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The Simaris Mastery Rank Path Design Flaws


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1. When going up that curved walk you often miss which one is yours because they all look alike. Whether you highlight our achieved mastery rank sigil signs, let the last achieved or the pending pulsating, or give each legde something unique, like color, up to you DE.

2. When approaching a mastery rank button you DO NOT see the mastery rank (number) unless, and that's the funny part, you are not qualified to take that test. Hm mhh.

3. After the test, you spawn upstairs. Why? More elegant solution would be to spawn in front of the last chosen sigil (but i guess you don't want to create that many spawn points), or you could ask us at the end of the mission if we want to retry.

4. Not an UI flaw but while at it, more contrast in at least some of the mastery rank missions would be great. See, e.g. in Mastery rank test 10 ( i think) you jump on platforms floating around, then running through some corridors grey in grey. That is not supporting the tests nor is it appealing.

P.s.: thanks for improving the archwing orientation. Way better now.

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