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The Index Preview


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Fight against the Corpus Elite and wager your performance to earn rewards! From now until October 27 we’re looking for the best fighters to participate in the preview window of The Index.

Fight against the Corpus elite and wager your performance to earn new Mods and other rewards. You have 7 days to participate in The Index Preview – get ready! 
Game Mode Preview - Take on a team of brutal Corpus Champions in The Index, masterminded by profit seeker Nef Anyo. Place your Wagers, and compete for Profit and Glory, and let the Credits rain down! New Mods are also available as drops from the Corpus Champions.
Corpus Champions drop the following Mods:

  • Thermagnetic Shells (Detron)
  • Kinetic Ricochet (Tetra)
  • Medi-Pet Kit (Companion)
  • Shield Charger (Sentinel)
  • Static Discharge (Prova)
  • Pain Threshold (Exilus)

Find them to learn their function! 

Note that this is a Preview of The Index. Greater rewards, Clan Trophies and Leaderboards will come later when the full variant of The Index goes live. We welcome your constructive feedback so we can prepare a proper Operation on a polished version- enjoy!


•    Atlas Arhat Helmet by Rekkou
•    Oberon Destrier Helmet by Rekkou
•    Loki Rogue Helmet by artarrwen
•    Trinity Messiah Helmet by Cheshire
•    Wukong Xingzhe Helmet by Rekkou
•    Valkyr Cheetah Helmet by Cheshire


•    Boltara by Faven_PS and Scharkie
•    Officium Syandana by Hitsu San and Operative Shift
•    Deru Syandana by malayu


•    Chroma Drevni Skin by Volkovyi

Weapon Skins
•    Magesty Orthos Skin by prosetisen


  • Caustacyst - Charge attacks from this scythe unleash a wave of acid that mutilates enemies and leaves a trail of corrosive sludge. 
  • Tentacyst Sugatra - A disgusting little nib of flesh to infest the hilt of any melee weapon. 
  • Embolist Armour Bundle - Calcified flesh creates forms of grotesque beauty. 
  • Embolist Collection - This collection of unnatural, malformed, Infested growths contains; the Caustacyst Scythe, the Embolist Pistol, Tentacyst accessory for melee weapons and the Embolist Armor.


Emblematic Glyph Pack - 10 new Glyths! 


  • Added fail mission countdown and action required before countdown is done for Maroo’s Ayatan Sculpture hunt mission.
  • A New Perrin Sequence Lunaro Arena has been added! This new Lunaro Map honors the Perrin Sequence by introducing a wider goal, soaring structures and modified pillar positions. 
  • A New Infested Frigate map has been added to all Conclave combat game modes! This new Map features a Corpus cruiser that has been attacked and overtaken by a massive infestation outbreak. Blown out bulkheads expose Tenno to the open vacuum of space!
  • A ‘Vote on next map’ feature has been added in Conclave!
  • New mods added to Conclave End of Mission rewards:
  • Precision Munition (Tonkor) - +100% Accuracy, +50% Flight Speed. -50% Magazine Capacity
  • Draining Gloom (Despair) - 100% chance of Energy Drain explosion, -60% Magazine Capacity, -60% Ammo Maximum



Dedicated Servers!
It’s finally here- dedicated servers for Lunaro and Conclave modes! This update brings the first iteration of our dedicated server plans, with more additions to come down the road.

To host a dedicated server, click Settings (the gear cog) in your Launcher and select ‘Start Server’. This will give you the option on which game mode to host, a ‘Clan only’ hosting option, and to insert a custom MOTD.

We’ve also introduced dedicated server leaderboards! Your score accumulates the longer you have active players on your server, and can be viewed under Profile > Leaderboards. While the first iteration is limited to just these Karma points, we want to highlight players who are actively helping to improve the Conclave experience for their fellow Tenno. Future updates will flesh out and expand upon this feature to better support these Dedicated Server Champions!

Dedicated Server Leaderboards: http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/dedServerStats.php

To learn more please visit our Developer Workshop thread:

New Conclave Gamemode! 
Introducing VARIANTS! The first is available in Annihilation. Equipped with only a modified Opticor, face your fellow Tenno in a lethal one hit to kill battle! Mobility normalized, Warframe passives, Mods and abilities disabled.

Conclave Changes & Fixes!


  • Amprex, Flux Rifle, Glaxion, Embolist, Gammacor series, Nukor, Spectra, Panthera, Synapse, Sobek, Drakgoon and Lanka can now be used in Conclave!
  • Removed all Common Mods from End of Mission drop tables and moved them to Teshin for purchase.
  • Affinity from kills increased by 500% in Conclave.
  • Affinity from kill modifiers increased by 25%-100% in Conclave.
  • Syndicate Standing from completing Conclave Daily Missions reduced by 50%.
  • Conclave Arsenal now has Ability descriptions specific to Conclave for the following Frames: Ash, Banshee, Hydroid, Inaros, Ivara, Loki, Mag, Mesa, Nekros, Nezha, Nova, Nyx, Rhino, Saryn, Titania, Valkyr, Vauban and Volt.
  • Fixed a bug where damage of some projectile weapons did not display correctly in the Conclave Arsenal.


  • Energy orbs now spawn based on player count. 1 for 2-3 players, 2 for 4-6 and all for 7-8.
  • Energy orbs are now marked on the minimap.
  • Innate Power Rate increased to 1 (1.5 during Energy Surge) in Conclave.
  • Heat Status duration is now 4 seconds in Conclave.
  • Freeze Status now reduces Mobility in Conclave.
  • Radiation Status duration is now 6 seconds in Conclave.
  • Corrosive Status is now 6 seconds in Conclave.
  • Magnetic Status duration is now 6 seconds in Conclave.
  • Magnetic Status only removes Energy above 50% of your total in Conclave.
  • Magnetic Status HUD corruption FX removed in Conclave.
  • Staggers no longer force an uninterruptable animation, it now disables jump and slows run speed for 2 seconds in Conclave.


  • Increased damage of Sicarus series in Conclave.
  • Increased damage of Vectis in Conclave.
  • Increased ammo pool of Ogris in Conclave.
  • Increased damage done by the poison cloud left behind by Mutalist Cernos in Conclave.
  • Increased damage of Kulstar in Conclave.
  • Increased damage of Castanas series in Conclave.
  • Maximum amount of deployed Castanas reduced to 2 in Conclave.
  • Increased damage of Atomos in Conclave.
  • Increased damage of Talons in Conclave.
  • Talons now cause knock down in Conclave.
  • Maximum amount of deployed Talons reduced to 4 in Conclave.
  • Increased damage of Stradavar damage in Conclave (auto and semi-auto).
  • Reduced damage of Soma Prime in Conclave.
  • Reduced damage of Akstiletto Prime in Conclave.
  • Reduced damage of the Jat Kittag in Conclave.
  • Reduced damage of the Sibear in Conclave.
  • Removed auto-targeting of Halikar and Kestrel in Conclave.
  • Added knockdown to quick melee slide attacks with Fist and Claw weapons in Conclave.
  • Removed combo hit multipliers from Sniper weapons in Conclave.
  • Removed combo hit multipliers from Melee weapons in Conclave.
  • Kulstar projectiles are now more visible in Conclave.
  • Seer projectiles now have an explosive attack in Conclave.
  • Changed condition from ‘Headshot’ to ‘On Hit’ for Dual Toxocysts in Conclave.
  • Reduced buff duration of Dual Toxocysts from 6 to 3 seconds in Conclave.



  • Increased visibility of Nyx's psychic daggers in Conclave.
  • Increased damage of Mag’s Pull in Conclave.
  • Increased the radius of Ivara’s Encumbered and EMP arrows in Conclave.
  • Energy can no longer be picked up when Mesa’s Ballistic Battery ability is active.
  • Vauban’s Trip Wire grenade now has two beams, is deployed immediately on release, not affected by gravity and duration removed in Conclave.
  • Vauban’s Shred mine damage increased and armor debuff is now permanent in Conclave.
  • Vauban’s Concussion grenade silence debuff duration increased in Conclave.
  • All of Vauban’s deployables are now destructible in Conclave.
  • Ash’s Shuriken is now a single projectile in Conclave. Its damage has been boosted to more than a single one used to do but not as much as both combined.
  • Ash’s Shuriken will now only seek targets you aim at in Conclave.
  • Loki’s Decoy now deploys with only his Primary weapon in Conclave.
  • Loki’s Invisibility is now removed when he deals damage in Conclave.
  • Decreased decay delay and increased decay rate of Rhino’s Iron Skin in Conclave.



  • Conclave Mod Heavy Warhead is no longer usable with Castanas or Talons.
  • Lowered recoil reduction and increased -mag value of Conclave mod Hydraulic Barrel.
  • Fist and Hammer combo in Crashing Havoc Conclave stance damage reduced.
  • Conclave Mod Low Current Leap -50% Max Energy changed to +5 seconds Shield Recharge Delay.
  • On Hit condition and -100% Channeling Efficiency removed from Conclave Mod Martial Fury and replaced with .5 Power Rate.
  • Conclave Mods Tactical Retreat and Final Act Low Health condition changed to When Health drops below 50.
  • Increased energy gained from Follow Through Conclave Mod to +10.
  • Fixed a bug where melee magnetism of the Heartseeker Conclave mod was not being activated correctly.



  • The Embolist has received the PBR treatment! 
  • Optimized frame-rate for certain GPUs that were having difficulty running at 60 FPS; in some cases the GPU would be clamped to 30 FPS despite the fact that it could have easily averaged somewhere in between.
  • Optimized frame-time spikes when Mirage Prism' bursts.
  • Optimized Loki’s Radial Disarm and Irradiating Disarm Augment Mod to smooth out frame-rate issues.
  • Optimized Rhino’s Stomp ability to help alleviate performance issues. 
  • Bursas will now count as killed for Exterminate / Defense as soon as they go into pre-death so they won't hold up these mission modes.
  • Visually updated the Vulkar Sniper scope. 
  • Tweaked Mastery Rank formatting in the HUD.
  • The Telos Boltace must now be equipped to receive the spin attack benefit.
  • You can now scan the Ayatan Sculpture you find in Maroo’s weekly mission.
  • The directional arrows on your mini-map now respect your current up/down rotation in Archwing.
  • Further increased bandwidth allocation for the Hijack payload slightly higher; this may help with the Law of Retribution in some cases where the host can't keep up.

Lunaro Fixes:

  • Fixed being able to save a goal from the opposite side of the goal ring in Lunaro.


  • Fixed large frame-time spikes caused by Nyx’ Chaos.
  • Fixed the Sarpa not firing when equipped with the Bullet Dance stance Mod. 
  • Fixed an unresponsive screen due to Clients returning to their Liset and Hosts returning to Maroos Bazaar after completing an Ayatan Sculpture hunt mission.
  • Fixed a script crash with Vauban’s passive when all allies in range are dead.
  • Fixed melee mods not applying to Titania's Diwata (Razorwing melee weapon).
  • Fixed Void Fissure mission Capture Targets getting back up after a Host Migration or Void Tear Corruption.
  • Fixed NPC’s misfiring their charged weapons. Now they will properly try charging from the beginning. 
  • Fixed seeing all other players in the Relay as Excalibur until they move.
  • Fixed Glaive type weapons with increased flight speed 'orbiting' players when attempting to recall it by channeling.
  • Fixed being able to bring up screens like Relic selection, Invasion faction selection, etc. when voting on a different mission if you open the Star Chart after voting has already begun.
  • Fixed the Relic Selection screen reappearing if you choose to "Wait For Players" and once again if you then choose "Play Now".
  • Fixed Sentinel’s continuing to use their Precepts in the spot where Titania’s Razorwing was cast.
  • Fixed Grineer Bombard rockets hanging in mid-air forever if they somehow got stopped (ie: from hitting a Nullifier bubble).
  • Fixed the "So Many Choices" challenge for returning players (it wasn't properly counting Mod stacks toward the total).
  • Fixed Ayatan sculptures being super zoomed in and Stars being in the ground when viewing them from a Chat link. 
  • Fixed Ayatan Stars and Sculptures not being scannable to be unlocked through the Codex.
  • Fixed a script error when picking up the Ayatan Sculpture in Maroo’s weekly mission. 
  • Fixed clipping a planet when zooming into a mission upon starting it. 
  • Fixed being able to fall out of the map in a certain Uranus tileset. 
  • Fixed a green lit door in the Orokin Derelict tileset not opening.
  • Fixed the tagging window appearing behind the chat window itself when opening the chat window in the Star Chart and trying to tag an item or player.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when trying to open the End of Mission screen in game with TAB.
  • Fixed objects protruding through walls in the Lua tilesets. 
  • Fixed various navigation issues in the Lua tilesets. 
  • Fixed a script error from Infested Leapers. 
  • Fixed 2 small pixel lines appearing on the Misa Prime Syandana.
  • Fixed not being able to headshot Corpus Scrambus/Combas as per:
  • Fixed Vauban Bastille and Vortex balls being auto-destroyed a second after they collided with something.
  • Fixed incorrect grip position when previewing Scythes and Staff melee weapons in the Codex.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak when confronted by the Juggernaut. 
  • Fixed the Ayatan Sculptures button being unselectable after selecting than deselecting a Mod. 


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Evening Tenno, another Update, another great set of content to hold us over to the War Within!

So, what would I like to see coming up in this game:

Firstly, now that the Sentinels have all been looked at again, I believe a little more can be done - first of all, Kubrows and Kavats should get the Vacuum treatment, just to level the playing field! Also, Djinn and Dethcube should have the cooldown on their abilities reduced. Dethcube and Djinn currently have a 30 second cooldown on their abilities, which is slightly too high for Djinn, and crippling for Dethcube - if Djinn was brought down to 20 seconds, and Dethcube to 5 both would be massively viable and competative. Heck, I only mention Djinn as I love it so much, currently it is potent anyway.

Secondly, I still believe that Guides are not visible enough to the players who need to know that we are there to assist - currently the armour and sigil mean nothing to the playerbase it is meant to indicate to, this is noticed from no lower level players I have assisted in mission asking about the armour, the sigil, or knowing what the point of them was. Perhaps a profile indication, or an in-game link we can provide to easily show players we are there to assist would help players know where to look for help. [Guide of the Lotus] with a description of our duties would be of benefit here.

Thirdly, perhaps some love for the Machetes? WIth the new Gazal one (which is a beautiful weapon by the way) it might be time to start helping them out. The current stance is too janky with the animations, clunky at best and downright irritating at worst. Something more akin to a sword stance with more sidewards, sweeping blows perhaps would be perfect - with a dashing forward downward slice.

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Note that this is a Preview of The Index. Greater rewards, Clan Trophies and Leaderboards will come later when the full variant of The Index goes live. We welcome your constructive feedback so we can prepare a proper Operation on a polished version- enjoy!

:( Thats disappointing...so no Vandal weapon ?

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Gonna recheck all the fixes when it's downloaded but... Things not fixed yet!

-Incorrect Nekros/Prime scythe holstering. Come on guys, we just released a scythe! :P

-Nekros Prime has an animation issue on in his ribcage area, making the blades bend weirdly. I suspect highly that the issue relies on his left arm (perhaps both, but it seems to be caused by the left one).

Hoping those can make the cut for War Within.

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