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Anndddd it's already October.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Steve said:

We've had a summer of content and fixes go out, but the hype for big older brother (which we've hyped a lot) War Within just makes everything we've done feel… just less.

I don't know how you feel about it as a developer, Steve, but from where I stand (quite a seasoned Tenno) you will not meet the hype and delays you made by literally anything.
No matter how good, no matter how clever or polished the new experience will be… A 2 hour quest (3, 4, 5 or whatever) will not top 10+ months of nothing.
Worst than nothing.
You ruined the endless Void for a sheer nothing of same repeated farming over less diverse and interesting missions in smaller bursts. To farther hit the point you nerfed desecrate. And now you will ruin Carrier. All that in a game mainly and solely about looting.
I do recommend you to consider bourbon after work and not before one.
Any other time this and all the other hiccups would just fly by. Lost in events, alerts, farming for brand new stuff on grand new maps. But not now. Not now when the level of disappointment, misunderstanding and even distrust is so high.
Do not try to jump over your own head it will end traumatic.
Get all the content you can in the game asap. Any content. Any at all. And continue on at x2 speed for at least half a year afterwards (to return the people you had lost). You can polish and upgrade everything later. Some things will work better and be loved more than you expect them to. Your own playersbase will tell you how to fix the rest of it. That worked for you in 2013, will work now as well. Monthly posting “one more month please” will not.
But please act, and act before your inaction (or rather your hard persistent actions on filling some trashbin at DE headquarters) had done some irreversible damage.

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I just want to remind you that Mogamu left because of this exact tosh. There are honestly no words to express how absolutely disgusted I am at DE for this whole ordeal. Week after week I've tried to reserve time around Wednesdays-Thursdays for the War Within and what do I get? A whole lot of fricking nothing! I just really hope that this is unintentional. I'd hate to see you turn into what Payday 2 is. If you had released the quest ages ago these "bugs" that need fixing or whatever you're screwing around with would've been patched within a week, or a month. Not over the span of half a year while you guys fall over your own feet and do nothing but aggrivate a once loving community into nothing but a community of bitter hatred. I've been in several fandoms and this feels like the peek. It's all downhill from here.

I still love this game but I don't know if I should be making plans on jumping ship now. Whatever happened to the "full speed ahead" to War Within? I would've perferred that and not had updates then to have dirt sprinkled at me. I don't think I can vent enough.

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I have to agree with those stating that the flaw is that you're biting off more than you can chew with this whole concept of presenting a cinematic experience. Not only that, but I didn't come to enjoy Warframe for being cinematic in the first place; why would I enjoy that now?

The moment the game started presenting chronological events, such as Quests that take place at a specific time, was when it started interesting me less. You know what I liked about Warframe from the get-go? The persistence and the concept of an actual living world.

I know the intro was pretty linear, as every player fought Vor at a time when Vor was attempting to capture Warframes, but everything else in the game was considered on-going. It treated events like as though masses of Tenno were attempting to put a stop to the aggression of our foes. Now, we have quests that treat the player like they're the first to even do something. I like Events better than Quests, because they reflect Warframe as being a living world that actually bends to the actions of the players. I like that feeling of persistence; that the game acknowledges I'm one of many, and that I'm not the first to discover something.

That's what I liked about Warframe; this non-linear, non-chronological, living world, and I was hoping that it would evolve to explain why when we kill bosses that they come back for more, and that it would expand upon the concept that the bosses you've fought have already been killed or victims of attempted assassination by other Tenno, as well as give us more in-universe things to discover and realize, that the community would drive the plot of the game.

Instead, it evolved into a story, and that just makes it dramatically less interesting for me. Instead of making Warframe more free and more alive, it has been made more static and less involving.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy The Second Dream, and that's not to say I won't enjoy The War Within, but just know, I didn't come to enjoy Warframe because I expected a cinematic experience; the aspect I loved about it was the persistence of its fiction that reflected the actions of those who got involved with it. It was the potential I saw; could DE make a full, fourishing, world with depth, without tying me down to a linear plot?

I feel like somewhere along the way, that concept was lost. It felt like it occurred somewhere after the Suspicious Shipments.

Therefore, I would not be disappointed in the slightest if it was decided to move away from the overburdening cinematic quests. But, if it's where Warframe is going, then I suppose I will just enjoy Warframe for a different reason, but definitely not as satisfactory a reason.

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I run Kubrows, I dislike running corpus missions, "more than a month away"... aww, man.

Hope 'the index' is more than a handful of enemies rocking varying forms of Nullifier bubble though... May avoid the forums around that time.

2 hours ago, [DE]Steve said:

So there's a glimpse, an overview, a few paragraphs that explain what's going on here these days. It doesn't do the team's passion justice, but giving you all information is the best way for us to work together. We'll talk more on the Devstream Friday, everyone.

Will all the stuff being teased on your twitter feed be shipping with the TWW, or will they be rolled out beforehand? - Maybe a question for the DevStream?

Thanks for the update, it's good to get a timeline on what's happening with the title.

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About the Vacuum: I'm cool with it. I still remember when I started playing and I kept Vacuum unranked for some time, it wasn't so bad. At least it's enough to avoid having to step on the drops with millimetrical precision while being able to bring different Sentinels.

About the Corpus Rathuum, I would wait on judging it: nobody said it's a copy-paste of the Grineer one, maybe there will be significant changes to the arena gameplay. Also, can we expect Nef Anyo as a full-fledged boss that we need to defeat after the arena, just as Kela? I've always wanted to see him use his robotic beard in combat.

About the TWW delay... I'm on the side of the disappointed people.

Posts before mine have said enough already, but I want to insist on the aspect that I find more important: I'd rather have more events, operations, and tactical alerts over the course of a year than waiting that whole year for a cinematic quest. I'm sure that the quest, no matter how much "kolossal-movie-esque" will be, will be over in a few hours at best (unless you insert some grind, but please don't do it, that's not the right way to make content longer!). The new game content it will bring (the sentient-arm-weapons thingies) will hopefully feel fresh for longer. But then I wonder: wouldn't I prefer to have that new game content available early, together with other content that will grant me more than a few hours of enjoyment if summed all together? And the answer is: yes I would.

Rather than building hype, I think I'm starting to build hate (and I'm not talking about the Stalker's scythe): this quest is consuming an enormous amount of development time and neither us players nor you developers can see the end of it, I'm sure we would have had a better experience overall if that quest wasn't even planned. I can't say I don't want it anymore because the invested time can't be given back (otherwise I'd say it), but believe me, I tremble at the thought of the day when you announce the next one, fearing that it will be another bottomless pit for you to spend time on filling.


See, even Vay Hek agrees:


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had to point out a pun I didn't realize I made :P
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5m is a bit short for a loot vacuum, given Carrier's current 12m range. Making it a Sentinel passive still leaves Kubrow and Kavat users without vacuum. Arguably Kavats do offer some really powerful bonuses, but Kubrows are still fairly underwhelming in most instances.

I'm certainly looking forward to 'The Index'. Will there be any Augment mods, like the Rathuum ones?

As for the 'The War Within' delays - design, development and testing takes time. I don't have any problems with delays (although I can understand the frustrations that others express). Why it has been delayed for so long is confusing though.

On a final note, when will we find out the winners of the 24h TWW Casting Contest?

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43 minutes ago, Multicom-EN- said:

"We aim to release it at the end of August."
"We are trying to release it after the next Tenno meet-up"
"If the update isnt released until the end of Juli, I am being fired"
"We are going to release it in September."
"Probably end of September."
"You can look forward to War Within more than a month away."

Oh wait, there was another thing.
"We are trying to put down the endless grinding walls so people actually have more time to enjoy the game entirely. We dont want them to repeat the same thing over and over again."

*Looks at the Relic update - no more long runs, instead we now have much more repititive shorter runs*
*Looks at Rathuum - has to grind the Arena points to do a boring fight*
*Looks at the Titania quest - GO PICK FLOWERS DUDE!*
*Looks at the recently released Aura mods - "Yo, I heard you love plants?"*

*DE in a nutshell intensifies*

And then:

-Sorry, Tenno, but we have problems with releasing the War Within update. We'll do our best to deliver it to you in half of November.

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Deeply thank you Steve.

The War Within created a very high hype, and the delays on the production served to increase the expectations around this last update. As a game designer, I personally understand that if the content is not good enough, the better option is to delay to a further date. I know part of me is upset about this long wait, but is for a noble cause. For this you don't need to apologize.

I'll just ask to you, on the next big updates on the horizon (aka Update 20: Umbra), please only show us new things when the content is solid enough and a release date is solidly confirmed. I know, the excitement is hard to control, but is better than this long wait caused by a (totally understandable) desire to show future updates. 

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The War Within hype is being announced TOO SOON. I mean if DE tells the hype about TWW for like "might take a year", people wont get really disappointed like this. It's because DE keep promising to release at month {x} but then delayed and said it will release at month {x+1} and so on, the hype is dead, salt and disappointments. Well i never expect TWW to release until like a year after The Second Dream (and looks like my bet was closely correct). You could just tell us the progress on TWW without announcing it really soon.

The Surprise prepared within The War Within wont be much surprising as the hype is long dead and rotten. PLEASE STOP ANNOUNCING STUFF "SOON", IT MIGHT KILL THE HYPE AND PRODUCT WONT BE AS IMPRESSIVE AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN.


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