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[Xbox One] ⛩ The Hidden Shinobi ⛩ #1 Overall (Moon Clan) Is Recruiting Active MR16+ Players! 1000 Members, 100% Research, 0% Trade Tax, Helpful, Organized, Top-Tier, Leaderboard Event Clan! Well-Established 6 ½ Year Clan!

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   The Hidden Shinobi is an elite clan with all MR16+ players! We have consistently been the #1 most active moon clan on Xbox One for over 5 ½ years now! Our clan strives for a safe and friendly atmosphere for all members in the clan. We accept anyone that is Mastery Rank 16 or higher that would like to join. As long as they can be active and respectful to everyone here. We do not tolerate any racism, harassment, scamming, begging, trolling, insulting, arguing, spamming, etc in the Clan. Members are encouraged to help one another and to answer any questions a player may have about the game. We hope that with us you can finally find the clan that you have always been looking for!

Clan Goal

  Our goal in the Hidden Shinobi is continuing being the best we can in as many things as possible! We currently hold the title for being the most active and sought-after moon clan on Xbox One. In addition we plan on getting many more gold trophies and 1st places finishes from future events!

What is a Clan?

  A clan is for a group of people to join, play and interact within a friendly social environment. We are here to provide you a place to trade, get any blueprints from our 100% researched dojo, answer questions, get price checks, assist with missions and make new friends!

To Join The Clan ~ The following name's listed below are for you to contact to join The Hidden Shinobi.



Forum is checked multiple times throughout the day, so getting an invite or any questions you may have will be answered / replied to very shortly!



Contact Info


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     To Contact Any Of The Leaders Accounts Use The Links Listed Below To Join! 

      1.  Static Rainn's Xbox Live Profile  ( Owner / Founder )

      2.  SeanJohn2026’s Xbox Live Profile  ( Warlord )

      3.  Nerdy Prime's Xbox Live Profile  ( Warlord )

      We will get back to you very shortly in response to joining!

      Note: You will have 24 hours to accept your clan invitation. If you do not accept it within that period you will need to request an invitation again.


Clan Info  

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                           HIDDEN SHINOBI ORIGINAL           Ke4Nb1r.png        Hidden_Shinobi_Final_Test_3_In_Game.png         V_GBSOTNf9Ca_zd3veevyX5CBBqtLgSz-eVwP3EQFI7cKgmhIJzccgmjn_yT0ByAsxacRQUrDE0NTim4iNCi631LwMI8SiehJxKGscFumhpnmDUkmEthQj8Yvd_aE60Tl9U_WKXn          ytUdpmXvCy7JA0Vyek0hpXpJnP--DDm57w5sprbKBlbQbINTzhDzPyoqHLTgw8Py9HFOB9fJMW_t9V16FzAqJ6owxbIGWV8nxEjhHiX4XhwxfBbBaGeGvi4XDE03rrqOF3glRKTU     jS-iTAzX7uMVHIU4R7bQndWAkRzmcIj2tkEgufnkOO6HoaVA5SFA_zHMGvfT-M8rRW4CSisCLH6M8sZXQTk2evMJ-142yfD8YN0vV0JSLHZGHooJ9Vc1pSukP-UlJ7NEGlFISSiq

                            1st Emblem                2nd Emblem              3rd Emblem              4th Emblem             5th Emblem       Current Emblem                


   About The Clan

   The Hidden Shinobi is a group of top tier mature players dedicated to Warframe and the continued well-being of its community. Our clan has been at the top since the beginning. We have 1000 MR16+ members, all logged in within less than 4 days at all times! Along with having clan events including platinum prizes and prime sets. The Hidden Shinobi has a long history (6 ½ years) in the community of Warframe and are known as being strong, honorable, dedicated and thoughtful.

   What Our Members Think About The Clan

  We have had numerous amounts of compliments and Thank You's from our members that we've simply lost count of. Our clan has been known to be very well organized and always on top of things such as: Clan research, pigment colors, handling and resolving problems with members, recruiting daily, hosting contests, helping as many members as we can and doing raids / sorties etc. Our members are very grateful and happy to be here and have even gone as far as gifting leaders things from the market and donating prizes to clan contests without being asked to! This clan is like no other you've been in before, and what many people have told me and the rest of the leaders, that this is "The best clan they have ever been in" after being in many other previous clans before.

   Clan Facts & Accomplishments

  •    We consecutively finished every week in 1st place for kill leaderboards for over 2.5 years!
  •    First moon clan to finish the Hema research, Which was the hardest weapon for a moon clan to ever complete.
  •    First moon clan on Xbox One to have all the PoE and Orb Vallis pigment research completed.
  •    First and only clan on Xbox One to reach 1 Billion PvE kills!
  •    Xbox One World Record for most PvE kills in a week at 8,163,055!
  •    Over 5 billion credits in personal reserves amongst the upper management in the clan.
  •    The wealthiest clan on Xbox One.
  •    Most viewed recruitment forum on console.
  •    Most followed recruitment forum on console.
  •    First clan on XB1 to ascend to Rank 11.
  •    Dojo has been featured in the star chat for all Xbox Warframe players to view!
  •    Fastest clan to go from mountain to moon going 300 to a 1000 members in less than 7 days!
  •    #1 most active moon clan on Xbox One. 
  •    2.3+ Million hours played on Warframe as a clan. Making us #1 clan on Xbox One for time played!
  •    6.5+ Million Ciphers Solved as a clan making us have the most ciphers solved on Xbox One!
  •    9.8+ Million missions completed as a clan making us have the most missions completed on all of Xbox One!
  •    63.6+ Billion credit income!
  •    Over 1.235 Billion PvE kills, making us the #1 clan on XB1 for PvE kills!
  •    Most Sentient kills on XB1 with over 6.1 million kills!
  •    Over 408,000 Conclave kills making is the #1 moon clan in conclave kills!
  •    Over 334,000 Eidolon captures and kills, making us the #1 Eidolon Hunting clan on Xbox One!
  •    Over 3,100 Lunaro wins making us the #1 clan in Lunaro Wins!
  •    24/7 active clan chat!
  •    Leaders & Chat Mods in different parts of the world and time zones, allowing us to have 24/7 moderation at all times.
  •    Members from all over the world!
  •    All 1000 members are MR16+
  •    A minimum of 100+ members online at all times during the entire day, 200-300+ at daytime hours.
  •    80% of the clan are daily players!

    Event Scores

  •    False Profit - 10th Place ( Storm Clan ) 5,567 points
  •    Shadow Debt - 2nd Place ( Mountain Clan ) 1,258 points
  •    Rathuum - 2nd Place ( Moon Clan ) 20,727 points 
  •    Hallowed Nightmares - 1st Place ( Moon Clan ) 237,089 points
  •    The Pacifism Defect - 1st Place ( Moon Clan ) 293,488 points
  •    The Ambulus Reborn - 2nd Place ( Moon Clan ) 44,626 points
  •    Operation Plague Star - 1st Place ( Moon Clan ) To Build Gold Trophy 10,000 / 10,000 Hemocythe Cystolith
  •    Winter Dojo Contest - 3rd Place ( Moon Clan )
  •    Operation Hostile Mergers - 2nd Place ( Moon Clan) 4,012,839 points
  •    Hallowed Flame - 1st Place ( Moon Clan ) 575,911 points
  • Operation Orphix Venom - 1st Place ( Moon Clan ) 11,755,067 points

   Clan Rank

  •    Our Clan is currently a (Rank 11) Moon Clan with 213 / 213 research completed.


 ~ Our inactivity rule is 5 days max! If you have a vacation / holiday scheduled please let one of the leaders know about it first and we can invite you back when you return home. Going offline for more than 5 days so you can play a new game or to take a break from Warframe etc. will not be allowed as a valid excuse to not get online, and you will be removed from the clan. There is a high demand to join our clan and if your not going to be on we need to make room for people who will. However, you can always be invited back to the clan at any point!

   Clan Clubs

 ~ Our clan has made 2 clubs run by Static Rainn and Fire Fist Abe, a community adviser outside of the clan. The club I (Static Rainn) run is a strictly Warframe club and Fire Fist Abe's club is a clan community one, where we've branched off to other games to grow our brand more! To join one of our clubs you can request an invite from one of the links below or can receive an invite through Static Rainn as I will be sending out invites to as many members as I can.

 The Hidden Shinobi Warframe Clan Club 

 The Hidden Shinobi Community Club

  Clan Instagram 

  ~  Yes, we have an Instagram! I (Static Rainn) post weekly weapon and warframe builds and sometimes even fan art from the community. Our members love using it to find and get builds for their weapons and warframes. It has also had pictures liked by @PlayWarframe, which is DE's Instagram account. You can find us on Instagram @the_hidden_shinobi.

   Clan Discord

  ~ To join our clans Discord you must have your username set as the same as your Gamertag. You can message any of the following leaders below on Xbox to get a code to join!

     Static Rainn, SeanJohn2026 or Nerdy Prime



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    Our Dojo is very clean and organized with a traditional Japanese / Orokin theme and has been featured in a Devstream before! We've also had honorable mentions from the developers as being refined and professional. It is a sprawling complex that is easy to navigate and understand. When you first spawn in, you will have a trading post right in front of you and all 4 faction labs in the same room! Along with an Ascension Altar to claim Endo every time the clan ranks up! In addition with A resource donation room, dueling rooms, gardens, custom and default obstacle courses throughout the Dojo. All research and color pigments are done and with continued support, we will continue to improve! 

                                                                                                 Some Pictures Of Our Dojo


            OO_bYWB9w1MupMH3mAzOomKGO99HkBa-Pp-q0m8XLqKzJN9aU4Nip1DCJ8FtPgXYPMJ64yYoJrbDPPjtSyFDN4v1Siamlju699Tv3_KMB1A9t7arDuErUZTIEatYG9qO5sOJZEO5        bCb2AAkrYrp-tlqRQHIsa5wjWqdISo11rtJQioxYuX7gX8iN8QbjJojml0GMbfAyB99resNX3rztEaGMGqUUWtS0qhgxqPTUj5eFr9fGI_-u35i4JnASj_OdSBLNDny-dMS8v5V3

                                                       Grand Hall                                                                                                  Trophy Room

            GNS-8v25PKygevhgLVvrU29vSFqAuUJ8AOLNiU3Lxt2f47LIeoncZJqAHmuHDmrC0ztMH7DPqAnpfXXKH0bmNYJMREYXH1mQ5j2DJYhJe6DIbQzZyR66_rpeZy21leYAcbck_P15       4XhzC0B-3LMChsfzIAQQxBofiiJe2m15Rfr7uLD_bYNdFG5V7j_fwGk685zVsw-sc_0uNsjy6yv4GMSA3K0mlP-G10_Z59SZ4H8Lz6bPI4ZPR43GduGLiJY5AG4r904W9VX2NWPY

                                                       First Floor                                                                                                  Second Floor

            EeLURMpvTWcvcL3qnNfi46aNsynge0OjhvAmFTe-05EqgkayWkgA0_-QYU16gvsmXKxshul1YLx7IizeHBJaKnHPwS2Rho4ZquP6a-7pT71ycwEF0jCf6_DF3nYslKkzYLePwiGR       hlyI4XtAIX1JVE6CWU1JKUWBJylw6gz2iRD0osUQbMtpRkls5sfl0Ww6reQ7czZGhP1w9M3akcaQl0vOdps8LvW9DBrIusiDtGIbm0sjSNamZuw7yICsOvJYgD-nxY1OFEr_50AH

                                                Spawn Room                                                                                      Other Side Of Spawn Room


                                                                                                            Galaxy Room



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  We have many rankings within The Hidden Shinobi, alongside of Council / Management ranking that have different parameters for qualifying candidates. New recruits will be immediately placed in their respective Mastery Rank based brackets.

                                                        ALL RANKS ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN CLAN EVENTS / OPERATIONS.

The ranking requirements and expectations are as follows:


  • Academy Student - D-Rank Shinobi (MR 16-18)

      ( Requirements - MR 16-18, active weekly, contributions to the clan, participation in clan events. )


  • Genin  C-Rank Shinobi (MR 19-21)

      ( Requirements - MR 19-21, active weekly, contributions to the clan, participation in clan events. )


  • Chunin  B-Rank Shinobi (MR 22-24) 

      ( Requirements - MR 22-24, active weekly, contributions to the clan, participation in clan events. )


  • Jounin -  A-Rank Shinobi (MR 25-27)

      ( Requirements - MR 25-27, active weekly, contributions to the clan, participation in clan events. )


  • Sensei -   S-Rank Shinobi (MR 28-30)

      ( Requirements - MR 28-30,  active weekly, contributions to the clan, participation in clan events. )


  • Anbu - Junior Chat Mods / Age 18+ (MR27+)

    The Anbu rank is for our Junior chat mods in the clan. Their job is to assist our Senior chat mods (Kage) and the leaders (Sage / Sannin) with recruiting and chat moderating the clan / Alliance chat. They will need to be interviewed by the (Sage of Six Paths) first to see if they meet the expectations and maturity we expect from our mods. ( Requirements - MR27+, Age 18+, 3+ months in the clan, mature and level headed, headset, access to Discord and Xbox app, participation in events, high contributions to the clan. ( Rank is closed for promotions )


  • Kage - Senior Chat Moderators / Clan Council Members Age 21+ (MR 30) 

                                                                                                                                          The Current Kage


 ~  Quinzel85 ( Senior Clan / Alliance Chat Moderator, Clan Councilor )

 ~  Phantom x Truth ( Senior Clan / Alliance Chat Moderator, Clan Councilor

 ~  An Angry Mod ( Senior Clan / Alliance Chat Moderator, Clan Councilor )

 ~  HellMark619 ( Senior Clan / Alliance Chat Moderator, Clan Councilor )

 ~  InfluentDragon ( Senior Clan / Alliance Chat Moderator, Clan Councilor )

   The Kage are the Senior chat moderators and clan Council Members. Their role is expected to maintain clan dynamics, moderate Clan / Alliance chat. While also assisting the Sage and Sannin with any task that may need to be done.
( Requirements - MR30, Age 21+, 6+ months in the clan, headset, access to Discord and Xbox app, very helpful, high contributions to the clan, participation in clan events, Assists the leaders with any tasks they may have. ( Rank Is Closed For Promotions )


  • Legendary Sannin - Warlords / Clan Sponsors / Chat Moderators / Clan & Alliance High Council. Age 21+ (MR 30)

                                                                                                                              The Current Legendary Sannin

  ~  SeanJohn2026 ( Warlord / Clan & Alliance High Councilor )

  ~  Nerdy Prime ( Warlord / Clan & Alliance High Councilor )   

The Sannin rank is right in line with the Sage rank. They are expected to be as active as they can and help out the clan and Sage with any tasks that need to be completed. This member has shown true dedication to the clan and has worked very hard to earn this rank. They are here to lead the clan when a Sage is not present and are to be seen as equal to a Sage. ( Rank Is Closed For Promotions )


  • Sage Of Six Paths - Founder / Clan & Alliance Owner / Clan Sponsor / Chat Moderator / Clan & Alliance High Council / Clan Overseer & Spokesman On Behalf Of The Clan & Alliance. Age 21+ (MR 30)

                                                                                                                   The Current Sage Of Six Paths

     ~ Static Rainn ( Founder / Clan & Alliance High Councilor )

   There is only one Sage Of Six Path's in the Hidden Shinobi and will always stay that way. I believe that having a single owner with one other leader works very well and causes less tension and drama. Having a strong management team is essential and having a clear line of command even more so. As Sage I take part in event hosting, recruitment, moderating the Clan and Alliance chat, resolving issues within the clan and deciding on new management. There is a very fine line between a Sannin and a Sage, and often the two ranks are respected equally. I (Static Rainn) along with the rest of our management have put thousands of hours into this game and clan to get to where we are today. Although the clan practically can run itself without us around, there is still a need for us to be here and keep it that way.  ( Rank Is Closed For Promotions )



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This is one of the top moon clans in the game and one of the longest running ones as well. This clan has terrific leadership and a great group of guys to play with. They are a part of the top rails alliance before the armistice and one of the largest and most active alliances currently in the game. They have been crushing past and recent DE events and I would strongly encourage anybody to give them a try. 



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On September 26, 2016 at 8:39 PM, (XB1)Static Rainn said:



   The Hidden Shinobi is a very active and social environment. We are a top tier moon clan that dominates leaderboards every week! We strive for excellence and perfection and try to keep a safe and friendly atmosphere for all members in the clan and the alliance. We accept anyone that would like to join as long as they can be active and respectful to everyone here. We do not tolerate any racsism, harassment, scamming, begging, trolling, insulting, and spamming in the clan or the alliance. Members are encouraged to help one another and to answer any questions a player may have about the game. We hope you can finally find a clan that you have always been looking for and have a new place to call home.

Mission statement

The Hidden Shinobi was founded with the vision of a community free of aggression and full of hope. We aim to be a pillar of trust and stability to the community and promise to always respect and enforce our ethic’s, community peace, and honor.

What is a clan?

 A clan is for a group of people to join and play / interact with in a friendly social environment. We are also here to provide you a place to trade, get any blueprints from our 100% researched dojo, answer questions, price checks, assist with missions, and to make new friends and meet many different types of people.

To Join the clan ~ The following name's are ready to reply and find you a place among The Hidden Shinobi! you can also post a request with your stat's. Professionalism is appreciated! Please be patient if choosing to post a request on the forum's. Currently we check it once a day or two max and pending we have room will reply through xbox as to not spam.

  Reveal hidden contents

Contact :

      1. Static Rainn

      2. Fire Fist Abe

      3. TruthfulTroll

      4. Spartytard

To join The Hidden Shinobi make contact with any of the above mentioned gamertag's, we will contact you back! PM your credential's (Mastery rank) and your goal's rank wise, Thank you!~

Clan Info  

  Reveal hidden contents

HIDDEN SHINOBI ORIGINAL Original EmblemKe4Nb1r.pngSecond EmblemHidden_Shinobi_Final_Test_3_In_Game.pngThird Emblem

The Hidden Shinobi- We are a community of top tier mature player's (20+yrs old majority) dedicated to Warframe and the continued well being of it's community. We have been at the Top of every category of clan since the beginning for month's at a time. We joined the Art of War when we were a storm clan and have been allied with their leaders even before the alliance. We have held many record's most notably fastest LoR night mare Trial run 22:02 min. As well as having regularly scheduled clan events including platinum prizes and prime sets. We have a long history (2+ Year's) in the community of Warframe and are known as being strong and honorable, dedicated and thoughtful. We support the Art of War and believe in their leadership as a no taxation Alliance. Our players are Mature, and peaceful. We help each other regularly and with a great attitude! We are in need of like minded individual's who love Warframe and want to experience it with a community of their peer's! 

 ~ Join us in our en-devour to maintain this Alliance,this Clan, this Family, the integrity of our player's and our community, and to promote  safe, fair, healthy attitudes in pursuit of happiness ~


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Our dojo has been featured in dev stream's and has had honorable mentions from developers as being refined and professional. It is a sprawling complex that is easy to navigate and understand. All research and colors are done and with continued support, will continue to grow!


Clan Event's

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-Usually held on a single night with a one week warning to build hype/interest. Occurring at or around reset on a Friday, this tournament style bracket system is winner take all! Sometimes broken into several back to back tournament's with a final's tournament if needed. With reward's ranging from 100p - 500p (Value/Actual) this is a fun, fast, and easy event for all player's. The rules are simple! Dont talk about fight club! no just kidding, that's completely against the point. Anyway's, the first rule of fight club is no mod's of any kind on your warframe. Secondly, no weapon's or companion's of any kind (Except Kogake). Thirdly, YOU CAN ONLY USE A NO-STANCE KOGAKE (fist weapon available in the dojo, its easy to make). We will verify the contestant's by having witness's, judge's, as well as investigation's. But it's largely honor system based. there is not a warframe restriction. other than valkyr. the armor is completely not fair. >.>... 

Dojo Parkour & Race Day : 

   At reset on random time's, usually with a week given in advance, a no-restriction race and parkour challenge will be held in the dojo with a sponsoring judge as witness. Starting from one end of the dojo to the other, one judge will stand at one end, start a clock and the other judge standing at the other end, who start's a clock after the contestants finish. Subtracted number's yield the result of time, and the final judge at the end of the race rule's over who won. Rewarding up to 300p (value/actual) This is a fun, great event that help's build teamwork and a sense of community!

Top Killer Of The Week 

      Sometimes there will be a week where a member's will have the opportunity to get 50 -100 thousand kills in one week to get some plat. If they accomplish this goal they can be rewarded with platinum ranging from 50-100+ or an item(s) worth that value.Leaderboards will be checked at 12:00 am pct on Sunday night to see who won. Reward will be given at the same time if the player is on or once they are able to get it. Prizes will be given by a Sage,Kage or Akatsuki.

Longest Solo ODS

        Members will have one week to try and go for as long as they can on a ODS ( orokin derelict survival )  on solo. At the end of the week they player with the longest survival time will win 100p! MUST BE DONE SOLO NO OTHER PLAYERS ALLOWED TO HELP!



  Reveal hidden contents

We have many ranking's within The Hidden Shinobi, we are different from most clans in that we have mastery rank based rankings. Alongside of council/ management ranking that have different parameter's for qualifying candidates. New recruit's will be immediately placed in their respective Mastery Rank based bracket's.

The Ranking requirements and expectation's are as follows :


  • Genin-  Players That Are New To Warframe And Have Just Started Playing (MR 0-4)

        The newest members to The Hidden Shinobi! These members are the new players under Master Rank 4. They need help and are often eager to learn and participate. There are no responsibilities per-say of these candidates as we know and understand the demand for new players is high.Our Anbu ranked players are here to help you with missions and answer any questions you may have with the game.  


  • Chunnin  New To The Game Need Assistance Still (MR 5-9)

      These members have little responsibility,And make up a majority or the players on warframe and the community as being casual players. They are still somewhat new to the game and will still have many questions about the game along with getting help on missions. The Anbu are here to help these players as well with whatever needs they may have.


  • Jounin -  Average Warframe Players That Actively Play The Game (MR 10-14) 

       Reserved for Mastery rank's 10-14,  There most important to promote and encourage to continue playing. And to rank up in the clan by helping out newer members, recruiting, contributing to new research in the dojo and to contribute to our alliances solar rails. Most responsibilities lay in the participation of clan events and recruitment, but more so emphasizing the need to network internally within the clan. (Play with people in the clan) People of this tier are considered "On their own" in the sense of knowledge and mod's.( You should have your gear together by this point! if not no worries, but make it a point to ask administrators for help.)


  • Sensei - Teacher's Of The Game / Historians And Knowledgeable Player's (MR 15-22)

        The Sensei rank is a prestigious title among The Hidden Shinobi. It is reserved for those who have proven their loyalty to The Shinobi and The Art of War Alliance. Active in both clan and alliance chat, these member's show great charisma and enjoyment with Warframe. We can rely on these player's stepping up to the plate to help other's rank up within the clan and outside of it. These players are NOT expected to give everything they have to others or to participate daily in playing or recruitment; however these players ARE expected to take responsibilities of the Anbu, Akatsuki, Kage, and Sage's unto themselves by enforcing rule's, administering help in moderation, Driving clan challenges, supporting Wartime effort's,  and responding in a timely manner to questions asked or help needed in the chat. In many way's this is one of the most demanding positions!


  • Anbu - Highly Experienced Players Here To Help Out Newer Members And Assits The Clan With Any Needs (MR 20-22)

       The Anbu class of Shinobi is reserved for the top tier player's. These player's are here to help newer members or anyone that needs help /  have any questions about the game.They are also the biggest donator's to the clan and alliance. These are role model players and should be looked up to in the clan by newer players.


  • Akatsuki - Council Member's / Clan Sponsor's / Chat Moderators. A Interview  By (Static Rainn) Will Be Needed Before Getting This Position, As Well As A Age 18+ Requirement, (MR 18+) 

                                                                                                  The Current Akatsuki's 

  ~ ForgottinSoulss  ( Clan Chat Moderator, LOR Raid Leader, JV Raid Leader, Assistant Clan Recruiter, Clan Councilor ) 

  ~ FireX2K  ( Clan Chat Moderator,  Clan Councilor ) 

  ~ NATE1138   ( Clan Chat Moderator, Clan Councilor ) 

  ~ Kliuqard   ( Clan Chat Moderator, LOR Raid Leader, JV Raid Leader, Assistant Clan Recruiter, Clan Councilor ) 

  ~ Weeb Trash  ( Clan Chat Moderator, LOR Raid Leader, JV Raid Leader, Assistant Clan Recruiter, Clan Councilor ) 

  ~ CrazyOldFart   ( Clan Chat Moderator, LOR Raid Leader, JV Raid Leader, Assistant Clan Recruiter, Clan Councilor ) 

  ~ Bluenessless    ( Clan Chat Moderator, LOR Raid Leader, JV Raid Leader, Assistant Clan Recruiter, Clan Councilor ) 

  ~ XxBL4Z3D HAZ3xX  ( Clan Chat Moderator, Clan Councilor )

  ~ ROB17R   ( Clan Chat Moderator, Clan Councilor )


The Akatsuki are the High Council Member's. Clan decisions are presented by Sage's and Kage to the Akatsuki and are then voted on respectively when need be.During Wartime their role is the same as Anbu in that they are expected to help as much as possible, and to more importantly encourage others to help. During Peace times this tier is expected to recruit actively, along with maintenance of clan dynamics; clan chat moderation, recruitment screening / interviewing.To become an Akatsuki, an extensive screening process is involved by (Static Rainn).To become an Akatsuki, A certain character type and energy level is required however, when it comes to clan dynamics. Being active as much as possible and doing whatever it is you normally do open's a player up to creating a community of like minded peer's to play with. This "clan within a clan" is what we hope the Akatsuki will aim for. Having a community of diverse, non-aggressive, adult player's with given respect to that diversity can lead to a betterment of the social structure, along with the stature and integrity of this social experiment. ~BEING ACTIVE AND ACTING LIKE THE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO SEE IN MANAGEMENT IS HOW YOU GET HERE~  Declare your intention of becoming this rank to a clan leader, and we will note your achievement's and progress for several week's. Afterwords you will be notified of your acceptance / rejection. 


  • Kage'- Second In Command / Community Moderators Age 21+ (MR 20+)

                                                            The Current Kage's

  ~ TruthfulTroll ( Co-Clan Recruiter, Co-Clan Community Moderator, Co-Clan Manager )

  ~ SpartyTard (Co-Clan Recruiter, Co-Clan Community Moderator, Co-Clan Manager )

        The Kage rank is right in line with the Warlord rank. The biggest difference's in expectations between the Sage and the Kage are Recruitment and Moderating, Clan event sponsorship and promotion, as well as diversity and equality enforcement.The Kage are NOT Expected to actively participate in these area's daily, in contrast to the Sage's, and are often the "back up" manager's.They ARE expected during wartime to behave as the Anbu however; in that they are needed to fight, promote others to fight, and to co-ordinate among the Sage's as intermediaries to management. Specifically, the expectations are clan management and inter-personal relation keeping. These players are expected to be active as much as possible and to distinguish themselves among the Shinobi.


  • Sage of Six Path's - (Warlord)

                                                                                        The Current Sage Of Six Path's

  ~Fire Fist Abe ( Founder, Clan Coordinator, Chief Executive Officer )

  ~Static Rainn ( Lead Clan Event Sponsor, Social Media Manager, Lead Recruitment Officer, Lead Clan / Alliance Moderator )

     The sage rank is reserved for those who are at least mastery rank 20+, have seniority in regards to clan decisions and event sponsorship, and have proven themselves trustworthy, level headed and professional especially in the face of adversity and hardship. Having a strong management team is essential and having a clear line of command even more so. During clan wars this tier is designed with the management in mind. The sage's jobs during wartime and peace time is the same. Collaboration of the clan, event hosting, recruitment and diversity management, as well as Moderating of the clan through chat, private messages, and interpersonal issues. There is a very fine line between a Kage and a Sage, and often the two ranks are respected equally. Not necessarily the "longest clan participant's"; the majority of the upper management has been selected with the peoples best interest at heart. To become a Sage one must be a Shinobi for at least 1 year and must prove the need for them to become a Sage versus a Kage. This is a FULL TIME  POSITION! We as a clan cannot stress this enough. Life has its up's and down's but if you want something bad enough, you make time for it. This tier is for those who put the community of Warframe above the needs of the individual, and can be on, for however long, any time that is needed; pending emergency. ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITIES ARE GIVEN TO THIS TIER. AGES 21+ ONLY

Alliance Info



  Reveal hidden contents


Here's a video of our Alliance  <- Link

 We are now the Art of War (AoW) Alliance. We are a group of 11 clans, all extremely like-minded and focused on our goal of Solar Rail conquest. Our Alliance currently holds 9 nodes, one of which we conquered in record time on our very first Solar Rail conquest ever. This group is no doubt a WAR MACHINE, and together with our Brothers and Sisters in Arms over at The Arbiters, I fear for any who want to make an enemy of us. More info at:https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/404969-the-art-of-war/  

- Xodus03 (Alliance Leader / All Father of Warframe Community Culture)

Image result for kokujin emblem warframe

This clan I have been in for about five going six months has been truly the best clan I've been in since day 1 of warframe on this game. Always helpful, respectful, active, and just perfect fun active activities in the clan! I'd say I'm a proud member of this clan and as long as it's around I will always call this my home. Static rain is a fantasic leader guys! You won't regret joining this clan..I know j haven't! #ForeverShinbi

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  • (XBOX)Static Rainn changed the title to [Xbox One] ⛩ The Hidden Shinobi ⛩ #1 Overall (Moon Clan) Is Recruiting Active MR16+ Players! 1000 Members, 100% Research, 0% Trade Tax, Helpful, Organized, Top-Tier, Leaderboard Event Clan! Well-Established 6 ½ Year Clan!

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