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The Index Preview: Hotfix #4


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The Index Preview: Hotfix #4


  • Archwing Part Blueprints (i.e Itzal Harness, etc.) are no longer tradable. 
  • Removed the unintended Slash Status chance on the Caustacyst projectile. It now deals purely Corrosive damage as intended (not a Slash weapon) and the 3x damage multiplier from the charged attack remains the same.
  • Removed a non functioning ‘Back’ button option when viewing the Second Dream Codex opening cinematic.
  • Revised the Ayatan Sculpture icons. 

Conclave Changes

  • Properly enabled Synapse for Conclave. 
  • Updated Mortal Conduct Conclave Mod description to accurately represent new Low Health value.
  • Fixed a bug with the Conclave Mod Heartseeker not having its -50% Damage Block drawback.
  • Increased the Shield steal amount of the Rakta Dark Dagger in Conclave.

Dedicated Server Changes & Fixes

  • Improved Dedicated Server matchmaking! This should also help alleviate players being put into empty Dedicated Server sessions. 
  • Formatted Dedicated Server Leaderboards uptime so that it shows days/hours/m/s (previous version would only show hours and wrap around at 24h).
  • Fixed a script error with Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones on Dedicated Servers.
  • Fixed a couple Dedicated Server script errors with Volt’s Overload and Spira Prime.
  • Fixed an issue with the Energy spawners in Dedicated Servers where it would spawn Energy when no players were connected.
  • Fixed getting permanently Staggered in a Dedicated Server game session.

The Index Changes & Fixes

  • Trinity’s Energy Vampire now works on Azoth and Lockjaw in The Index. 
  • The Index buff/debuff points are now called Financial Stress.


  • Reduced the damage of Lockjaw’s pet Sol to 5/10/15 (previously 20/20/50) in The Index.
  • Reduced the damage reduction by half on the Robotic Technology Division enemies in exchange for slightly toning down their Weakspot damage multipliers in The Index. 
  • Fixed friendly Mag Specter in The Index from damaging ally players with her Polarize ability.
  • Fixed timer discrepancy that can potentially occur when The Index ends directly from the enemy scoring, which made the timer freeze at the pre-time-drop instead of 0.
  • Fixed The Index Endurance mode scaling to be based off of enemy deaths, not player-scored Index points.
  • Fixed Client sound issues in The Index.


  • Fixed broken rendering when running DirectX 9 on older AMD GPUs.
  • Potential fix for the Caustacyst causing game hitches. 
  • Fixed Clients being unable to hack lock down panels after using numerous Rhino abilities in a row before attempting to hack.
  • Fixed a script error related to Nyx Prime’s Chaos ability. 
  • Fixed players and enemies getting stuck in a net decoration in The Law of Retribution tileset. 
  • Fixed wonky wall textures in The Law of Retribution tileset.
  • Fixed (for real this time) attaining free health by channeling as enemies pass through the Caustacyst goo with Life Strike equipped. Also fixes similar issue with the Zenistar’s charge disc. 
  • Fixed a script error when going back to the Landing Craft if you collected any color pigments in the mission.
  • Fixed a crash related to ragdolling enemies. 
  • Fixed being able to unintentionally scan placed Ayatan Sculptures in the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed failing to load into Invasion missions.
  • Fixed the last 2 ranks of the Shield Charger Mod having the same strength value. 
  • Fixed an incorrect texture on the Chroma Drevni TennoGen skin when using Effigy as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/709861-chroma-drevni-skin-bug/
  • Fixed being able to scan the Ayatan Sculpture spot after you’ve picked them up. Also fixes seeing the name displayed above the same spot.
  • Fixed inconsistent texture on the Officium TennoGen Syandana. 
  • Fixed the Azimas Alt Fire lasting a fraction of a second. 
  • Fixed receiving duplicate items in the End of Mission screen when picking up Blueprint drops (Oberon, Ash, etc.).
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Thank god they fixed Mag.

Alright, evening Tenno! Time to listen to my inner thoughts - but to avoid being a broken record I'm going to have a section on bugs I've found and would like to draw attention to, as well as things I would like to see changed (note, I am not advising anybody at DE, I doubt anything I say affects Anything).

So, my lofty ideas this patch:

First of all I would like to say that I run Raids a lot, and have done for the past few months (quite successfully I might add) - and in this time I have found that more than half of the Arcanes I find are almost completely worthless to my playstyle and builds. As such, I imagine an 'Arcane Randomiser' might just do the trick. In essence, this would allow Raid veterens to boil down worthless Arcanes, for a chance to create great ones. For example, by sacrificing 3 Arcane Deflections (bleh) it may give a chance to give another Arcane, this would be completely random. but would still allow the chance to get something good, from items we truly cannot sell, or use.

So, as the bugs go I have encountered three major ones I would like to address:

In a Law of Retribution Raid, enemies failed to appear on the first mission and the last mission out of the three. For those not familiar with the Raid, mission 3 needs enemies in order to allow players to finish - it is Vital as the enemies spawn with a bomb, that must be collected in order to advance. As none of the enemies appeared, this was an impossible mission.
(This goes hand in hand with the Disruptor drones on Nightmare mode that still have no effect, other than obnoxiously wide bubbles that serve to irritate and nothing more).

Furthermore, on numerous occasions I have encountered a bug where I have been rendered unable to aim glide, and use my melee weapon. As I almost only play Valkyr at this point, she is all I have noticed this bug on - however I am unable to replicate it effectively and cannot confirm if it happens on Valkyr only. All I know, is that it seems to involve being knocked down, so appears to be an animation cancelling gone horribly wrong. Only death fixes this bug that causes my Warframe to twitch violently, at the press of E.
(Valkyr's Bonds have also been removed from the Market and cannot be found in her Appearance section of the Arsenal for players who did not already own them.

Finally, and I personally have not encountered this bug - players have on numerous occasions reported being stuck in the End of Mission screen, unable to quit without using alt+F4 to completely close the client. I have encountered a similar bug however, though it may not be related, whereby I had a profile stuck in the background of my screen, however I had access to chat, and access to the market through [itemname] links. This too, was only solved with a complete shut down of the client.

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Yay, thank you^^

Interesting changes, specially that the endurance mode now scales with enemy deaths... let's see how that works out^^
annnd totally not scared by financial stress now, nope! ....don't need to save and/or invest all my credits...or think about my financial credit-future in Warframe and how I can change the capitalism in the warframe-universe  o.o' 

Do my Warframes need to pay rent? I would call Lotus and ask her, but I don't now how expensive the phone hotline is... :s

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complete redtext is love, complete redtext is life (we need to know when we can "restart to receive" o3o' )
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Nice! That Mag was so annoying xD

Also, In the Index, Mods are dropping off the cold mountain map.
Feels bad to see them down there and not be able to pick them up, haha.


And Also! Screens like: End of mission, Profiles, chat item links, etc. Are rarely getting stuck and there is no way to make them go away.

15 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Fixed broken rendering when running DirectX 9 on older AMD GPUs.

God bless you DE. 
My PC is old but it's all I've got T_T

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And Also!
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Oh, so there was a reason why Trinity wasn't working with some brokers.

Valkyr's Bonds and her auxillary slot are still missing, have they been removed entirely?

Financial Stress sounds much better though.

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