click on the "Exclude List" button to bring up the exclude list for editing.
  2. Editing the exclude list
    • First time use:
      • Add items to exclude by moving them to the list on the left side.
      • Click the "Save" button to save your exclude list for future use.
      • Click the "Ok" button to apply changes.
    • Subsequent use:
      • Click the "Load" button to load your exclude list.
      • Edit as necessary.
      • Click the "Ok" button to apply changes.
  3. Check the "Use exclude list" checkbox if you want to use it for filtering.
  4. Click on the "Color legends" to collapse/hide it if desired.


  1. Select the Era of the fissure mission you are going to play.
  2. Select the relic type that the players are bringing

Download from here and use it. (Tested using Chrome)
Note: Javascript is required.

* Please report to me any bugs that you encountered and/or any features/improvements that might be beneficial. PM me if any updates are needed, I will update ASAP when I am not busy. I will add this under the Tool section in my Profile page.


Hopefully most Tennos will like it :D



V1.0 (10 September 2016)
V1.1 (11 September 2016)
    Added inventory
V1.11 (16 September 2016)
    Changes to Ducat pricings (The Silver Grove: U2, https://forums.warframe.com/topic/699623-the-silver-grove-u2/)
        Nyx Prime:System Blueprint 15 to 45
        Volt Prime:Chassis Blueprint 15 to 45
        Braton Prime:Blueprint 25 to 15
        Nova Prime:Neuroptics Blueprint 20 to 15
V1.12 (17 September 2016)
    Changes to Ducat pricings (The Silver Grove: U2, https://forums.warframe.com/topic/699623-the-silver-grove-u2/)
        Vauban Prime:Blueprint 50 to 100
V1.2 (17 September 2016)
    Added inventory ducats
    Added inventory notes
    Added inventory selling
    Added inventory logging


Edited by Ditto132
Updated tool to V1.2
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20 minutes ago, Godzilla853 said:

What else is in this tool?

Not really sure what you meant? Anything that you are looking for?

19 minutes ago, Godzilla853 said:

No percentages is it just to help see what you have and don't have 

It is to help you decide what reward to pick by providing ducat values of the items and filtering out rewards that you won't want to pick such as forma blueprint and bronco parts.

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7 hours ago, Ditto132 said:

Updated to V1.11 (for The Silver Grove: U2)

V1.12 soon :P haha the job never ends once you start! Maybe for V1.12 you could have the save feature that you have for inventory items but allow people to make their own changes? Insert new Prime parts, Ducat price for each item, new relics etc. that way you wouldn't have to update as much!


VS Current U.I I think it is not needed but does it make it more legible at a glance. Image below is the default size at 100%


Edited by main_antagonist
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