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The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #3


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The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #3


  • Added back Djinn’s buff icon in the form of a Corrosive Proc icon.
  • Added the Disruptor Drone to the Codex.


  • Reduced memory usage and load-times in a number of situations (Relays should benefit the most).
  • Moved Nyx’ Absorb damage counter up to the buff notification area (like Equinox' Maim damage counter).
  • Made Equinox’ Maim damage counter show up immediately (as zero) so that you can tell you've cast it even when there are no enemies in range. 
  • Removed the ability to ally mark Mirage’s clones. This was causing the minimap to become hectic with too many blue dots.
  • Revised the Market icon for the TennoGen Excalibur Graxx Skin at artist's request.
  • Changed a Phobos Junction task to read ‘Scan 3 Cephalon Fragments on Mars’ instead of 5.

Conclave Fixes

  • Fixed Titania’s Razorwing ability displaying as ready to cast even though the player does not have 100 energy in Conclave.


  • Fixed Clan Emblems not getting updated. We apologize for those that have been waiting patiently for their new Clan Emblems.
  • Fixed regions defaulting to NA-E when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed the Zenistars charge disc range FX not increasing in size when equipping melee range Mods (i.e. Primed Reach).
  • Fixed Clients not being able to see the Iron Skin FX when joining a mission where a player already has Iron Skin active.
  • Fixed the Ki'teer Kavat Armor projectors not changing with energy colour.
  • Fixed seeing Nezha’s Warding Halo Safeguard Augment lingering on ally companions when they are invisible.
  • Fixed Valkyr’s Warcry not ending when there are no allies/enemies left being affected.
  • Fixed Syndicate Mods not doing their effect for clients after they exit Archwing/Submersible/Titania's Razorwing.
  • Fixed the Codex Scanner not working on ragdolled enemies.
  • Fixed Mirage’s clones throwing invisible Glaives.
  • Fixed Titania gaining energy while in Limbo’s Rift and having Razorwing active. 
  • Fixed Infested Maggots not exploding after their lifespan is up.
  • Fixed Itzal's Blink colliding with Odonata's Energy Shell as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/705690-itzals-blink-broken-interaction-with-energy-field/
  • Fixed Amesha’s Watchful Swarm not ending if you exit Archwing modeas per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/704078-ameshas-watchful-swarm-animation-doesnt-end-when-you-resurface-in-uranus/ 
  • Fixed Nekros not being able to Desecrate dead enemies that are playing a death animation.
  • Fixed Nekros desecrating one piece of a corpse causing the Desecrate timer to be reset for other pieces of the same corpse.
  • Fixed the Drahk Master taking Titania’s Razorwing weapons. 
  • Fixed Shadow Debt Mods applying to Titania’s Razorwing weapons.
  • Fixed doing a broken animation when attempting to move while doing a charge attack with a machete. 
  • Fixed Syndicate Assassin squads refusing to spawn in Defense missions until their target moves away from the Defense pod.
  • Fixed a script error on the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed a script error when navigating the World State Window.
  • Fixed Grineer Manics not being included in the Codex properly. 
  • Fixed text in the Relic Refinement UI overlapping in certain languages. 
  • Fixed numerous localization errors.

Missed Change:

  • Increased bandwidth allocation for the Hijack payload; this may help with the Law of Retribution in some cases where the host can't keep up.
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So! Let's talk about what's been going on and what I would like to see!

Firstly, now that we have Machete's seeing much more love, it would be nice to eventually get another stance for them - something with a better normal combo, instead of the janky - chopping motion we have now. 

Also, now we have the Vacuum mod it would be appropriate to add it to Companions. However, there are multiple ways it could work - I am in favour of an option where the Companion will draw resources to themselves from 12 metres away, and the resources they collect are instantly transferred to you. You do not gain a Vacuum radius around your character. This would distinguish Companions from Sentinels somewhat, while still keeping them useful!

Oh, will it also be possible to scan the Ayatan Sculptures soon enough? It would be glorious to add them to the codex - especially as we are able to scan them whilst in our Orbiters - the reason we are able to use Scanners in the Orbiter is currently unclear.

This has also been talked about by Devs before, but I would still love to be able to individually customise armour parts in the appearance section of the Arsenal - this is minor, but as soon as the War Within comes out it would be a feature I would Love to see.

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Thanks DE!

Hey DE, I have a suggestion for Ash’s new bladestorm rework. In Devstream #81, Scott explained that the concept for the new bladestorm allows the player to pick their targets to attack while draining energy for every mark used on a target. In order to mark enemies, the player must hold 4 while making eye contact (assert dominance!) with his victims. The idea for this rework was to allow Ash to keep the fundamental design of bladestorm while giving the player more mobility and interaction instead of a press-4-to-win.

My only suggestion and critique for the current bladestorm rework is that you should make it a toggle instead of making it an ability where you have to press and hold to mark the targets before releasing to attack. In Devstream #81, DE Scott said that the new bladestorm gives the player more interaction with Bladestorm. This is a very good concept that allows players to have more interaction and mobility while they use Bladestorm. However, having to press-and-hold while targeting reduces player mobility because they have to find and target enemies while running around and doing backflips to evade enemy fire, which is extremely difficult when you have one of your fingers pressing 4 down.

During ability toggle, the player is able to target enemies while still giving them the freedom to shoot and use mobility maneuvers. When the toggle is turned off, the player enters bladestorm.

Tera Online, an MMORPG, has a very good example of this concept. The player is able to target enemies during ability toggle and then release to attack enemies. This is crucial is a fast-paced action RPG because it still allows the player to reposition and dodge enemy attacks while still being able to target and attack their enemies:


 (I couldn’t save this gif onto my computer for some reason, but here’s the link)


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