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I can't download TWW :/


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I can't download The War Within, don't know why 

When I open the launcher, it just stays for like 6 minutes with download speed that doesn't exceed 30kb/s (or 8kb/s) and then the "Update Failed" message appeared 

It kept going and going (43 times Now) and I just can't download it 

I hope that someone can help me fix this 

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Yes i keep having a similar blasted issue. When i first started the download last night it downloaded about 500 mb of the update and then came up with the error "Failed to download etc. etc." And from then on it seemed to happen more and more frequently. First it was every 500mb then it was 100 mb now it seems to be anywhere from 10-30 mb

I've gotten all but 1004 mb downloaded of the update by repeated restarting the launcher but dear god it gets old. If [DE] could look into this problem with the slow speeds and the irritating restarting of the download cause of failed updates that would be grand.


Update:It may be too soon to say this but for the moment it appears the disabling bulk and aggressive downloading in the launcher settings fixed the repeated update failures.

Update 2: While i see it didnt work for bacon this did seem to work for me. The last 1k mb downloaded with no interuptions.

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I'm having the same problem, after restarting the launcher multiple times i managed to get 99.99% downloaded, but now it says "update failed" directly after "checking for new Content 6.2Kb"

Toggles to Agressive download and Bulk download do nothing, verifying cache does nothing, optimizing cache seems to not work.

no TWWI for me i guess.

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