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TennoGen: Round 5 (almost complete) LIst!

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I'll never look a gift horse in the mouth, but this seems to be quite the small selection in comparison to how many very good items were submitted between these rounds. 


I do hope for the next round you consider some older items, surely not everything aside from these had quality issues.

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3 hours ago, Volkovyi said:

If I can ask, where are these comments from DE left for the content creators? That is something I haven't ever seen specified and as a content creator I would feel comfortable to know where to look for these comments. Steam comment, email, Warframe Forums, etc?

Please let us know!

There's a Private Developer Comment tab on the Steam Workshop page for any Steam Workshop item. I'm assuming that's where the comments are.

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2 minutes ago, acid_ox said:

STOP, WAIT a min! How about Graxx Nyx skin?? What have you done! Just do something and add dat skin right NOW!


That skin didn't make this round. It was released after the deadline.

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6 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Hi Tenno!

The wait has been painful - I know. We are still fleshing through some content files and have left comments for submitters for this round.

But nevertheless, here is what you can expect to release next round (+1 pending author response).

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=728136853 (to complete the Nyx Athena look).

We've left feedback on many posts, and if you did not get a comment or selected please make note of your peers this round on presentation and differentiation with creative choices. You are all incredibly talented people. We look forward to your next round submissions or iterations on current content to be considered. Don't forget, we always re-review content if files have been updated to meet the quality mark in terms of details and craftsmanship.


Any chance of a release date? Id be ok waiting longer for War Within if it ment getting new tenno gen stuff faster. :P

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