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Update 19: The War Within

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Yes!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

I've been so excited about this! Pretty sure it's worth the long wait.

Long wait? Nah. I kinda know the feeling when dealing with these stuff because I have studied systems engineering and I know it's not easy.
I was like: Can't people stop yelling at DE and let them do their job?

The teaser was way too early? So what? You must understand something: When you think of building something, you end up seeing and taking new/better paths, so you can't tell how long is it going to take to be done.
In the end you end up with something different of what you thought of in the first place, but is aimed to be a lot better.

A good example would be to build a house in Minecraft and you'll see xD

Thank you again Digital Extremes!

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Thank you DE.
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