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Darwin: Custom Warframe

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I Love Warframe. The ideas and art of the frames is really cool. There's a great set of DEV's working on this game. Inspired by the work already done, I made my own Warframe concept and art to share, named DARWIN.

made a new design. i wanted to draw him again in a more kinetic scene. hope you enjoy.

DARWIN using the infested ancient, railgun and shockwave moa, and corpus tech powers.
original concepts still at the bottom.

The back story to the frame is that the tenno fused together existing warframe technology with samples of infested DNA. The infested DNA gave adaptive properties and powers to the DARWIN frame. A piece of infested flesh (from maybe Golem or another powerful infested) is still held within the frame, constantly evolving. This gives DARWIN great survivability in the battle field.

For attributes I was thinking-

Health: 75 (250 at max)
Shields: 100 (300 at max)
Power: 150 (225 at max)
Armor: 40
Sprint Speed: 1.0

Aura: "Bar"

Polarities: warframe power slot x4, V slot x1, Deffensive slot x1

And my power ideas are-

Adaptation: This is a two part power. First, DARWIN tags a heavy/special enemy. The next time the power is used, DARWIN performs the tagged enemy's special ability. If tagged enemy dies, you still retain it's power until used. (list of powers below)

~ 25 energy           Mods will effect all powers differently ie. Focus = higher railgun damage and Stretch = further switch teleport

Enemy Tagged - power's new effect

Grineer Jetpack Trooper - vents open up on his back and he shoots out plasma, launching himself where ever he's looking

Grineer Skorpion - launches a tendril at an enemy, knocking down and pulling the enemy towards him

Grineer Flameblade - teleports to an enemy (limited ash teleport)

Grineer Commander - switch teleport (like loki)

Grineer Napalm - hurls a ball of fire at an enemy
All Other Heavy Grinee - punches the ground knocking down nearby enemies and causing damage

Desert Skate - shoots a boney spike at an enemy dealing armor piercing damage
Shockwave Moa - stomps down sending out a shockwave pushing back and knocking down enemies
Railgun Moa - fires an armor/shield piercing, high damage projectile
Fusion Moa - fires a lazer for a short time, lighting enemies on fire
Corpus Tech - throws a floating, organic looking osprey, into the air, buffing yours and nearby allie's shields

Leaper - target an enemy, then leaps at them hitting them, pushing them back and knocking them down
Ancient Healer - gives off a radial blast, healing teammates in the area
Ancient Disruptor - steals health from an enemy, turning it into power
Toxic Ancient - throws a glob of infested material, creating a corosive cloud of gas where it lands

Reverse Evolution: First, DARWIN tags an enemy. The tagged enemy then releases mutated DNA in the surrounding area, spreading it to nearby enemies. DARWIN's DNA starts to attack the inner workings of the enemies. Their cells become weakened. Enemies effected are stunned shortly and have a continued debuff to speed. This acts as a ranged crowd control. You can use it near you to escape a jam or near an allie to help them with a large group.
stun time-slowed time(sec): 2-9/3-11/4-11/5-13 movement speed: 50%/40%/40%/30% ~ 50 energy
Continuity = longer duration Focus = slower movement speed

Apex Predator: DARWIN tags all enemies in an area designated by a thrown "tag" (similar to VAUBAN's grenades). DARWIN's weapons and armor are then mutated to heavily reduce incoming damage and increase damage dealt to the enemies who are tagged. This effect lasts for a short period of time. damage dealt: 150%/200%/200%/250% damage taken: 50%/60%/60%/70% time(sec): 7/9/11/13 ~ 75 energy
Continuity = longer duration Focus = higher damage dealt and less damage taken

Natural Selection: DARWIN tags an enemy. The enemy, with DARWIN's mutated DNA, starts absorbing the life energy of all other nearby enemies. all enemies that are below the tagged enemy's health, will be drained of life and die. enemies with higher health than the tagged enemy, are drained of only partial health. After all nearby enemies have been drained, the tagged enemy explodes violently. ~ 100 energy
Stretch = A wider area of effect Damage to non-inferior enemies increases with mod level

"Tagging" works as a ranged selection. DARWIN doesn't acctually have to touch the enemy. He can manipulate enemies' DNA from afar.

EDIT: 1) Made some updated art work for the frame! A profile and front view with some changes to the design.
2) Changed some power effectiveness and atributes for balance sake.
3) Merged "Reactive Armor" and "Martial Evolution" into one power(Apex Predator) and upped the energy cost.
Added "Reverse Evolution"
4) Added some alternate helmet concept art

5) Changed "Apex predator" slightly and added to "adaptaion"


Original art below-




Made some alternate helmet concept art. "Vivere"


Going for a sort of big tribal mask idea. tall and wide, but not as deap.


I love making new concepts for warframes. you can look at my latest one, SPIONE here- https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/72469-spione-stealth-support-warframe/


Any ideas or things i might have missed you can leave below. It would help me alot. Thanks for reading!

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first off this really cool and l like the artwork for the warframe as well as the general idea for its powers.  I didn't think they were as "darwiny" as I had pictured when reading the description but with some small changes it could be really awesome!


I really like the idea of a warframe that could adapt like this or just straight transform in some way to fit the situation.

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While I love the concept art, I do have some qualms with the 'frame's stats and abilities.

Firstly, the stats and the description contradict eachother. The description mentions that he has great survivability, yet the stats indicate that he has rather crappy survivability.

Secondly, Natural Selection would be the only ability anyone ever uses, because every other ability is inferior to it in every way imaginable. Either your enemy is dead before you can make use of the ability (Adaptation), killing it would be easier (Reactive Armor) or killing and all its buddies it would be faster and simpler (Martial Evolution). Not to mention Natural Selection would be pointless in lower levels and stupidly OP in high levels.


While I do love the idea you're pushing with this, most of the stats and skills are just bad or pointless.

+1 for effort and idea

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Sounds awesome but natural selection seems like it might be overpowered.

For example when playing infested defence at higher waves warftame skills start to become week, especially against ancients. This skill if used on a full hp ancient would kill all infested in that area since ancients have the highest hp.

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altered natural selection to be less op. i dont think it should be that bad considering you have powers like saryn's miasma and vauban's crushing void thing, that just kill every single enemy in that area.


also adressing fish worshippers previous concerns.


using reactive armor with a high level flow/ streamline mod would mean casting it alot, and taking 50% damage for a good portion of the game.

That would be decently survivable.

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altered natural selection to be less op. i dont think it should be that bad considering you have powers like saryn's miasma and vauban's crushing void thing, that just kill every single enemy in that area.

Give him 25 more health and he would be perfect (when it comes to balance and ability usefulness).

I can see myself using this 'frame if it were implemented. It's a lot better now that the "Aim at Ancient Disruptor and kill EVERYTHING" skill has been rebalanced. I would definitely slot all his skills.

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I like is a lot and it even kinda ties into the general (yet very spotty) lore of the whole game. It's also nice to see a "tanky" character that isn't based on how much armor/shields/health you have.


but I think there needs to be more tenno inspired stuff on the warframe itself.

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The idea is neat...


But am I the only one that saw the thread title and thought he misspelled "Dwarven Warframe"? Which is something I would be a hundred times more excited about.

haha, sorry nope. You should make a dwarven warframe idea though. Sounds cool

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whoa, this is really awesome :D hope the dev team checks it out

Wow thanks! So glad that people are liking the idea.


There should be some new ideas for the frame artwork comming oout later, so make sure to check back in :)

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I have read this thread, and I believe that this is a great idea for a Warframe. I can imagine how fun it will be to play as DARWIN. Take my +1.



My favourite idea so far!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

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