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Update 19: The War Within

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6 hours ago, 0dhin said:

I finished both prerequisites and I got no notice of the War Within.  I finished the Second Dream and Sedna long ago.  Wtf?! :angry:

Have you completed the Pluto to Senda Junction?

Since you need the Junction completed to unlock the quest, not just have access to Sedna since people could have access to it from before Junctions were added with Spectres of the rail.

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Problems with war within.  After trying for hours, and getting wholly infuriated yesterday, I was informed it may be a bug.  Found a thread about the issue, posted there, and found no viable solution, other than suggestions for verifying game files.  Did that.  Started Warframe again today, a patch downloaded, and attempted the battle with the Queen again.  Same issue as yesterday.  I leap at her in the only moment I can, and wind up next to her, or behind her, with no animation triggering.  While next to her, I attempt the leap again, "aiming at her scepter" as some players suggest, and simply leap away from her and continue the battle.

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