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Calm & Frenzy + Covert Lethality = Broken as Host


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Try it yourself I've just tested it again and again with the Sheev and it won't work, shooting an enemy will spread the effect but stealth finishers won't.

EDIT: Just tested this with a friend and it only works if you are the CLIENT ... as the HOST this will not spread with 'Covert Lethality' kills.

Here is the proof;


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Confirmed. It works when shooting enemies, and also ground finishers. So using a dagger w/ covert lethality for instance, I'd first have to knock down the enemies with aoe before killing them. This kind of suck since I essentially made this to be my solo frame too. Just... slow clap. That's all I've got.

And this is all on top of how S#&$ty finishers already are. They're not even achievable on certain enemies like Kavats and some infested. It's fun to use with a squishy frame, as the finishers have invincibility frames, but I'd like to see some love here, and this bug needs to be fixed ASAP. 

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