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XB1: The Silver Grove


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The Silver Grove


Warframe's 2nd Anniversary on Xbox One!

Thanks for two great years, Tenno!

Tenno, in two years, over 3.5 million of you have played over 320,569,027 missions and eliminated over 28 million enemies. You’ve killed over 2.2 million MOAs and crafted 168,615 Rhinos.

That's no small feat! Thank you, Tenno, for two amazing years.

See what you've been up to:
Top three Abilities used:
Shock,  Desecrate and Pull.
Top three Augments Equipped: Chilling Globe, Firequake and Hall of Malevolence.
Top three Crafted Weapons: Karak, Boltor and Grakata.
Top three Enemies Killed: Moa, Corrupted Lancer and Lancer.

Anniversary Gifts
To show our gratitude for your loyalty, the Lotus is awarding all Xbox One Tenno the following items:

- Excalibur Jade Noggle
- Second Year Anniversary Sigil
- Xbox One Color Picker

To claim these gifts, log in to Warframe anytime between now and September 30 at 2 p.m. ET and open the inbox message to add the gifts to your Inventory!


Quest: The Silver Grove

New Loka has enlisted the Tenno to help protect a sacred forest from the Grineer camping around the sacred grounds. Speak with Amaryn, the leader of New Loka, in the Relay today to claim the quest! Please note: the prerequisite is that you've completed The Second Dream quest.



Trance your enemies with the mystical powers of Lotus’ newest warrior, Titania. Overwhelm your enemies with swarms of butterflies, mesmerize and distract foes with shiny lures and morph into a deadly, flying fairy.

    o Enemies fumble their weapons as they are whisked into the air. Nearby allies become immune to Status Effects.
    o Extract an offering from an enemy in the form of a random Ability Buff. Survivor’s attacks are weakened.
    o Create a swarm of razorflies that transform an enemy into an irresistible floating beacon, attracting witless comrades and finally exploding.
    o Shrink down and take flight, while razorflies attack nearby enemies.



Heliocor - Obtain enlightenment with this massive hammer that performs a Codex scan on each fatal strike. Scans require an equipped Codex Scanner and an available charge.

Available for purchase in the Market or Simaris Offerings!

The Tekelu Collection - Forged by masters from the Tekelu School of weaponsmiths, these skins feature intricate designs of an unmatched quality.


Xiphos Skins - Get the unique and stylish Xiphos Ifrit and Henipa Skins for your Landing Craft.

Nova Asuri Collection

Embody the power of a divine entity with the new Nova Asuri Collection. Expand your levels of customization by adding a new deity-inspired Skin for Nova, a new Skin for any polearm weapon, and a sacred new Syandana to your Arsenal.

*PLEASE NOTE: The arms on her back shown in the image are not a part of the Danavi Syandana. This effect appears upon Nova casting a power while equipped with the Asuri Skin. Our apologies for the confusion.


OPERATOR OUTFITS – Pick up the latest in Operator attire. Now available the vogueish Koppra Outfit and the unconventional Varida Outfit.
APOXYS SYANDANA – This malignant growth hangs elegantly on the shoulders of any Tenno. Complete this look by adding on the matching Pox Weapon.
SARPA – Makes sweeping cuts punctuated by bursts of heavy gunfire.
POX – These festering sacs of pus and gas burst violently on impact. Complete this look by adding on the matching Apoxys Syandana.



Now you can place your mark around your environment using Glyphs! Show your foes you are close by or simply show off your favorite Warframe.

How To Use:

• A Glyph Prism awaits you in your Gear wheel!
• Access your Glyphs in the new ‘GLYPHS’ category under PROFILE in the menu, and select which Glyph you would like to use! GLYPH is now the catch-all word for Profile Pictures, so you'll see your Glyph selection determine that and your Forum Profile!


TennoGen -- For Tenno, by Tenno. This first selection of Community-created content has been curated just for the consoles. Enjoy and support the talents of your fellow Tenno by finding the items marked TennoGen in the Market today.

This round of TennoGen includes:

JATTUK MANTLE – Created by Master Noob.
NSARU SYANDANA – Created by Master Noob.
ZEPHYR HAGOROMO SKIN – Created by Hitsu San.
MESA FALCON – Created by Prosetisen.
ROTA SYANDANA – Created by Master Noob.
Available separately or in the TennoGen Mega Bundle.

Return to the Orokin Void to find this Stance in the Caches that appear in Sabotage missions!

Raptor 2.0 Boss Fight!

The Raptor has a new look and new function! With updated scaling and new combat mechanics, this airborne Corpus threat has never been so fierce! Visit this updated boss battle on the usual node on Europa. Without spoiling things, there are multiple Raptors that occur, and as a result the drop tables have been averaged

Fusion Simplified: Part 1 is here!

If you're asking yourself 'Where are my Fusion Cores and what is Endo?", please read this section carefully! This section explains the conversion from a Fusion Core / Duplicate Mod fusion system to the Endo Fusion system.

Fusion in Warframe is one of the main systems that encourages investment in your Mod collection and Upgrading your gear. With calculated clicking and collecting, you can take your unranked Mods to top tier performers.

With the change to an Endo system we've removed the hidden complexity of Fusion. This Endo Fusion system maintains many aspects of the hold.

What is Endo? Endo is Fusion energy incarnate. It is the raw resource that powers the process of Upgrading Mods. In essence, Endo serves as the simplifier in all things Fusion. All duplicate Mods can now be simply converted into Endo. Endo will now drop from enemies and missions where Fusion Cores used to be.
Fusing with Endo makes the Mod Rank increases clear, as the system now only increases in whole Ranks. Partial upgrading with unclear requirements towards your next rank will no longer exist, and neither will wasted Fusion energy. The UI will tell you exactly how much Endo is needed for the next Rank, which gives you a clear goal to work toward.
Any partial Mod upgrades before this Update will be refunded with equivalent Endo and Credits.

So how does the conversion actually work? The base conversion is:

- 5 Endo = 1 Unranked Common Core.
- Fusion Credit Costs are now averaged out since Endo is a static Resource and not skewed by Rarity or Polarity in the same way Mods and Fusion Cores were.
- No more wasted Fusion Energy exists. Often times you'd Fuse a Mod with a Core and would lose some tail end fusion energy. Static Endo amounts mean this is no longer possible.
- All Mods can now be Dissolved into Endo.
- Fusion Core packs in the Market have been replaced with completely repriced Platinum Endo bundles.

Part 2 is coming soon and will include:

Treasures: discoverable ancient valuables that can be constructed and converted into high Endo quantities.
Trading of Endo (in the form of Treasures).

The following Augment are available today from the appropriate Syndicate Offerings:

Nyx: Absorb: Assimilate - Nyx can move at 50% speed while using Absorb, but the area is reduced by half.
Nezha: Warding Halo: Safeguard - Can now be cast on allies with 50% effectiveness.
Atlas: Landslide: Path of Statues - Leave a trail for 12s that petrifies enemies for 6s.


Lunaro and Conclave Additions & Changes:

Lunaro has been out in the wild for a couple of weeks now, and in this time we've been play testing extensively - internally and externally - and have been listening to your feedback. In an effort to address your concerns and increase the overall playability of the mode we've implemented a number of new gameplay features, arenas, customizations, and back end systems. Read on below for further details:

New Weapon Skins!

New Conclave weapon skins for the following weapons can now be purchased for standing from Tehsin once you’ve acquired the Typhoon rank:


New Arena!

Steel Meridian Themed Map: The valorous troops of the Steel Meridian were greatly pleased by the skill and honor found within Lunaro matches and have constructed a variant of the Arena for friendly Tenno to enjoy. Find the new map in rotation today.

New Warm-Up System!

Haven't played any Lunaro since launch? Feeling a bit rusty? Well worry no more! The introduction of the new Lunaro Warm-Up system will take players currently waiting in a not full lobby and load them all into a practice session. These sessions will see all active players equipped with their own Lunaro so as to allow everyone the chance to practise basic game mechanics while waiting for additional loadings to join. Once a game is full and ready to begin the match will naturally progress to the proper Lunaro mode with goals, assists, and saves from the previous Warm-Up being wiped clear.

New Gameplay Mechanics!

Ball Magnet Guard: Many of the loudest complaints about Lunaro were directed to the frequency of possession changes that could occur when a scrum was formed. To help alleviate this we've introduced the Ball Magnet Guard mechanic. This mechanic will allow the player with the ball to absorb a couple of hits, both melee and check attacks, before they lose possession. Initiating a Ball Magnet Guard is as simple as holding down the Ball Magnet button after the Lunaro has been picked up.
Passing is now a dedicated button. This dedicated pass button should make coordination and team play more viable, especially in high-latency environments.

New PvP Matchmaking Rules!

Much of the feedback we've received from our seasoned PvP players and newcomers alike was our inscrutable matchmaking rules. We've attempted to stream lines and have separated the rules used to match players in PvE from those used for PvP. Specifics on these PvP specific matchmaking rules are as follows:

• When attempting to join a friend you will be placed on their team if there is available space.
• If you create a squad and then create/join a PvP lobby you will all be placed on the same team. Subsequent joiners will fill the opposing team slots.
• Inviting a Friend who is currently in a squad will attempt to being in the full squad into your current game/lobby.
• Attempting to join a PvP match without enough space for you and your squad will now present an error message indicating that there isn't space to accommodate everyone.
• A similar error message to the above will be displayed when a full Squad of 4 players attempts to join a Lunaro match.
• Invite and Friends Only Lobbies now have a "Switch Team" option.

New Penalty/Reward System!

Another common gripe that has sometimes been affecting our competitive PvP modes was one that affects almost all games of this nature; rage quitters. While any system we introduce won't be able to completely solve this issue we've enacted a consequence system that will hopefully curb some of the more numerous instances:

• We now track players who quit out of matches.
• The Penalty system has 2 stages; a warning and a penalty applied state:
    o The warning stage will appear on the Landing Craft after the game detects that you've quit out of a match prematurely.
    o The Penalty Applied state will kick in after a certain % of your last games are determined to have been prematurely left. This state results in an XP Penalty of 75%.
    o Player's can climb back out of the Penalty Applied state by completing a corresponding amount of full matches.
• While also negatively affecting rage quitters, we want to encourage those who continue to play while short on players and those who play multiple matches in a row.
    o Completing a match you were short on will result in a +20% boost to XP and Standing.
    o Completing subsequent matches will results in 10% more XP and Standing after the first match.

General Additions:


• Relics & Arcanes now appear in the Codex in their own section, which reveal drop locations for Relics and Arcanes! Please note that as a result of this change, the Oddities section has been moved to Objects and renamed 'Kuria'.
• Added the Jordas Verdict to the Codex.
• Added Rarity colour grading to the Relic Reward selection screen in Fissure missions.
• Soft launch of colourblind door symbols! These new symbols should help you determine if a door is locked or unlocked, as they no longer rely on the sole use of colour.
• Added a warning message when the last member of an Alliance’s creator Clan tries to dissolve the Clan.
• Added indicators in the Arsenal of how many Forma are installed in gear, and whether or not gear has been fully Mastered!
• Added a waypoint marker for Cephalon Fragments.
• Added more Relic Rewards into Rotation A in replacement of some Credit Bundles and Mods.

Xbox One Achievement Changes:

  • 'Into The Void' is now able to be obtained by completing 10 Void Fissure missions.
  • 'No Brainer' is now able to be obtained by completing any Void Fissure Exterminate mission with an enemy level of 30 or higher and headshots only. 



• Changed Smeeta's Charm ability, specifically the Resource related Charm, to give a single Resource pickup rather than a random stack of resources that may not be the appropriate size for the chosen Resource type. 
• Glaive Prime and Bo Prime have received the PBR treatment!
• Improved the camera positioning during Archwing melee attacks.
• Adjusted the Archwing camera
• The function of auto leveling your Warframe’s view in Archwing auto level now only triggers when moving, as opposed to being stationary.
• Cooldown on Trial rewards now resets at Midnight UTC - which is the standard reset time for Login Rewards, Standing cap refreshes, etc. They are no longer tied to individual Trial completion times. We hope this better allows you to coordinate groups!
• Tweaked some pet behavior logic related to cloaking and targeting. This should sort out some targeting issues for Kubrows and Kavats where they would become targetable when leaving their stealth state but were still visually cloaked by a player ability.
• Arid Heavy Gunners will now drop the Gorgon Blueprint!
• Rebalanced the enemy spec for Belenus; Corrupted Bombards on the first wave was a bit more spicy than intended.
• Buffed mission rewards for Mot (Level 40-45 Void Survival); it will now yield a richer mix of Axi Era(Tier 4) Relics and large Credit-bundle rewards similar to high-level Dark Sector missions.
• Tweaked Kavat behaviors to get them to attack more consistently.
• Lex Prime, Paris Prime, Dakra Prime, Sicarus Prime, and Ankyros Prime have received the PBR treatment!
• Increased Kela De Thaym’s resistance to health drain to give her a fighting chance against abilities like Trinity’s Energy Vampire, Mag’s Polarize, and Inaros’ Desiccation.
• Expanded Drop Sources in the Mod section of the Codex to include missions where you can find them and not just what enemies drop them; this is particularly helpful for event-mods that have since been released as missions-rewards.
• You now have the option to ‘Clear Active Quest’ in the Codex.
• Changed the description of the Sun and Moon Profile Icon to credit user ‘NaturallySelected’ due to an alias change. (Previously was Epsilon)
• Vaulted Relics will now appear in the Codex (ie: Relics that are not currently in circulation that you may own).
• The Codex section for Relics and Arcanes will now show items you've discovered but don't own (like Mods do so you can see the drop sources to farm some more).
• Increased the brightness of the Guides of The Lotus Sigil.
• Updated the Burston mesh in the Stalker diorama.
• Changed Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead teleport range to greater than 30 meters from Nekros. To clarify function here, if a Shadow is 30 meters away from you on recast, it will teleport to range. If it is less than 30 meters away, it will heal.
• The Jat Kittag has received the PBR treatment!
• Infested Runners and Chargers will now resort to a projectile attack only on the condition that they have no chance of melee attacking you.
• Infested Maggots will now only attach to targets after a jump if they are still in range (possible for target to move out of latch range between jump animation start/end)
• Bosses now appear on your mini-map as a red 'destroy/kill' marker instead of the yellow marker for consistency.
• Reduced the reaction time and animation for enemies being corrupted by Void Fissures.
• Void Fissure Junction challenges can now be completed on any planet.
• Tweaked the Archwing Mastery Rank test to reflect recent Archwing movement changes.
• Increased the Spy mission timer in the Vor’s Prize quest.
• Reduced Shield Lancer spawn chance during Vor’s boss battle in the Vor’s Prize quest.
• War no longer glows when holstered.
• Updated Chroma’s tail cloth physics.
• Minorly tweaked the emblem placement on the right Pakal shoulder armour to prevent clipping.
• Improved spawning in Archwing open-space Exterminate missions.
• Adjusted holster position for the Nunchaku hip style.
• Moved Spy from Adrastea- Jupiter to Amalthea- Jupiter, and changed Adrastea to a Corpus Sabotage mission.
• Adjusted emblem offsets for Heavy, Regular and Thin Kubrow bodies.
• Tweaked location of Mariana - Earth node so the Vor's Prize mission text doesn't overlap the next node's text.
• Decreased Nekros’ Desecrate delay slightly to make it more popcorny.
• Moved the '3 Spy data extractions' Junction Challenge to Neptune- Pluto to replace '3 waves of Archwing Interception' now that Jupiter-Saturn requires players to defeat Raptor on Europa.
• Kavats no longer use their Pounce ability when trying to be stealthy and have the Pounce mod equipped.
• Tweaked New Loka’s hub room to reduce amount of mist and make water a bit less transparent.
• Pursuit ship turrets are now randomized rather (to prevent one side of the ship having only rocket-turrets and the other side only auto-turrets).
• Raptor’s Swarm Drones have been lowered to 5.
• Adjusted the positioning for Porta Armour Leg Plates on Saryn Prime.
• Adjusted the position and scale of the Edo Chest Plate on Nyx Prime to match Nyx (was too big on Nyx Prime).
• Latron/Latron Wraith will now properly alert enemies when fired.
• Nullifier capture targets no longer have their nullifier globe expanded when they are downed.
• The radial burst from Syndicate weapons and mods is now silent and won't alert enemies.
• Buffed the Shotgun Amp Aura Mod to feel more comparable to Rifle Amp. It is now 18% at Max Rank.
• You can now use the Search function in the Relic Selection Window!
• You can now jump through the metal frame hanging from the ceiling in Grineer Galleon!
• Added quality to Relic names in Relic screen (ie, LITH S2 RELIC [FLAWLESS])
• All Nullifier units (regular, Corrupted) now spawn without their Bubble intact, but it grows to full size over time.
• Improved performance in Relays by creating better rules for what is loaded.

Conclave Changes & Fixes:


• Conclave mod 'Emergent Aftermath' can no longer be used with the Vectis sniper rifle.
• Reduced the duration of Buzlok's alt fire projectile in Conclave.
• Slightly increased the damage of Lato Vandal in Conclave.
• Increased the blocking percentage of Silva and Aegis in Conclave.
• Fixed a crash that would occur in Conclave.
• Affinity gained no longer converts to Energy in Conclave
• Increased Standing gain at EOM based on Conclave Syndicate Rank
• Shield regen delay decreased in Conclave
• Shield regen rate decreased in Conclave
• Ash now has increased Mobility while invisible in Conclave
• Increased animation speed and range of Ash’s Teleport To in Conclave
• Decreased duration of Ash’s Smokescreen in Conclave
• Decreased range and damage of Banshee’s Sonic Boom in Conclave
• Increased angle of Banshee’s Sonic Boom in Conclave
• Chroma’s Spectral Scream status chance now 100% in Conclave
• Equinox’s Rest & Rage range reduced in Conclave
• Frost’s Freeze, Ice Wave and Snow Globe now also reduce target’s Mobility in Conclave
• Reduced damage of Frost’s Freeze in Conclave
• Reduced range and increased duration of Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage in Conclave
• Increased speed of Hydroid’s Tidal Surge in Conclave
• Inaros’ Devour now also decreases Dodge speed of target in Conclave
• Increased duration of Ivara’s Encumbered and Null-Shield arrows in Conclave
• Reduced the damage it takes to remove Invisibility from Loki in Conclave
• Loki’s Radial Disarm now drains Energy and deactivates any active Abilities on target instead of Health/Shield in Conclave
• Increased animation speed of Mag’s Crush in Conclave
• Increased the percentage of damage stored per hit in Mesa’s Ballistic Battery in Conclave
• Decreased duration and increased damage of Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors in Conclave
• Increased cost of Nekros’ Desecrate in Conclave
• Reduced duration, range and added a debuff icon on target of Nekros’ Desecrate debuff in Conclave
• Removed Energy drop from Nekros’ Desecrate in Conclave
• Decreased health and increased damage of Nezha’s Warding Halo in Conclave
• Nova’s Null Star now drains Energy instead of Health/Shield in Conclave
• Reduced duration of Nova’s Molecular Prime in Conclave
• Decreased duration and increased damage of Saryn’s Spores in Conclave
• Decreased duration of Volt’s Shield in Conclave
• Removed duration reduction and reduced Energy drain when picking up Volt’s Shield in Conclave
• Wukong’s Iron Poke now knocks down targets towards him in Conclave
• Added melee magnetism to Valkyr’s Berserker and Wukong’s Primal Fury in Conclave
• Increased speed and damage of Zephyr’s Tailwind in Conclave
• Secondary Wind mod now increases Reload Speed instead of Health Rate on Kill
• Relentless Assault mod now increases Power Rate instead of Attack Speed on Kill
• Increased damage of Thundermiter mod
• Overcharged mod now converts up to 50 energy at 100% to Overshields on respawn
• Reduced the amount of Blast damage blocked by Anti-Flak Plating mod
• Recharge Barrier Augment shield restore reduced
• Changed order of combos and attacks in Last Herald Conclave stance
• Changed order of attacks in Celestial Nightfall Conclave stance
• Ogris damage and projectile speed increased in Conclave
• Penta series damage increased in Conclave
• Tonkor damage increased in Conclave
• Tonkor self damage enabled in Conclave
• Angstrum damage and projectile speed increased in Conclave
• Increased Ammo Pool of Latron Wraith in Conclave
• Increased damage of Hind in Conclave
• Soma Prime damage decreased in Conclave
• Soma damage increased in Conclave
• Gorgon damage increased in Conclave
• AkSomati damage decreased in Conclave
• Added Knock Down to equipped Stave Slam attacks in Conclave
• Sybaris damage decreased in Conclave
• Vectis damage decreased in Conclave
• Reduced melee blocking angle in Conclave
• Reduced damage of Nikana series in Conclave
• Adjusted input order of Sudden Spring combo in Fateful Truth Conclave stance
• Decreased channeling efficiency trade off added to Martial Fury.
• Increased damage of Tetra.
• Fixed issue causing Arcata to be invisible after halftime until performing a melee attack.
• Fixed the Conclave Karak having the incorrect store icon.
• Fixed an issue with the Conclave Karak Skin.
• Reduced camera-shake on Glaive throws.
• Made the world state window shading darker for the Conclave window.
• Fixed an issue with Conclave affinity percentages showing negative percents (%+-10)

Lunaro Fixes:

• Fixed being able to score immediately by jumping into the zone that your team just scored against before the replay in Lunaro.



• Fixed the Orthos icon in the Market.
• Fixed key-based missions (i.e. Derelict, Law of Retribution,etc) always appearing as "incomplete" (glowy-blue icon).
• Fixed the Reactant UI counter not displaying for Clients.
• Fixed receiving an error when purchasing combo packs that are on your wish-list (ie: Color Packs)
• Fixed lower-rank Syndicate titles appearing in descriptions of high-rank Syndicate missions (e.g. "Rescue Mission (Crusader)" would be displayed instead of "Rescue Mission (Maxim)")
• Fixed when fighting an Arctic Eximus, the enemy inside the bubble wouldn't take damage from any gun or melee until the bubble outside was popped.
• Fixed incorrect camera positioning when attempting to pet your Kavat companion.
• Fixed failing a Void Fissure Sabotage mission when reaching extraction and choosing your reward with less than 15 seconds left.
• Fixed a title issue in the Void Relic selection screen.
• Fixed not being able to invite people to your squad after initiating a Junction node and cancelling it.
• Fixed joining a Void Fissure mission in progress and seeing previously dropped Reactant with objective markers on them.
• Fixed enemies appearing to run in place like they are slipping on ice after your Kavat has used Pounced.
• Fixed default polearms placement either clipping through thighs or hovering away.
• Fixed not being able to adjust numerous alternate holster styles.
• Better fix for Syndicate missions being listed with the wrong title.
• Fixed a crash that could occur in the Arsenal when using an "at max energy" Mod (e.g.Searing Leap) with other Mods that increase your max energy.
• Fixed the Codex locking up when viewing a certain enemy.
• Fixed End of Void Fissure Mission reward being different than the one you selected.
• Fixed shared Simaris XP: you should get Simaris Rep provided you have a Synth Scanner AND (it's your target || you're within shared XP range of the target).
• Fixed polearms not having a holster customization.
• Fixed failing a Void Fissure Rescue mission if the rescue target dies while the Relic reward screen is up.
• Fixed a script error when bringing a friend to a Lua node and having them click ‘Repeat Mission’.
• Fixed Crossfire missions appearing in Sorties.
• Fixed an unranked Mod swapping with your now ranked up equipped Mod in your loadout after Fusing.
• Fixed players not being able to hatch a Kubrow egg.
• Fixed not being able to trade Kubrow imprints.
• Fixed crashing in a Submersible mission.
• Fixed incorrect text size in the ‘Mod Rewards’ section of the End of Mission screen.
• Fixed Codex drop sources not distinguishing Eximus units.
• Fixed the Solar Chart diorama being destroyed if you viewed a Dark Sector tutorial from a Dark Sector node.
• Fixed the Codex not listing Shell Rush’s drop location.
• Fixed players no longer being able to perform the "slide attack" motion to execute a unique melee in Archwing missions. You can now only do a slide attack when Afterburner mode is enabled.
• Fixed default customization for scythe melee weapons.
• Fixed players being able to exit the level and trigger extraction before the mission has been completed.
• Fixed the first tab always being selected after upgrading a Relic, should now stay on the current tab, and select the upgraded Relic.
• Fixed numerous localization errors.
• Fixed Dark Sector Credit rewards being unintentionally cut in half.
• Fixed Grineer Napalm and Scorch’s targeting/shooting you through walls.
• Fixed Archwing Impact, Slash, and Puncture Mods giving incorrect bonuses to stats. They were giving flat bonus rather than percentages as intended by the precedent set by all other physical damage mods (Comet Blast, Quasar Drill, Zodiac Shred, Meteor Crash, Nebula Bore, and Astral Slash are all +90%).
• Fixed clicking ‘Deploy Extractor’ on Eris resulting in Phobos - Sharpless initiating.
• Fixed The Jordas Verdict not showing the proper Trial icon in the Codex.
• Fixed incorrect materials on Paris Prime and Lex Prime attachments.
• Fixed Arid Eviscerators and Hellions not spawning on Mars.
• Fixed players joining your squad after you’ve changed your matchmaking from Public to Solo while the Star Chart is open and returning from a mission.
• Fixed the Shaku not attaching properly to Warframes when using the Nunchaku Standard Holster.
• Fixed only one item per category being successfully traded if the receiving player has that particular category empty on their account.
• Fixed pet imprints not showing up in inventory immediately upon claiming them.
• Fixed Grineer grenade countdown beep not matching up with the countdown blinks.
• Fixed the Sedna Junction task ‘Collect any 3 MODS from the Orokin Principle challenge rooms on LUA’ not progressing if you collect 3 of the same Mod.
• Fixed Nekros’ Desecrate pickups not being shot upwards for Clients.
• Fixed Sortie missions switching to incorrect Factions.
• Fixed laser sounds sometimes not shutting off when lasers are disabled in a Spy Vault.
• Fixed a crackling noise when firing the Latron Wraith while using Loki’s Invisibility or Ivara’s Prowl.
• Fixed enemies sometimes spawning many ragdolls when applying a killing blow that severs the body as they're getting up from an unconscious ragdoll state.
• Fixed not being able to scan Derelict Cephalon Fragments.
• Fixed text sizing issues in the Codex.
• Fixed extra Codex entries for the refined versions of the AXI V3 Relic.
• Fixed the Foundry displaying items you don’t need to craft Blueprints.
• Fixed a crash that occurred during a Sortie mission.
• Fixed Paris Prime having many incorrect stats in the Arsenal, including a Critical Chance of 25% vs the expected 45%.
• Fixed enemies not being alerted by the Bolto, AkBolto, and Telos AkBolto.
• Fixed Shadows of the Dead clones having their health drained stopped after the player dies and revives.
• Fixed Shadows of the Dead clones remaining if the caster has left the mission.
• Fixed Shadows of the Dead health drain stat displaying as red when you make it smaller.
• Fixed Corpus/Grineer reinforcements spawning during Infestation mobile defense Alert/Sortie missions.
• Fixed the data mass in Mobile Defense missions spawning inside the ground on certain tiles.
• Fixed missing localization.
• Fixed an issue where the Dark Split Sword would show a Mire when being built in the Foundry.
• Fixed the poor lighting in New Loka’s Relay Syndicate room.
• Fixed a text error in the End of Mission screen.
• Fixed speed buff abilities carrying over to Operators during Focus.
• Fixed Nyx’s Absorb camera FX remaining after a host migration.
• Fixed an Infested object blocking the door near the end of the Once Awake quest.
• Fixed the large majority of Earth Alerts being Erpo Archwing Alerts.
• Fixed the Atlas Tartarus helmet not appearing in Alert cycles.
• Fixed the Wukong Dasheng helmet not appearing in Alert cycles.
• Fixed various clipping issues with Inaros.
• Fixed Loki’s Disarm not working for Junction Specters against players.
• Fixed Ivara's Prowl ability scanning enemies that don’t have drop table items (ie turrets and cameras).
• Fixed Infested objects appearing in Vor’s boss tileset in the Vor’s Prize quest.
• Fixed Rhino being able to activate his heavy landing Passive on all ground slams.
• Fixed the Rending Crane stance Mod having a text path for its default combo.
• Fixed an issue where interrupting a reload wouldn't usually cancel the reload animation.
• Fixed loss of functionality when cancelling a mission while the screen is fading out (When the countdown timer is < 1 second).
• Fixed Left Leg customizations applying to both legs for some Warframes.
• Fixed overlapping localization text on the Spinning Needle combo screen.
• Fixed spawning in Archwing missions backwards.
• Fixed/improved the death FX on surveillance drones (Regulators).
• Fixed a disabled laser grid in a Corpus Spy level.
• Fixed Oberon’s Renewal projectile not applying the Client’s energy color.
• Fixed the Porta Armour energy orb showing up on the Lunaro Riv Min and Riv Comp right leg pieces.
• Fixed emblem placement on the Dendra Right Shoulder Guard.
• Fixed Junction list on some planets overlapping parts of the planet.
• Fixed missing FX on hackable Moa cabinets for Clients.
• Fixed crash when you destroy a Blunt with projectiles stuck to it. (eg shoot it with Boltor)
• Fixed clipping issues with the Salix Syandana.
• Fixed the scoreboard not appearing when viewing mission progress in Rathuum.
• Fixed incorrect Sugatra positioning on the Okina.
• Fixed the 'free public' slot number being wrong when advertising a session sometimes (with just host sitting there).
• Fixed continuing to move around in Archwing while viewing the Interception reward screen.
• Fixed Clients casting Focus not having their customizations appear.
• Fixed Mesa’s Ballistic Battery at rank 0 being able to absorb up to 200 damage per shot when it was meant to be 20.
• Fixed a variety of map holes as discovered by the community.
• Fixed Void Tear progress clipping into Spy mission hud elements.
• Fixed issues with profiles opening on top of a diorama.
• Fixed a UI crash when equipping Consumables.
• Fixed the Cold Snap Mod having no effect if a Client has it equipped.
• Fixed being unable to accept a vote when in the Solar Chart.
• Fixed a missing panic button in a specific Grineer Sabotage tileset.
• Fixed being able to click a barely noticeable node when zoomed out in the Solar Chart.
• Fixed Nova’s Null Star ability timer not updating for Clients.
• Fixed Duration Mods reducing energy per enemy for Nekros’ Desecrate. Power Efficiency should only affect energy per enemy for Desecrate.
• Fixed physics driven Archwing ability casting animations causing your velocity to be zeroed out at the end of the animation.
• Fixed selling your Warframe currently selected for Conclave will break that loadout.
• Fixed the Mastery Sigil not displaying your actual rank when viewed in a diorama.
• Fixed the Junction task 'Collect 20 Mods' only counting Mods collected on Earth.
• Fixed some weapons getting stuck in reload animation loops.
• Fixed being able to pass through certain geometry with Wukong’s Cloud Walker ability.
• Fixed spawn-point selection bug that would prevent enemies from spawning in neighbouring tiles if the current tile has exceeded the desired capacity.
• Fixed ‘Restore’ items appearing black in Archwing missions.
• Fixed completing the Suisei- Mars missions not showing as complete for the Junction task.
• Fixed the Electromagnetic Shielding Mod staying active when not actively blocking.
• Fixed bug where reload time could accumulate from canceling a reload while there was 0 ammo in clip.
• Fixed the Latron not actually alarming enemies.
• Fixed issues with Sprag and Ven'kra Til not having proper lip syncing.
• Fixed incorrect teleport volumes in the Mastery Rank 18 test.
• Simplified The New Strange quest level layout and used more tiles themed around a secure facility.
• Fixed spy camera drones showing up in place of wardens in the New Strange quest.
• Fixed desert enemies spawning instead of shipyards enemies in the New Strange quest.
• Fixed the Sense Danger Kavat Mod always displaying bright pink enemies.
• Fixed an exploit with Smeeta's Charm ability.
• Fixed charged weapons cancelling their charge if the player sprints.
• Fixed ground enemies continually spawning after you have been teleported to Archwing in the Archwing Quest Fomorian Escape mission. This caused significant performance drops.
• Fixed Volt’s Discharge not applying diminishing returns to duration.
• Fixed the Uranus Sabotage mission being uncompletable due to high water levels killing the panel.
• Fixed a script error for Clients on mission failed End of Mission screen.
• Fixed the receiving a prompt to uninstall mod when previewing leveling. The prompt will appear once you click on apply fusion.
• Fixed Undying Will having its description value reversed.
• Fixed ground enemies continually spawning after you have been teleported to Archwing in the Archwing Quest Fomorian Escape mission. This caused significant performance drops.
• Fixed Corpus turrets not being destroyed.
• Fixed Loot Detector’s glow effect being too dim for Mods.
• Fixed Operator voice not playing on Focus cast.
• Fixed a crash upon killing Lieutenant Lech Kril.
• Fixed a progression stopping bug in the Mastery Rank 17 test where enemy kills did not count towards your kill counter.
• Fixed a progression stopping bug in the Mastery Rank 20 test where passing through the rings did not increase your timer.
• Fixed Shield Lancers in the Mastery Rank 3 test being equipped with Sicarus’ and causing significantly more damage.
• Fixed not being able to hand in challenge completions to Simaris as per:
• Fixed the Extinguished Dragon Key causing the Scanner to work very slowly.
• Fixed Dynamic music not switching when the Stalker appears.
• Fixed Whirlwind not appearing as an option for thrown weapons.
• Fixed various localization issues.
• Fixed a crash that would occur in Mastery Rank up tests.
• Fixed Junctions tasks appearing offscreen.
• Fixed loading into the incorrect mission type when selecting an Alert on Mars- Augustus/Martialis.
• Fixed various localization typos and grammar errors.
• Fixed crashes in Arena Mastery Test (MR 22).
• Fixed having two entries for Grineer Warden and Grineer Warden Eximus in the Codex.
• Fixed faulty logic which was causing shockwaves to hit flying targets when they shouldn't.
• Fixed exploit during Fissure missions that rewarded a copy of the Relic being used.
• Fixed inconsistent hud elements for hosts and clients.
• Fixed issues with hitches and hiccups in Fissure Missions started that were started after they had expired from the World State Window.
• Fixed an issue where players could become unable to select mission nodes on the Star Chart.
• Fixed an issue where a crash that would occur when a lobby was host migrated in the Star Chart.
• Fixed an issue where the mission countdown would get stuck at 1 second.
• Fixed issues with the Datamass falling through the floor on Uranus Mobile Defense.

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1 minute ago, (XB1)Dj McCoY Live said:

UGGG UPDATE IS NOT WORKING FOR ME ....TT_TT  The Game Tell Me To Restart and try again. I'm on the 4th try R.I.P. Gameplay before work


Power cycle your Xbox and then launch Warframe through your 'My games and apps' App.

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No dex weapons this time around? hmm i know a few people who'll hate that, as they barely missed them the last time. (i got them all, but still wish others to have them, dex sybaris is great)


Onwards to another year of glory and tons and tons of murder of poor worker grineer (reading simaris' personal targets makes you almost feel bad.... almost)

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When are you going to fix the archwing drift? It's making it near impossible to navigate trench runs in Corpus tilesets at higher than sprint speeds. You can't use your afterburners without slamming into walls and most Archwings can't handle being slammed into walls(Itzal/Amesha). 

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