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The Silver Grove: U2.1 + U2.2


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The Silver Grove: U2.1


  • Slowed down Synoid Helicors spinning animation. 


  • Fixed the Pistol Amp Aura Mod not amping Mesa’s Peacemaker.
  • Fixed the Vaykor Sydons charge FX not resetting when dropping the block before being fully charged.
  • Fixed Syndicate melee weapons being offered as rewards when reaching max rank within that Syndicate. 
  • Fixed the Synoid Heliocor hologram not displaying the Cephalon Suda symbol. 
  • Fixed getting stuck on the wall trim when dropping into the Corpus Gas City tileset. 
  • Fixed ability sounds not playing after triggering your Operator Focus ability as per:
  • Fixed engine sounds of the Corpus Hijack object not playing properly after running out of shields.

The Silver Grove: U2.2


  • Added a missing enemy panic button in the Grineer Galleon tileset.


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added U2.2
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5 minutes ago, WhiteDragon_RU_ said:

This guy banters on every freaking update lmao, for the mistake which he made himself consciously.. 

Just accept the fact that your friend effed up this one and you were the gracious guy wholly accepting the charming mistake of his.

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Still no fix for:

1.Heavy blade front finisher deals only 25% damage: (Even Galatine P deals a lot less melee finisher damage than other weapons)

2.Hysterical Assault falls off the map:

3.Fatal teleport bug:
 -If the targeted enemy is moving fast enough (such as a running Charger), the finisher will fail.
 -Some melee classes may fail to trigger Finishers on the target. This is currently present with the Nikana series.
 -Teleporting while sliding will fail to trigger a finisher on the target.

4.Credit reward on excavation bugged?
Instead of 3000, 4000, 5000 we now get 2000, 2500,3000.
I am so tired to farm new relics, and just realized that I get even less reward from grinding.

5.When using overlay map, the player indicator is no longer at the top layer, it's on the bottom. It can be covered by enemies, allies, loots and interception towers... simply everything.

6.Blade Storm losing melee combo on all robotic and machinery type enemies

7.Sobek's Acid Shells effect bug:

8.Most primary guns and polearm weapons are still misplaced while holstered.
(The worst case is Ash Prime: most primary, secondary and melee weapons are still misplaced. They still use normal Ash's holstering positions, so most of them are stuck in Ash Prime's armor.)

9.Aura stops working after access the arsenal in the Simulacrum:


10.Consuming energy orbs even at full energy:

The invulnerable duration for enemies being corrupted by Void Fissures:
This is still very annoying, especially if you are using Tigris, sniper or something like that. Just make it instant or remove the invulnerability


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25 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed the Vaykor Sydons charge FX not resetting when dropping the block before being fully charged.

Please change how Vaykor Sydon's blind charge works, make it so that the charge doesn't reset. Perhaps actually utilising the Alt-Fire key for this might be the solution. At the moment the blind charge is too clunky and slow to actually use, especially considering that the blind lasts for ~4 seconds...

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