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Coming Soon: Devstream #81!

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Join us this Friday, October 7th for Devstream #81!

Who: Rebecca is joined by Steve, Scott, Geoff and special guest Lead Programmer DARRYL... well now he'll be here in spirit but he has given us QUITE the box of toys to play with! If you were at TennoCon you saw Darryl's panel on mission generating, and we have a treat for Twitch today! 

What: This Devstream will of course include a Q&A (put you questions below), but also something a little different. We're going to be showing off a real-time mission generator, with the results designed by YOU! You'll have to tune in to see what's in store and how this will play out... a victory on stream will lead to more post-stream bonus Alerts! Whether it's hard or easy will be up to you. 

Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes! 

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe

When: Join us this Friday, October 7th 2 p.m. EDT! Time Zone Converter: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ 

If you have questions, post them below! This thread closes at 10 a.m. on October 7th! 

P.S we will be talking about this as well should you have questions on the post: 


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I have small 2, a quick and a long-ish one:

1-What are your plans for Archwing? 

also when are you gonna increase the AW XP share range? you said you would when you answered my questions about it a few devstreams ago : / 

2- You said in TVW that this is just the first of sentinel changes, can we expect new precepts to old sentinels like Wyrm, Dethcube...etc? also you teased us a while a new starter sentinel, will that be coming soon with the sentinel changes?

also are there plans on making more sentinel-weapon synergies? like with the gazal and djinn? 

as for vacuum changes, vacuum was one of 2 reason carrier (prime) was so overused, the second reason is that it has the best defensive stats of all sentinels. sentinels usually die really fast in higher lvls, but carrier prime could take a lot of beating before it died, so can we expect at least a defensive buff to other sentinels? 

I mean yes you did make carrier a bit less appealing, but you didn't exactly make the other sentinels more appealing either, at least stat wise

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Silva & Aegis buff and pbr when?

More Volt QoL changes? - movable shield is basicaly unusable with its ridiculous downsides, discharge stun is sometimes not existant due to dmg cap

Volt Deluxe Skin when?!


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Will we ever see improvements to outdated Primes such as Fang Prime, Sicarus Prime, Akbronco Prime and it's weird clip size?

Will the Akvasto Prime ever become a reality?

No, seriously.

We all really, really want it badly... :'( 


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Now that Vacuum is more widely available, is there any chance that Mag might get a new passive? Or perhaps a range buff on her current one?

EDIT: Oh, also, for the upcoming Index Operation, should we expect any interaction from our favoured Syndicate as it was in Rathuum?

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What are your thoughts on weapon accuracy and handling, such as the current state of randomized recoil and bullet spread not being controllable via mouse input? 

Also, are there any plans to promote conclave, such as making an epic trailer with the release of dedicated servers?

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Again: Mostly same as before (polishing the presentation is a WIP), responses to given answers at the end; and spoilerized for length.

tl;dr - 1 is new, 2 is rephrased, 3 is new (3b isn't), 4b is new, 6 is new, 8 (undercover boss) is now re:TWW.


By rough order of importance and/or current relevance - and my perception of the likelihood they'll be addressed.

I'll try and condense the questions into bullet points, with context or elaboration below as needed.

1) Auras are "a system that hasn't been touched in a long while, and will at least be partially expanded with Titania bringing a few more. Beyond that remains to be seen."
Alright, Titania's come and gone, introducing the new Auras.
Any current thoughts on Auras? (Recap in spoiler.)


While neat, they still don't challenge Corrosive Projection et al.

Growing Power isn't affected by ability-caused procs - reducing its usefulness... and doesn't outperform Corrosive Projection vs. mid+ game armor, Stand United - last I heard - is additive (read: like Steel Fiber - pointless on low-armor frames, diluted by Steel Fiber on high-armor frames) i.e. not worth the opportunity cost, Empowered Blades seems so overcosted for its effect that I haven't bothered taking it for a spin (but that may just be me).
Pistol and Shotgun Amp fill existing gaps (and aren't worth using in mid+ game over Corrosive Projection).
On the bright side, Brief Respite is situationally quite nice.
Beyond that, there's:
* The existence of 3-rank auras vs to more standard 5, making them (even) less desirable, because less mod points.
* All the V auras being additive straight damage, which is to say: both lacking in variety and growing less beneficial as your base damage mods improve.
* D auras being: Situational (Infested Impedance), useless (Physique, because it scales off base, unmodded health) and alright (Rejuvenation).
* - auras having Corrosive Projection, Energy Siphon, the Radars and basically every other actually-useful aura excepting Rejuvenation.)


2) Controls for repeated Stealth finishers are clunky and leave you fully visible while removing player control. Can Stealth finisher animations/conditions get a pass?
To make them more fluid, less vulnerability/visibility-inducing? Particularly when sneaking up on multiple units, individual takedowns (not to mention the new alert-ing mechanics) tend to screw you up.
Elevations break them, facing can be finicky, and the vast majority have a lot of unnecessary frames that aren't needed.
Furthermore, having i-frames for them is great, but they root you in the open - leaving you visible and often getting you spotted.
Using one every so often is fine, but using them in sequence (e.g. sleeping or blinding an enemy group) - and especially if you're going "legit" stealth (i.e. not invis) is very clunky.

2b) Also, can they be given a different keybind than melee?
Speaking of "legit" stealth and finicky facing, I'd rather not accidentally poke the Bombard I'm trying to sneak up on and shank, ya know?

3) Can Convergence please be gotten rid of?
While the Convergence spawn mechanics are not completely clear to me, there is a certain exp generation condition.
This is rather counterproductive most of the time, as it'll spawn immediately after I nuke a room, clear a Spy vault, etc.
Assuming the answer is 'No':
- Any word on it getting a pass? It's been... what? 9 months? A year?

3b) Not a question, and assuming Convergence is staying: When considering any new Focus/Convergence changes, please keep Spy missions in mind? :'(
tl;dr - Convergence has killed Spy missions anything that isn't on-demand exp-bursts as a source of Focus.

4) Could we get a quick overview on your take of the 'state of the frames'?
How satisfied you are with what was reworked, what (if anything) more needs to be done there, next 'brightest fires', etc.

4b) Is Volt's rework officially done? Has Energy Shield permanently lost its beam weapon interaction?

5) Given Steve's thoughts on disconnecting (or not disconnecting) cosmetics and gameplay, are there any UI improvements in the pipes for managing your synd sigils across your entire arsenal?

5b) Also, any UI addition/streamlining to bring your active Focus tree into the Arsenal?
After all, it is a part of your loadout.

6) Has any progress (of thought or implementation) been put into "Damage 3.0 / Enemy Scaling 3.0 / whatever" since you last talked of it (coming up on 5 months ago, iirc)?
Is it even still a thing? Damage 3.0 was mentioned in Tennocon (iirc?), as completely no progress, so nm this atm.

6) What was the intent in removing the conclave rating from mods and the arsenal?

7) Given that it's obvious that 'all weapon were not made equal', is there any concrete intention to officially tier gear? After all, Scott has said on at least a couple of previous Devstreams that he has some kind of tiering system when creating new weapons.

8) Scott: Is "undercover boss" still a thing? Will you resume it for TWW?

9) Is 'All Warframes should be overpowered' (or however DE_Steve phrased it) still the intention?
9b) On that note: if 'yes', how do Nullifiers fit in with this vision?

10) Excavation re-revisit? Please? ... Please? From its inception, it was my favorite game-mode. (And given its popularity in the CHT poll asking about previous events, I'm not alone in this.)

11) Have any changes been made to the announced next batch of weapon augments (these), based on the feedback given?

12) And on the topic of band-aid mods, has any thought been given to Covert Lethality, daggers, dual daggers, stealth-prompt attacks, etc?
12b) Actually, backtrack a bit: What do you consider to be 'bandaid's?

13) Can syndicate procs please not activate while you have the stealth multiplier buff up? (Seems both an easier and simpler solution than putting them under player control, though I may be wrong.)
btw, thanks for making them silent.

14) Snipers: Scope-sway is irritating and possibly inapproriate (do 'frames need to breathe, have a cardiovascular system?), but I can live with it. That said: Any word on removing hipfire accuracy malus from snipers? Please?
Alternatively, are there any particular pros or cons to  removing it faster so quickscoping is possible?

15) I admit, I've not played Dark Sector, but the Glaive has been a favorite of mine for almost a year now. Any chance that the richochet mechanic will be looked at? I don't think I've ever seen a bounce hit something.

15b) On that note, do you consider thrown melee to be in a good place (what with bounces being, afaik, completely ineffectual - as above -, their attack-cycle length, the inherent 2-3 mod slot tax required to make them usable (Quick Return, Power Throw, Whirlwind(, Entropy Flight), their not being affected by melee combo... and all of which are mod slots you can't use to increase their damage)?

15c) What about having Altfire while in melee-mode immediately throw your thrown melee? Since it doesn't do anything atm.
(Would also dovetail nicely with Reload or Altfire switching modes for the Split Sword, if that ever happens.)

16) You have tracking data on completed missions. Has there been any talk about unplayed or disliked (e.g. here) mission types?

17) How will 'Damage / Enemy Scaling 3.0' affect status weapons' underpreformance in DE Approved Content enemy-levels compared with crit (or even decent straight-damage) weapons?

17b) Will this finally redeem the Sure Shot et al. mods? (+% status, 15% at rank 5 - where the dualstats give 60% at rank 3)

18) Reticule customisation? Particularly in Archwing, the crosshairs dot can be very hard to see.
--- Credit where credit is due: The new Archwing scope is much less easily lost. Thank you for that.

19) Speaking of Archwing - What about removing aura-inheritence and just giving them an aura slot? Are there any particular cons?

20) Any plans to better integrate Archwing into your loadout selection? If nothing else, to make it clear at-a-glance which AW loadout (by loadout name is probably sufficient) is currently selected.

21) Options to disable/limit screen shake and auto-mantle?

22) Exilus slots have been around for a while now. Are they working as intended vis-a-vis modding flexibility?

22b) Similarly, what are your current thoughts on augments vis-a-vis mod slots? Are they working as intended? What are your thoughts about dedicated aug slots? If that's a possibility, at what point does that just become a 'tech tree' - and as such why not just implement it as one?

23) Any realistic chance that revisiting the combo counter. or at least the bandaid mods Body Count/Harkonar Scope is on the radar? Such as splitting the bonus between base duration and the mod, like the Conclave KD/stagger defense mod - Anticipation, or how staggers work in Lunaro, now.

24) I don't expect Banshee's passive to change, sadly, so:
Since Silence isn't actually 'Silence' so much as 'Deafen', and Banshee has innate weapon silencing for a passive. Any thoughts on changing Silence? Possibly into its PvP/Malice version?



Steve shared his thoughts on disconnecting cosmetics from gameplay.

What do you want Warframe to be?
-- "All things to all people", "make your own fun".

Being 'all things to all people' is an admirable goal, but you need, at least a little, to fascilitate it - making it less difficult to do.
For example: I like the frentic, fullness-of-senses of enemy density in a "level appropriate" game of Excavation nm, we don't talk about that anymore survival once the spawns start ramping up. This starts past ~17 minutes, but for the enemy level to begin approaching my mods, I need to wait for ~47-54 minutes before things actually become dangerous.
Now, I recently came across a post (for the first time, incidentally) that says I can't "underclock" my mods to tune my power level to the content due to limitations of the Mod system architecture. Fair enough.
But the point remains that I can't, and even if I have multiples of mods, I need to 1) Estimate player-to-enemy power correctly and then 2) suffle all my mods on all my gear (while not losing track of what my mod setup was before), and then 3) do this again and again, every single time, for any mission that isn't 'up to my level'.
This is waaay too much manual upkeep to expect, by my lights.
On the flip side, I have no way to influence enemy levels or spawn density aside from snoring my way through the first 45 minutes while I wait for the game to scale up the enemies. Urgh.
So, all things to all people. Wonderful, I can live with that - but give me something to work with.

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1 minute ago, Zarozian said:

New War Within Promo Video Win? ;O

Announce the winners so that I don't keep hoping please~ ;<

"We will not be announcing our top picks on the Forums. We'd rather surprise whoever was picked when the video is released! Thank you again, and have a wonderful rest of the week."

From: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/703393-24-hr-tenno-casting-call-be-featured-in-a-promo-video/

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Presumably The War Within will include some new mechanic in order to retain the players who left during the update drought but who'll come back when the update drops since a quest alone, no matter how good, probably won't be enough.

But will the focus system be getting much needed improvements at the same time? Focus is currently a case of a handful of worthwhile passives that are actually worth the effort invested, and a bunch of other powers that nobody ever uses, and the only reason people use focus in general is to activate those passives. What does DE intend to do to rectify this? (Please don't say nerf the good focus passives. :()

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How would the devs feel about allowing the upcoming PVE Arcata to gain Conclave standing in PVE content?

Before you just immediately dismiss the idea, hear me out here. Lately you've been trying to give weapons (and melee in particular) special quirks - Inaros' mutalist gear, Stradavar, Dark Split-Sword, Heliocor, syndicate melee (probably more I'm forgetting). This could be another, very fitting quirk, since by using the PVE Arcata you ARE essentially training the same skills you would be in PVP.
If you're concerned about losing the sense of progression by going through the PVP ranks you could have it as an augment (or a permanent upgrade akin to widgets from Simaris) sold by Teshin at a high rank for a high amount of standing - that way you still have to make the trek through the ranks in Conclave and only then can you get a boost from the PVE weapon.
Lastly, the PVP would still remain relevant for gaining standing as you would still have the daily and weekly tasks available only through Conclave itself - and I always felt doing those is fine but having another 20 thousand standing to grind out daily after that is a pretty tall order, which I imagine most people don't bother with.

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