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The Silver Grove: U4.2


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Oh this one's good...  Not only does it look like the Nothing is invading (Neverending Story reference), but somewhere near to that darkness that's coming into the area, it's got a "no man's zone" near to it.  You can jump over it, but nothing to be gotten from the treasure boxes in/near the nothing.

Location:  Earth Daylight Ground Mission.  This happened to be on Cambria.  


Same tileset; same mission type...  Different day...  Seems that in the waterslide area, rock seems to be growing a lot more than usual too..  Took a little to work out -- but it can be gotten around.  WSOmoOB.jpg

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Another month at least before war within.... this has become one big joke of a blunder. If I conducted business this way I would have no business. On a game that relies on content for players this is a huge letdown to me and I know many others.  I had so much faith in this game at first but this has really made me reevaluate whether I should invest my time and money anymore. I really hope DE gets it together. 

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Still no fix for:

1.Heavy blade front finisher deals extremely low damage: (even Galatine P deals a lot less melee finisher damage than other weapons)

2.Hysterical Assault falls off the map:

3.Blade Storm losing melee combo on all robotic and machinery type enemies

4.Fatal teleport bug:
 -If the targeted enemy is moving fast enough (such as a running Charger), the finisher will fail.
 -Some melee classes may fail to trigger Finishers on the target. This is currently present with the Nikana series.
 -Teleporting while sliding will fail to trigger a finisher on the target.

5.When using overlay map, the player indicator is no longer at the top layer, it's on the bottom. It can be covered by enemies, allies, loots and interception towers... simply everything.

6.Most primary guns and polearm weapons are still misplaced while holstered.
(The worst case is Ash Prime: most primary, secondary and melee weapons are still misplaced. They still use normal Ash's holstering positions, so most of them are stuck in Ash Prime's armor.)

7.Sobek's Acid Shells effect bug:

8.Aura stops working after access the arsenal in the Simulacrum:

9.Consuming energy orbs even at full energy:

10.Credit reward on excavation bugged?
Instead of 3000, 4000, 5000 we now get 2000, 2500,3000.
I am so tired to farm new relics, and just realized that I get even less reward from grinding.

11.Enemy proc through our status immunity abilities:



*Can you revert solo play countdown to 5 seconds please? There is no need to wait for more since I select solo.

*The invulnerable duration for enemies being corrupted by Void Fissures:
This is still very annoying, especially if you are using Tigris, sniper or something like that. Just make it instant or remove the invulnerability please.


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