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100 Days Of Warframe is priceless

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I'm not sure what part of it I liked more. You can see when "Fashion Frame" kicks in, but Day 99's Ordis... oh gawd. Haha. I want the ability to silence Ordis at random just while he's in the middle of saying thing.

Can we have that Ordis upgrade already so he says "Groovy" as well?

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9 minutes ago, Agentawesome said:

If you didn't realize, Alad gets shredded into vegetables.

Literally Salad V. 

HA someone else noticed it ^.^ 

Did you notice zephyr cloud turning into a F*** you ?

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40 minutes ago, Venom-Snake said:

My favorite part was Shy appearing, making what she does best.

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Good :poop:


Dogman dan is there too. I think a lot of warfarme youtuber actualy do a cameo in this one.

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