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Texture on the prisma dual cleaver and general thouights on the dark-split sword


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I've been holding off on this feedback for a while (since I was sure no fix would come before TWW, where i'd mainly want to use these weapons), but with the recently announced delays, I thought I may as well put these up in the hope that they get some love


As you can see in the image above, applying the Nari and Vali skin on the prisma dual cleavers results in very awkward texture bending and warping. Although I can't say for sure that this is not intended, I doubt most people would want to see it like this.

In the case of the dark-split sword, with the emergence of the twin-sword stance being the overall preffered mode, i'd love it if DE would allow players to utilize both greatsword and twin sword holsters (dependent on form, of course), and dual-sword skins. As it is, the dark-split sword feels like a greatsword which you can wield as two swords- and although this might be the intended feel, my personal opinion is that it would make the dark-split sword more unique if it felt like a weapon with two modes (a la trick weapons in bloodborne). Once again, just my opinion though. 

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