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Anndddd it's already October.

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My last big Dev Workshop was in June and that means time for a follow up. What did I tell you last time? Our summer plans. What we were hoping to achieve with splitting out Updates. Where are we now? What's next? What's going on? Where's the last part of the update, 'The War Within'? How much Bourbon has been consumed?
You're asking me the same questions I'm asking myself. My team has been stupidly patient as we look back at Second Dream and scream 'we need to repeat that'. The pressure has been on all summer. We've had a summer of content and fixes go out, but the hype for big older brother (which we've hyped a lot) War Within just makes everything we've done feel… just less. Really I'm here to lay out October for you so you can get just excited about what's coming soon on PC.
This week on PC we bring you 'The Vacuum Within'. To be fair you've been waiting longer for this than the War Within, so maybe this is the real best of the year deploy. No, we're not having 3 Mods make up Vacuum. We changed it. Vacuum is going to be passively built into every Sentinel, no Mods required. It will have a range of 5 meters which in practice looks something like this WIP (pro-Lotus skills hitting an enemy behind the locked door):


Later in October, The Corpus version of Rathuum is hitting PC. This game mode will be called 'The Index'. With it you'll get glimpse of Nef Anyo again! 'The Index' will feel a bit more classic DE in that it'll have an introduction to a new game mode with an Operation (clans rejoice), some Endless emphasis, and an event weapon!

On PC, you can look forward to 'The Vacuum Within' this week.
On PC, you can look forward to  'The Index' in October.
On PC, you can look forward to War Within more than a month away.  
And for Console Tenno,
The Long Shadow Tactical Alert is hopefully coming in October.
An interim build before The War Within that will include the Corpus style Rathuum.
Once The War Within is out our crazy 'break apart Updates' to bring you content faster will be heavily analyzed to see what it achieved. Many of our content creators appreciated us breaking things up for coverage purposes, but even that isn't enough to keep them around if the content itself didn't hit the mark.

So there's a glimpse, an overview, a few paragraphs that explain what's going on here these days. It doesn't do the team's passion justice, but giving you all information is the best way for us to work together. We'll talk more on the Devstream Friday, everyone.




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Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Steve. I'm sure a simple passive Vacuum will be appreciated by folks.

I know the constant War Within delays have to be frustrating for ya. Just hang in there!

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"the vacuum within", I laughed xD
Ty for the information, sounds like a nice sentinel passive

about War Within: good things need time...guess it's better that way^^
Keep up the good work! 

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Back to Black Ops 2 for me then.

The Vacuum changes look sweet, but... isn't the maximum range for Carrier's 10 meters? Not saying 5 meters isn't enough but, will Carrier's Vacuum become downgraded because of this change?  If that's the case, that doesn't sound like a very good addition, at least for Carrier.

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Thank you so much for continuing to keep us updated. I have more patience with you guys than any other dev team, great moves, keep it up, proud of ya.

(P.S. will vacuum work for cats and dogs too? Will there be a space-Dyson attachment that we have to strap to their backs?)

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