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The Silver Grove: U3 Ayatan


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The Silver Grove: U3 Ayatan


How to Ayatan:


There are two new terms to familiarize yourself with: Sculptures and Stars.
The individual Sculptures and Stars have several variations of rarity and value. Sculptures, which are more valuable, can be completed by socketing in the appropriate types of Stars.

Maroo will pay handsomely in Endo for your Ayatan treasures, but she’ll offer more for completed Sculptures. You’ll have to decide whether you want a quick payout or wait for the big prize and complete your Sculpture. If Endo isn’t what you desire most, you can keep your collection on display in your Landing Craft or trade your treasures with other Tenno.

Finding Ayatan treasures in regular missions will be rare, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can speak with Maroo for a special weekly treasure hunt mission that will test your coordination, speed, and mobility. If you enjoy the more leisurely approach to art collecting, you can always have other Tenno do the work for you and acquire your treasure through the trade system. Whatever your method of procurement, once you have a piece of Ayatan treasure, what you do with it will be up to you.

Resource Caches/Crates!
Harvest and collect Resources from the world around you! Enemies, lockers and crates will continue to drop Resources, and now you can collect additional Resources by harvesting from the new Resource Caches. All default 'Resource cakes' have been replaced with actual representations of the Resources you're picking up!

Manduka Operator Suit
Pick up the latest in Operator attire. The Manduka Outfit is now available!

- The Void is now an eligible region for Alerts! Alerts that occur in the Void will have a chance to include Void Traces as a reward!
- Endo rewards in Alerts now scale to enemy level, with values of 80,100, and 150 Endo for Easy / Medium / Hard enemies!
- You can now select (opt-in to) a ‘Wait For Players’ option when a quickmatch session is not found.
- The Top 20 winners from the Codex Art Contest 3.0 have been added (more to come)!

- Improved performance and stability during long missions.
- Reduced memory footprint in missions by about 20MB for 32-bit systems (more for 64-bit).
- Rounded the HUD display of the Peaceful Provocation Equinox Augment Mod percentage.
- Polarizing now attempts to keep as many Mods equipped as it can instead of removing all of them. Priority is given to Mods in earlier slots.
- Improved performance issues when entering the Arsenal.
- Increased the hit box size for Grineer Sensor Bars.

- Fixed being booted back to the Navigation screen upon the Host freezing during mission load-in.
- Fixed a rare bug that would keep particle effects going forever (eg: Tar-Mutalist Moa bombs stuck perpetually dissolving).
- Fixed leaking channelling effects that would stick around if an enemy was killed while performing a channeling attack (Grineer Guardsmen did this regularly).
- Fixed being affected by Freeze status effects when attempting to melee block the attack.
- Fixed blocking procs with the Sancti Magistar resulting in being stuck in place due to proc blocking, and can often be stuck until you are downed.
- Fixed a missing text space in the Invasion reward description.
- Fixed extra "+X% DAMAGE" text on the Pistol Amp Aura Mod description.
- Fixed Arsenal camera and rotation not working properly in Relays.
- Fixed taller Infested enemies getting stuck in Defense tileset spawn areas.
- Fixed a script-error caused by Flamethrower wielding enemies (Scorch, Hyekka Master).
- Fixed a script-error that would occur if the target was destroyed while a Bursa was winding up.
- Fixed motion blur masking only being visible on bright objects and is now much more punchy than before! (Reminder: Display Settings has option for motion blur)
- Fixed mods dropping disproportionately often from Infested Runners.
- Fixed pillar decorations appearing incorrectly in Grineer Galleon tilesets.
- Fixed a water texture issue in Grineer Settlement tilesets.
- Fixed item pick-ups floating.
- Fixed floor collisions in the Earth tileset.
- Fixed a case of loot crates being inaccessible.
- Fixed a crash related to Mesa’s Peacemaker.
- Fixed a crash when selecting a Profile Icon.


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Oh hot damn! The awesome relics!


Evening Tenno, welcome to another sessions of 'boy what is he going to say this time?'!
This time I have a few bugs, cleanups and a single suggestion this time.

For my suggestion, this comes from my position as a Guide of the Lotus - I feel the cosmetics (the shoulder plates and sigil we have) are almost useless to our purpose - new players have no idea what they mean, thus they do not serve a function from a Volunteer position. As such, I feel either a marking on our profiles or in Relays we should have an overhead 'new players, ask me anything!' floating emblem, would be much better for out position. As we are here to serve the community, I want to know what the rest of you lot think of this too!

As for the bug fixes, first and most importantly - the Disruptor Drones in the Nightmare LoR are completely non functional, and merely provide blinding images now:


In the Jordas Verdict, the hitboxes on Jordas' back are completely off right now - as such it is incredibly difficult to maneuver the spores correctly into him. Furthermore, there is a complete crash that can occur if the 'Jordas Verdict' is initiated and started from relays.

I am well aware I am amongst a minority of players who continue to regularly attend Raids, but I do feel this should still be polished to the best it can be - especially as the Jordas bugs have been present for weeks, and the Disruptor issue for almost a week now at least.

Edited by Orthelius
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5 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

The Silver Grove: U3 Ayatan


- You can now select (opt-in to) a ‘Wait For Players’ option when a quickmatch session is not found.

- Polarizing now attempts to keep as many Mods equipped as it can instead of removing all of them. Priority is given to Mods in earlier slots.

OMG!!! These two things alone will greatly improve player quality of life. Thanks so much for these! So tired of laborious remodding whenever forma-ing. This is awesome.

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