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Ash Alt Helmet - Carabid [Up on Workshop]

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It's up on the Workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=764959221

21 hours ago, fredaven said:

looks good, how near the tri-limit are you? if you got tris to spare I woud push the low poly more. it gets  a bit flat on the sides.

Good point. I upped the tri count a little bit and refined some parts of the mesh, though the difference is neglible. It's at 2.7k, I could push it some more if I have the time and if I stop being lazy D:

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I rekcon you shoul up it a bit. it really gives a lot of dimension to the helmet. You got 5k to play with. use it.

I personally try to mimic the high poly as much as possible. Sure an eye socket doesnt need to be geo. it could be flat and let normals take care of it. But it just looks so much better when you're up close and things arent flat.

This isThis what I did with the excal one I made


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