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The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #2

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Aye! Nice, Thanks!

Already equipped Intensify onto my Hype for Kubrows and Kavats Vacuum xD


I hope other Sentinels get reworked soon, cuz some of them have such little shield and health that they can die in no time.

Hype Hype Hype!

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1 minute ago, Jackel7 said:

As somebody who has the mods: Looter(carrier), Detect Vulnerability(Helios), Enhanced Vitality, Redirection and Metal fiber All Maxed. I have run into a unique problem...I have no space for vacuum now!! When it was a passive All sentinels were on equal footing and I saw people running with sentinels base on its role. But now i'm in my own Sentinel Dilemma, and the only dilemma ever liked was the Gradivus Dilemma.


It's even worse with Diriga (3 precept mods).

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Thank you DE, a major step in the right direction, and thanks for listening to our griping and bearing with us. Not a perfect solution, but this is an improvement over not only the Vacuum Within update, but also over the previous situation, by making vacuum a universal mod instead of a Carrier specific one.

But this will reintroduce the discussion of improving companion mod slots, innate abilities, leveling up without improving health shields etc, and durability.

And now to testing and playing with the new mod.

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30 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #2


*Note from your Developers: It’s been 3 years of Carrier dominating the Vacuum business, and only recently we've even started a dialog on a topic you've brought up frequently. Experiments (such as The Vacuum Within) typically have 2 sides- you either fail or you succeed. Our previous idea to have universal Vacuum be a 3 Mod makeup was proposed on Devstream #80, to which we then scrapped after acknowledging the copious amounts of “please don’t do that” feedback.

From that, our new idea was to have Vacuum built into every Sentinel with a reduced range. Upon reading the constructive feedback from our Community about The Vacuum Within, it was clear we needed to make some tweaks- and here we have experimental Mutation X! Vacuum is now an equippable Mod (Precept) for all Sentinels. We have also increased the range from 6m to 12m at max rank. All current Sentinel owners will receive this Mod instantly, as well as retroactively with every Sentinel crafted or purchased- much like other default Precepts.

With that being said, we appreciate those that kept the feedback valuable and refrained from death threats. We changed something precious to you, and we will continue to change where needed as we listen to the Community.

  • Changed the Mod image for Ammo Case to better reflect its role. 
  • Compacted large numbers for some ability notifications on the HUD (eg: Equinox’s Maim).


  • Fixed the Wukong Noggle missing his tail.
  • Fixed the Gazal Chest Plate not being centered on Hydroid.
  • Fixed the Halikar doing 10 throw damage instead of the intended 105.
  • Fixed Sentinels attacking enemies while you’re performing a stealth finisher. 
  • Fixed Oxium Ospreys suicide charging immediately.
  • Fixed being able to place decorations in the Operator room in areas you should not be able to.
  • Fixed Ammo Case still applying its buffs after Carrier has died.
  • Fixed Ammo Case refilling ammo on respawn.
  • Fixed Ammo Case refilling ammo on Host Migration. 
  • Fixed Emblems placed on the right Gazal Shoulder Guard floating away.
  • Fixed numerous translation errors.

^thanks a lot DE u honor us Lotus Crew!!

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Thanks, 6m vaccum really was bad and took away fun from playing the game.

Having said that it's still a far cry from a real Universal Vacuum (innate 10-12m  on frames with an option to toggle it off)


I hope you guys will see the light and we will get there in time.

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26 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Vacuum is now an equippable Mod (Precept) for all Sentinels.

As was mention in my deleted thread, this is one way of doing it. But the thread itself was about having vacuum inbuilt into the warframes and archwings. Vacuum is an important quality of life gameplay element. We need it integrated into the game's loot system. Having it locked behind specific equipment is not a good approach. Same goes for the body count, focus first cooldown and such. We will still lose vacuum the second sentinel dies - for that people kill themselves in the game to resurrect the sentinel. It's comical and not really a healthy gameplay.

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So all will use again Carrier with Vacuum up.


Increase the Mods Slot for the Sentinel...

Or All will use Carrier again with Vacuum...

Dont Destroy the option to use the Ability of Sentinel..

oo And Stop destroy other Rear Mods..

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hmm.... while the 12m range is what we wanted we kind of need another mod slot now because it's not a passive and now we kind of need to lose a mod to make use of vacuum...

Also while you were changing it couldn't you have have just made it a companion mod like animal instinct so we could have it on our kubrows/kavats too, plenty of us were asking for kavats/kubrows to be included. 

Got to say the ideal solution would still have been to put it as a passive on ALL warframes because ultimately a companion can die in missions and we lose vacuum.



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I was personally quite annoyed by the vacum change/nerf. And i think i made it quite clear in the couple of posts i made. Seeing this change makes me feel very satisfied. Thank you DE. This is a step in the right direction. Why wasn't something like this done in the first place.. Maybe all of this could have been avoided. :p

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37 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Oxium Ospreys suicide charging immediately.

Isnt this what they are supposed to do?

They even make a noise to tell you that is going to happen.

Just raise the drop amount of Oxium if this is the issue.

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I have been playing Warframe since its open release 3 years ago, and as much as I have wanted to use pets and other sentinels, Carrier's Vaccuum was always what i preferred and felt I needed.

Without it, so many items are missed due to items clipping through a wall or in the floor or in some tight spot i can't get into or just for the fact that I had no idea there was any loot there to begin with and Vaccuum solved that for me.

I definitely approve having a proper range Vacuum precept across all sentinels and I will finally get to enjoy other sentinels without losing that feature.

However, I do think warframes should perhaps have a very small increase to pickup range as well, just enough so that when something is right next to us it will still pick it up, having to walk directly over stuff as a new player or without a sentinel can get a tincy bit tedious.

I look forward to seeing what you will try next with the pickups system :)

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Honestly, i like the 6m passive.  But, I thought it should have been put on warframes instead of on sentinels, and including a boost to that range on the Carrier.  5-6m is enough that you can choose when to pick up strategically important loot without feeling like you're having to stop your gameplay to do a quick touch-all-the-cones agility drill.  Having a mod on carrier that could boost this passive range would let people who want carrier to still be carrier to have their carrier.  Heck, you could even make the mod universal to sentinels if you want.

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Thank you for this, both recognising the need to change and the current option.

It alows those that don't want it to not use it, and those who want it the old way to stay that way. But now we have increased sentinel choice. 

Things will not change strait away ok DE, your chart will take time to undo it's shape. Some people will stick with carrier as they like it for other reasons. Now look to the other reasons why some sentinels are not used and please forgive us that we may be a bit raw after the last week. 

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Is it just me who thinks it was all part of the damage control?

They've delayed TWW. Obviously, people would be upset about it. So, they've nerfed something overwhelming majority of players use. It made people forget about delay and focus anger at Vacuum. Then, after a day of rage, nerf is reverted. Now, everyone is ecstatic and grateful and nobody remembers about TWW.

A conspiracy theory, I know

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